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I love this name, but I would never use it for a child because it is my dog's name.
-- Roanoke17  7/12/2006
There was a character in Beetlejuice named Juno.
-- claraelizabethann  9/29/2006
"Juno and the Paycock" is a play by Sean O'Casey, adapted to the screen in the 1930's, directed by Alfred Hitchcock.
-- Anonymous User  2/10/2007
This is the phonetic of the town where I live, Juneau.
-- Dray  3/4/2007
On Sailor Moon, JunJun from the Amazon Quartet's name is derived from this!
-- Hailey2006  4/1/2007
I love this name. I seem to remember reading somewhere that it is also used in Ireland, as some sort of variant of Una/Oonagh, although I don't know how true that is.
-- Anonymous User  4/1/2007
The Juno Awards are music trophies given out to Canadian artists.
-- bobcat_explorer  7/21/2007
I love this name. It flows beautifully. This is the name of a character in a story I'm writing. I think it's great name for her because it sounds very other-worldly and magestic.
-- smurphul  8/20/2007
Juno means "vital force".
-- LoQuiero  9/10/2007
Juno McGuff is a character in the movie "Juno" played by Ellen Page. It's an awesome movie, saw it last night. XD
-- pandasayscynical  12/23/2007
There is a movie called Juno about a girl named Juno who gets pregnant before she is even married or an adult (I think) so I am mad because I HATE IT WHEN THAT HAPPENS and I hate this name now. Thanks a lot, movie producers.
-- Penneyperson  12/31/2007
A real-life person with this name is British actress Juno Temple, whose films include "Atonement" and "The Other Boleyn Girl."
-- Martha Gold  3/2/2008
For a very long time, I though this was a masculine name because of the 'o' ending. It sounds a bit like a name parents would choose to make their daughter sound all edgy and hip, and that's why it would sound a bit strange on feminine, typically average girls and women, and on women past the age of 35.
-- slight night shiver  4/25/2008
At first, I thought this name was really weird when I heard it from the movie Juno. But once I thought about it more, I learned to love it. Of course, I will never name my child that because she'll be known as the girl named after the pregnant teenager, but I do love it.
-- LucyHugh  6/8/2008
I've always seen this as a masculine name. As a child, I had a parrot that said, "You know who!" (this was all he said for many years), but it came out, "Junohoo!" Thus, Juno became his name.
-- Anonymous User  6/11/2008
This name is ugly. It's also become associated with a movie about teen pregnancy.
-- bananarama  9/9/2008
The name is lovely, it’s the Roman name of my most favorite Greek goddess, Hera. Queen of the Heavens, Goddess of Marriage. I’d be honored to be named after a goddess.
-- Angelsoft  10/7/2008
I think this is really pretty and majestic sounding. I also love the name Pandora. These are both really cool mythology names. It's pretty much names I like but I could never use for a child because it's too unusual. I would also not use this for a child because of the film Juno, it would cause a lot of teasing. Plus then what if she got pregnant to fit her name?
-- becca_marciano  3/1/2009
I love this name! It's one of my absolute favourites. Juno sounds so pretty and interesting. I like girl's names that end in "o" - they sound different. I'd love to use this name for my own daughter someday. And, I won't have to worry about associations with they movie, because by the time I'd ever have kids it would be completely forgotten about, ha ha.
-- Anonymous User  7/10/2009
I am very fond of the movie Juno, and this is the only girl name I like that ends in O. It is cute, but I like June better.
-- Alora  1/2/2010
The Latin pronunciation is nice, but the English version is just not. Also, I don't think of it as a proper name.
-- Anonymous User  1/30/2010
I think Juno is a gorgeous sounding, unusual name. I love Roman names, and this is no exception.
-- BeepBeepYeah  3/13/2010
I love this name, it is spunky. The film association is not a good thing for me, not that I have a problem with the content.
-- vomiting  9/7/2010
June, the sixth month of the year in the Gregorian calendar, is thought to be named after the ancient Roman Goddess Juno, queen of the gods.
-- moon_swooning  12/11/2010
I always like this name, but the movie kind of ruined it.

Also, in the movie True Lies, the bad chick's name is Juno.
-- Book_Reader22  4/10/2011
I have heard that this can be a nickname for Juniper. I am not sure but that is what I heard.
-- Ryry1996  6/10/2011
Juno is the name of late English socialite Denisa, Lady Newborough's daughter.
-- Anonymous User  11/21/2012
I love the movie! Honestly and it's good because then your teenage daughter will feel more pressure of not doing it because people will connect her to the awesome movie. And I would be lucky if my daughter turned out like Juno McGuff, The reason why is she's not like other girls now who got pregnant to get attention or tie down a man. It was by accident plus she has confidence in herself that most teenagers don't have. And the girl knows how to handle her problems and be independent which I love so that's why I'm naming my daughter after the movie Juno.
-- 555jazzy  2/13/2013
People need to educate themselves, that's what they need to do. Juno is the name of a roman goddess, used in literature and astronomy (asteroid, spacecraft).

If one's sole impression is "I hate the movie so now I hate the name" then one may consider picking up a book once in a while.
-- x12xy  3/27/2015
In German and some other languages, the pronunication is YOO-no /'ju. No/, which is close to the original Latin Iuno.
-- Crissov  3/25/2016

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