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Not necessarily a bad name, but I recently stayed with a girl on a university visit with this name; she was very weird--all she wanted to do was play D&D and roleplay Star Wars. Weird behaviour if you were to ask me.
― Anonymous User  3/18/2006
Joy makes a very pretty middle name.
― Anonymous User  4/27/2006
The Bulgarian name "Radost" (the stress is on the "a") may be considered as an equivalent to "Joy", beacause "Radost" is a feminine name and the word "radost" means "joy" in Bulgarian.
iva_toneva  5/30/2006
I know a girl named Jubilee Joy. Wouldn't it be funny if she turned out to be depressed or an ax murderer? Funny peculiar, obviously, not funny haha.
wefrox  7/13/2006
A very sweet name, but the name 'Jubilee Joy' is just WEIRD. If her sister's name was Charity Chastity or something like that, I'd probably have to ax-murder their mother.
― Anonymous User  11/22/2006
This is my mother's name and I don't like it. It seems very old fashioned. I don't like the word 'joy' anyway.
corrielover  8/10/2006
At first, I really hated the name Joy and didn't like telling people what my middle name is, but it's really grown on me and now I love it! I think it's especially great as a middle name, and I think it sounds really nice with my first name, Amanda.
Amanda Joy  9/13/2006
Joy is a really sweet name. Also makes a good middle name.
― Anonymous User  10/10/2006
Joy Williams is a Christian music artist.
― Anonymous User  11/11/2006
There is an author named Joy Fielding.
― Anonymous User  11/28/2006
If you want to name your daughter something with a happy meaning, this is a nice choice. Joy is a beautiful name. It sounds way better than Happy, too.
scarletquillraven  12/25/2006
Joy is my sister's name. She brings Joy to our house, and is very funny. Her name fits her extremely well.
Writer_13  3/16/2007
This is my first name and ever since I was a little kid, I've strongly disliked it. I live in Holland and there are a lot of Dutch words that rhyme with it. It's quite annoying to have to live with this name. However, I don't discourage people to call their kids Joy, because it's a unique and strong name. The name also suits my personality. People generally see me as a happy person and most people love my name. I just hope it'll grow on me and I'll learn to like it.
Alissa_Blue  4/10/2007
This is the name of one of my best friends and I really like it. She doesn't like it herself but I think it really suits her; she's always happy!
renee06  5/10/2007
I like the name Joy for a middle name but not as a first. My middle name is Joy and I like it. I want to name my first girl Violet Joy.
― Anonymous User  8/29/2007
All I can think of is the dishwashing liquid.
queenv  9/27/2007
I love Joy, because it's so joyful! A good friend of mine is called Joy. She doesn't like her name, I don't understand why not, because it's a beautiful name.
DeniseClaire  11/16/2007
A famous bearer is comedienne and co-host of The View, Joy Behar.
― Anonymous User  11/17/2007
I like the name Joy, because it is a short, simple but very strong name. One of my friends is called Joy and I think it suits her like perfect, although she doesn't like it, the name fits her.
Niamh07  11/26/2007
Joy is a lovely name. It's my middle name and I love it.
annie0302  1/2/2008
I want to use this as a middle name for my future daughter. I love the sound and the obvious meaning of the name and it's also the name of a very good friend of mine, so it would honour her as well.
renee06  2/29/2008
To be honest, I think the name is a bit tacky, and it immediately makes me think that the daughter was named in the afterglow of the birth. It's a bit sentimental, and not in a good way. Plus, it makes me think about the ''Joy to the World'' song.
slight night shiver  4/25/2008
This name is so pretty!
kool_babe14  5/13/2009
This name is a great middle name. As a first name, not as good.
-Julia-  7/23/2009
I knew a girl in high school whose name was Mary Elizabeth Joy. She went by Mary until either high school or junior high, where she looked at her name and realized that people might start calling her Mary Beth to separate her from any other Mary's (or they had already started to do so). And she HATED the idea of being a Mary Beth, to her it sounded ditzy and oddly 50s. So she had everyone call her Joy. Even now, I can't picture another name on her besides Joy.
I rather like Joy. I think it's not only more youthful, but also more versatile, than the variant Joyce.
erb816  12/27/2009
This is my friend's middle name, and it sounds lovely, it is such a happy name and it makes a good middle name. Joy really suits happy people :) But I wouldn't use it as a first name.
Lemur  1/19/2010
I love this name. It's much better than the Faith's, Hope's, and Charity's. I prefer rarer Puritan names, like Temperance, Constance, and, of course, Joy. It makes a lovely middle name, but also a lovely first name.
Dawson  12/17/2010
This is my name, and I LOVE it. Always have, always will. I also think it's a nice middle name.
Joy12  4/18/2011
Really sweet and pretty, especially as a middle name.
Just Jonquil  4/22/2011
I like this name. My sister's name is Marlayna Joy. It flows well, don't you think? There is something about the name Joy that is so... joyful and bright!
sunflowergirl  6/24/2011
Joy McLaren placed 3rd on the sixth cycle of Britain's Next Top Model.
xsai  6/26/2011
Joy is my sister's name. She's going to kill me, but it's never been my favorite name. It does suit her well, though.
NathanAW  7/2/2011
Josephina Victoria Occhiuto (born 1942 in New York City) is an American talk show host, comedian, and actress. She is known professionally as Joy Behar.
― Anonymous User  5/31/2012
Joy Browne (born 1944 in New Orleans, Louisiana) is an American radio psychologist.
― Anonymous User  5/31/2012
Joy Harjo (born 1951 in Tulsa, Oklahoma) is an American poet and musician.
― Anonymous User  5/31/2012
Joy Lauren (born 1989 in Atlanta, Georgia) is an American actress.
― Anonymous User  5/31/2012
Nurse Joy, the nurses in Pokémon.
― Anonymous User  7/27/2014
My given name is Joy. I changed it. Too many jokes, plus it did NOT suit me. I am not a Joyful, joyous bundle of cheer as it suggests. I feel bad since Mom chose it because she saw me as "her Joy". But it just didn't suit me. I see it nice for others... I hope one day it will be as popular as Faith, but I doubt it.
― Anonymous User  2/8/2015
Joy is played by Jane Leaves on "Hot In Cleveland".
― Anonymous User  2/8/2015
Actually a lovely middle name.
― Anonymous User  2/8/2015
It's a beautiful first name as well as a beautiful middle name! Some of my favorite combinations are:

