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Namesakes for Keith
Hurricanes and Tropical Storms: 1 hurricane, 1 storm
      Storm Keith   1988  
      Hurricane Keith   2000  
Notable Actors and Actresses: 2 actors, 1 actress
      Augusta Dabney (a.k.a. Keith)   1918-2008  
      Keith Carradine   1949-  
      Columbus Short (a.k.a. Keith)   1982-  
Notable Businesspeople: 1 businessperson
      Will Keith Kellogg   1860-1951  
Notable Musicians: 2 musicians, 1 singer
      Keith Richards   1943-   rock  
      Keith Moon   1946-1978   rock  
      Brantley Gilbert (a.k.a. Keith)   1985-   country  
Title Characters: 3 songs
      (song) Keith   1975   Keith Don't Go (Ode to the Glimmer Twin)  
      (song) Keith   2003   An Original Man (A Song For Keith)  
      (song) Keith   2013   Chez Keith et Anita