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I'm a bit confused at the moment. I just posted that "Ivana" is my middle name (the name chosen by my grandmother - father's side) and they are Russian. I was told that it is found in Russian (although not popular!) and yet when I looked it up here on this site - Russia is not mentioned at all.
-- Angelica_771  10/30/2005
Ivana Trump is the ex-wife of real estate mogul Donald Trump.
-- breakofday  12/22/2005
Ivana has a nameday on 7th January according to the Orthodox calendar and on the 6th January according to the Catholic calendar.
-- iva_toneva  1/11/2006
Ivana is a common but not so widespread name in the Czech and Slovak Republics.
-- Anonymous User  1/19/2006
The meaning of this name is "God is gracious". The origin is Hebrew. The name Ivan (m) means the same as the name Jan. It's a Russian form, but I don't think that Ivana is a commonly used name in Russia. Ivana is a female form and means the same as Jana. :)
-- taika  1/19/2006
Pronunciation is simple [I-va-na]. :D
-- Anonymous User  1/19/2006
In the Czech Republic a name day is 4th April.
-- Anonymous User  1/19/2006
It is Macedonian as well.
-- Anonymous User  7/8/2006
It is pronounced I-va-na not Avaana. (like a previous comment said before)
-- Anonymous User  7/8/2006
Ivana Zelníčková (1949) is a ex-Czech skier and model.
Ivana Trumpová (1981) is Czech-American model.
-- Maggie_Simpson  12/4/2006
Ivana is a 6th class municipality in the province of Batanes, Philippines. According to the 2000 census, it has a population of 1,293 people in 283 households.
-- Anonymous User  12/26/2006
Words that define/describe the name Ivana are beautiful, gracious, dominant, and leader.
-- Anonymous User  12/26/2006
Football player Pavel Nedvěd & his wife Ivana have a daughter Ivana, born 1998.
-- Maggie_Simpson  11/21/2007
I know someone with this name who is from Croatia. She pronounces her name Ee'-va-na.
-- meowelers  12/5/2007
Croatian/American actress Ivana Miličević.
-- CicconeYouth  12/27/2007
Famous bearers:
Serbian actress Ivana Mihić
Spanish actres Ivana Baquero Macías
Czech actress Ivana Hlouzková
Czech actress Ivana Andrlová
Czech actress Ivana Uhliřová
Croatian actress Ivana Bozilović
Croatian actress Ivana Basić
-- Karcoolka  2/4/2008
Ivana Hong is an American gymnast.
-- Anonymous User  11/25/2008
There is the joke 'Ivana Tinkle' from the Simpsons. I hope that doesn't put anyone off.
-- Hushpuppy  3/6/2009
Chinese-American artistic gymnast Ivana Hong (born 11th December, 1992 in Worcester, Massachusetts, USA). She was a member of the gold medal American team at the 2007 World Artistic Gymnastics Championships and the all-around bronze medalist at the 2007 Pan American Games. She was named an alternate to the 2008 U.S. Olympic team.
-- MaggieSimpson  3/14/2009
I know a girl who pronounces it eye-VAN-uh, but it can sometimes be pronounced ee-VAHN-uh or i-VAHN-uh. I love this name.
-- Anonymous User  6/6/2010
Ivana is the name of London Tipton's dog on the Suite Life of Zack and Cody. The only problem is it makes me think of a dog:(
-- Anonymous User  10/21/2010
I think this is a very cute name. It could be shortened to Iva, which is also cute. I think this is a very sweet name for little girls or adults.
-- blondieboo629  8/6/2011
A famous bearer is Spanish actress Ivana Baquero (b. 11th June, 1994, Barcelona, Cataluña).
-- Meg_Simpson  8/25/2011
The name Ivana was given to 178 baby girls born in the US in 2012.
-- Oohvintage  7/17/2013
My first name is Ivana and I have to admit that when I grew up, back in Czech Republic, many girls were given the name Ivana. I have my name day on April 4th, according to czech calendar.
-- rivana4  7/10/2014
The name Ivana is also widely used in Slovak. Diminutives are Ivanka, Ivka or Iva. Nameday on December 28th. [noted -ed]
-- ishild  7/28/2015
Ivana was my grandma's name. We sometimes called her Ivanka. In Italy she was called Giovanna. It's also the first name of my good friend. I like the name, although I wouldn't name myself with it. Especially I dislike it's diminuitive Iva. But Ivana is a short, easy to pronounce, soft soundng name. I like it.
-- Stasiya  10/6/2015
Ivana Mišura is a Croatian model and beauty pageant titleholder who was crowned Miss Universe Hrvatske 2014. She represented her country in the Miss Universe 2014 pageant.
-- cutenose  5/28/2016
The name Ivana was given to 183 girls born in the US in 2015.
-- HerculePoirot  6/16/2016
The name of the First Lady Ivana Trump, wife of president elect Donald Trump.
-- Anonymous User  1/4/2017

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