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Namesakes for Kenneth
Nobel Prize Winners: 1 economics, 1 physics
      (economics) Kenneth Arrow   1972  
      (physics) Kenneth G. Wilson   1982  
Notable Actors and Actresses: 1 actor
      Kenneth Branagh   1960-  
Notable Athletes: 1 football
      (football) Damaris Johnson (a.k.a. Kenneth)   1989-  
Notable Musicians: 1 musician
      Elton John (a.k.a. Kenneth)   1947-   rock  
Notable Writers: 2 authors
      Kenneth Grahame   1859-1932  
      Demetra Kenneth Brown   1877-1946  
Saints: 1 saint
      Saint Cainnech (a.k.a. Kenneth)   ?-599  
Scottish Kings and Queens: 3 kings
      King Cináed I mac Ailpín (a.k.a. Kenneth)   841-859  
      King Cináed II (a.k.a. Kenneth)   971-995  
      King Cináed III (a.k.a. Kenneth)   997-1005  
Title Characters: 1 song
      (song) Kenneth   1994   What's the Frequency, Kenneth?