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The name Keith to me means STRONG, SEXY, SMART, FUNNY, ATHELTIC, and sounds like a name of an angel.
-- Anonymous User  2/11/2005
I cannot imagine Keith being a bad person. Maybe it's just because someone I know is a nice person, but I'd never choose this name for a bad man in a story.
-- Anonymous User  4/15/2005
Keith is such a powerful name, it is beautiful and heavenly. All the Keiths I've ever met were handsome and headstrong and had great charisma, intellect, and personality. This is a truly blessed name, full of life, love and destiny, all the raves to this name!
-- respect101  6/21/2005
Keith Richards is a famous rock star in The Rolling Stones.
-- Anonymous User  12/17/2005
David Cassidy played Keith Partridge on "The Partridge Family" T.V. show.
-- breakofday  12/21/2005
I am a Keith and know a few namesakes. The best are Keith Richards and Keith Moon - rock n roll legends! The sad ones are Keith Chegwin (now famed for his naked, drunken escapades) and Keith Harris (famed for his hand being lodged firmly up a duck's behind for the last 3 decades). Many a fictional Keith - most recently the big fat sad bloke in the office. Oh the shame. Cheers for finding my name SEXY and SMART. If only everyone felt that way.
-- Anonymous User  3/14/2006
It is Toby Keith's last name.
-- amber monkey  3/16/2006
Famous bearer is Keith Jarrett, an American jazz pianist.
-- Anonymous User  3/24/2006
Keith Urban is Australian, but sings country music in the US. How cool is that?
-- Anonymous User  4/4/2006
I love the name Keith! I especially love The Who's drummer Keith Moon. He's insanely good. Too bad he died.
-- pink_floyd_fan  8/25/2006
Keith Green is a Christian music artist.
-- Anonymous User  11/11/2006
This is probably the coolest name in the whole world.
-- 7up  2/4/2007
I don't like this name, honestly. To me it sounds like a big mean prison guard. Though Keith Urban isn't too bad.
-- sithar  3/2/2007
A famous bearer is talk show host Keith Ablow.
-- christianchick07  4/13/2007
A famous bearer is country music hottie Keith Anderson.
-- Anonymous User  4/13/2007
Two-Bit Matthews from "The Outsiders" real name is Keith.
-- darry_curtis  5/19/2007
This is my Dad's name, and frankly, it's the only name in my immediate family that I really like. By immediate family, I mean the one I had growing up. While the name's not terribly unusual, it's not terribly trendy anymore, and never became popular to the point of over-kill. Some people think it's dated, but I disagree. Today would be a good time to use the name Keith for a baby because it's not as fashionable as it was 30-40 years ago.
-- afmastro  11/16/2007
Emily Keith was the first ever US Miss.
-- Anonymous User  12/20/2007
I was born in Dublin at two in the morning during the worst storm in living memory, I am told I was named Keith because it was Gaelic for The Wind in English.

I found the Irish word Goath (the wind) which may be a source. Perhaps Gaelic “o” is sometimes sounded as “e” and “a” as “i”. Also I don’t believe there’s a “k” in Gaelic – hope this helps. The Scots wood idea seems intriguing – maybe their word for the sound of the wind in the trees?

So here’s a thought - if you’re fond of a Keith, no matter where you are the wind will whisper his name.
-- fitz  1/10/2008
Apologies the word (Irish) “Gaoth” not "Goath" is wind. This from a Scottish – English online dictionary:

[gaoth] nf. G. Gaoithe; d. Gaoith; pl.+an, wind : gaoth tuath, north wind : gaoth deas, south wind : gaoth an ear, east wind : gaoth an iar, west wind.

This from a Scottish Gaelic pronunciation guide: g -velar (with tongue to soft part at the back of the roof of your mouth) for example, like the s in English so the “g” can sound like the “k” that doesn’t exist in written Gaelic (Gàidhlig)

I believe the “ao” dipthong is pronounced “ee” in Irish, so I’m pretty sure we’re close enough.

One thing I am sure of is this – I was given the name 50 years ago and I been blown all over the world ever since.
-- fitz  1/10/2008
I just don't like the sound of this name. The only name with the 'th' sound I can think of right now that sounds nice to me is Ethan. Besides, this rhymes with 'teeth'.
-- slight night shiver  4/25/2008
A famous bearer is Keith Murray, lead singer and guitarist for American indie rock band We Are Scientists.
-- Anonymous User  5/17/2008
A member of the group Celtic Thunder is Keith Harkin.
-- Anonymous User  11/27/2008
The gorgeous and very talented American actor Keith Hamilton Cobb.
-- Just Jonquil  7/25/2009
Welsh variants of this name are: Keath, Keithon.
-- Wynter  9/22/2010
Family Guy was correct when they say this was the most unattractive name in history because it sucks like really bad.
-- 555jazzy  7/30/2012
My youth director's name is Keith and everyone in the youth group thinks he's awesome. I've never heard anyone say a bad word about him. He's really nice, humble, funny, sincere... and he's just one of the most wonderful people you could meet. I think that's affected my view of the name. I can't really picture the name on a baby, though.
-- Anonymous User  5/15/2013
Keith Floyd was a British celebrity chef, TV personality and restaurateur.
-- InazumaElevenFangirl  7/23/2014
Keith is a character from Voltron. He is the leader of the Voltron Force, pilot of Black Lion, and wore a red uniform in the original series (following Super Sentai tradition of the leader wearing red).
-- PinkJazzX  12/16/2014
Keith is STRONG and MANLY. I like it and think it should be classic, not just trendy.
-- Anonymous User  2/8/2015
Not really a big fan of these kind of names. Rather dull and short.
-- Anonymous User  5/23/2015

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