Joy Abigail
Hannah Joy
Joy Alice
Isla Joy
Liana Joy
Margaret Joy

I just adore short, sweet, and simple names!
Ashleigh Gurlcat 123  2/20/2015
Simple and nice enough; I much prefer Joyce.
IEnjoyTonsOGoodNames  4/6/2015
It's a cute MIDDLE name. But as a first one... well, for example, we got that new movie "Inside Out"... it's just too much of a farce to live up to.
― Anonymous User  5/25/2015
Tsarevich Alexei Nikolaevich's dog is named Joy.
SH2237  6/25/2015
I like the name. Pretty and sweet. We need more Joy in the world. Don't say this name is dated.
Katie37  7/21/2015
Makes an okay middle name. But it's incredibly bland as a first name.
― Anonymous User  7/28/2015
I like this name but prefer it as a middle name.
― Anonymous User  8/3/2015
Joy is such a cute name! ^__^
― Anonymous User  10/20/2015
I like this name, but it seems a bit plain and short for me. I prefer this as a nickname for Joyce, rather than being on its own.
― Anonymous User  2/11/2016
We all want Joy. It's almost as if it's too much in a name. Too much to live up to? It's awesome as a middle-name. It's cute as a first name but you gotta know it's gonna be a really strong connotation.
― Anonymous User  7/31/2016
I don't like virtue names, I prefer names that don't mean anything (other than the etymology). Besides, this name is too short for my taste, but it's not a bad name either.
Javiblue96  12/19/2016
Park Soo-young, known by the stage name Joy, is a South Korean singer and actress. She is a member of the K-pop girl group Red Velvet.
lilolaf  3/23/2017

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