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A famous bearer of this name was Kay Thompson, an actress (she was in Funny Face with Audrey Hepburn). She was also the author of the famous "Eloise" books.
MariaMercy  5/3/2005
This name has been in my family for three generations. I still think it's a pretty with an impression of someone who's kind-hearted, even if it is a simple one-syllable name.
― Anonymous User  7/14/2005
Common middle name.
― Anonymous User  3/11/2006
Kay Adams was a character in the novel and film The Godfather. Another 'Kay' was Kay Pierce, the little girl in 'Mildred Pierce.'
― Anonymous User  4/29/2006
I like the name Kay. I think it's pretty and simple. It's also my sister's middle name, and her first name is Laura. My parents call her Laura Kay a lot. Also it can be a nickname for any name that starts with Kay. (ex. Kayleigh)
StevieGrl  7/18/2006
There is an author named Kay Hooper.
― Anonymous User  11/28/2006
Kay is a common nickname, usually for Kaylie, Kayatonmy, and Kayla.
LibbyBeth  3/8/2007
Mary Kay Bergman provided the voices for most of the female characters in the first 3 seasons of South Park and for the movie too. She commited suicide.
― Anonymous User  5/24/2007
Kay Panabaker is an actress.
― Anonymous User  7/16/2007
Kay is not only an nickname for Kayla, Kayleigh, etc. It is also the reason such names exist according to a book I read once.
spaz123  8/17/2007
A character of Mary McCarthy's novel "The Group" is named Kay.
lady murasaki  10/3/2007
I love Kay either as a stand-alone or a nickname for Kaya. I also think it's weirdly handsome on a guy.
scarlett_katherine  11/15/2007
Kay Hanley, lead singer of Letters to Cleo (now defunct) and solo artist.
FMRadio  3/18/2008
Let's not forget Kay Swift; George Gershwin's lover! :D
Jesus_Freak  5/2/2008
Kay Lástima (née Pasa), Spanish philosopher. Said "ah!," said "ah!" (Ouch!)
Kosta  10/17/2008
This is sort of friendly and it's better for a girl named Katherine to be Kay than one of a thousand Kates.
― Anonymous User  12/20/2008
My middle name is Kay. It was my mother's middle name, and I've never really liked it. It's a bit too plain for my tastes, but, I'm stuck with it. When I tell someone my middle name, they always think it's an initial and I don't really have a middle name. That's why I don't like it.
MtotheK  2/21/2009
I personally think Kay is an awesome name, whether it's a nickname, first name or middle name.
yael5012_y  6/11/2009
I can't see this as a given name. It's way too short and boring.
bananarama  8/19/2009
A famous Kay was American actress Kay Francis (1905-1968), who was one of the most popular actresses during the earlier Thirties and appeared in films like "Trouble in Paradise".
sunshinechild67  7/13/2010
I love the way this name looks: Kay. It just looks cheerful written out. It is sweet and spunky, yet old-fashioned. I think it is nice as a nickname or a given name.
― Anonymous User  6/13/2011
I know a lot of people who have Kay as their middle name. Savannah Kay, Amber Kay, Tracey Kay...
Liesl  6/27/2011
The name Kay was given to 51 baby girls born in the US in 2012.
Oohvintage  7/19/2013
Can be a bit of a filler, and would often be assumed as just the initial, rather than the actual name.
Hushpuppy  8/27/2014
I agree with Hushpupy, both Lee and Kay could be used as good filler middle names if you can't come up with any.
XYKLONE  4/9/2018
Kay Hanley, a singer. She sings "Follow Me" which is the theme of Team Rose in Sonic Heroes. She has also sung the main theme song for My Friends Tigger & Pooh.
― Anonymous User  6/29/2015
My name is Kay. When I was young I wanted a fancier name. Now I love my name. It is simple, straightforward, feminine, and just a bit sweet. Additionally there is not a nickname for it. As an adult this is an advantage as I am not called something childish and little girly as so many women are.
KEK  9/11/2015
I think this name sounds like a name someone would use in the past and not the modern days. I still think it sounds cute for a dog but not as good for a person. Also, I think this name is feminine and not masculine. Who would have the thought to make it masculine?
cutenose  12/7/2015
Very short, simple, straight forward name. Makes for a decent middle name.
It's my middle name and to be quite frank, I've never cared for it. To me, it's rather boring and plain. I feel bad because it's also my mom's middle name and I see that there are a lot of people who have it and like it... So long as you like and are happy with it, no one else's opinion matters.
As for my mom, maybe if I start spelling it with an "e" as in "Kaye" I can reconcile my feelings about it a little. Still sounds the same, but I think it looks a tad better. (Not unlike the "e" in "Anne" from Anne of Green Gables I guess).
Purplemyst  4/19/2016
The name Kay was given to 43 girls born in the US in 2015.
HerculePoirot  6/13/2016
My middle name is Kay and my grandmother also has it for her middle name. I hate when I tell people my middle name is Kay and they say "Wait, so it starts with a K?" or "K as in the letter?".
Snailbella Gal  1/4/2017

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