Given Name JOFFREY

GENDER: Masculine
USAGE: French

Meaning & History

French variant form of GEOFFREY.


A Song of Ice and Fire characters, Game of Thrones characters
OTHER LANGUAGES/CULTURES: Gaufrid, Gisilfrid, Godafrid, Walahfrid (Ancient Germanic), Guðfriðr (Ancient Scandinavian), Jofre (Catalan), Godfried (Dutch), Godfrey, Geffrey, Geoff, Geoffrey, Jeff, Jeffery, Jeffrey, Jeffry, Jep (English), Gottfried (German), Gofraidh, Séafra, Siothrún (Irish), Goffredo, Fredo (Italian), Geoffroi (Medieval French), Gjord, Gjurd (Medieval Scandinavian), Godtfred, Gjurd (Norwegian), Godofredo (Portuguese), Goraidh (Scottish), Godofredo (Spanish), Gottfrid, Gjord (Swedish), Sieffre (Welsh)
Entry added July 27, 2015