Grammy Award Winners: 1 song/performance/album
(song/performance/album) Stefani "Lady Gaga" Germanotta (a.k.a. Joanne)   2010; 2011; 2015   Best Dance Recording; Best Electronic/Dance Album; Best Female Pop Vocal Performance; Best Pop Vocal Album; Best Traditional Pop Vocal Album  
Notable Actors and Actresses: 5 actresses
Joanne Woodward   1930-  
Joanne Whalley   1964-  
Joanne Froggatt   1980-  
Jennifer Metcalfe (a.k.a. Joanne)   1982-  
Stefani "Lady Gaga" Germanotta (a.k.a. Joanne)   1986-  
Notable Musicians: 1 musician
Stefani "Lady Gaga" Germanotta (a.k.a. Joanne)   1986-   pop  
Notable Writers: 1 author
J. K. Rowling (a.k.a. Joanne)   1965-  
Olympic Medalists: 2 bronze, 1 gold
(bronze) Joanne Goode   2000   badminton mixed doubles  
(gold) Joanne Fox   2000   water polo  
(bronze) Joanne Jackson   2008   swimming - 400 m freestyle  
Oscar Award Winners: 1 actress
(actress) Joanne Woodward   1957   The Three Faces of Eve