Given Name JEFF

GENDER: Masculine
USAGE: English
PRONOUNCED: JEF  [details]

Meaning & History

Short form of JEFFREY.
OTHER LANGUAGES/CULTURES: Gaufrid, Gisilfrid, Godafrid, Walahfrid (Ancient Germanic), Guðfriðr (Ancient Scandinavian), Jofre (Catalan), Godfried (Dutch), Geoffroy, Godefroy, Geoffrey, Joffrey (French), Gottfried (German), Gofraidh, Séafra, Siothrún (Irish), Goffredo, Fredo (Italian), Geoffroi (Medieval French), Gjord, Gjurd (Medieval Scandinavian), Godtfred (Norwegian), Godofredo (Portuguese), Goraidh (Scottish), Godofredo (Spanish), Gottfrid (Swedish), Sieffre (Welsh)


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Entry updated July 2, 2008