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To anyone considering naming their child Kimberly, it is a truly beautiful and elegant name, and you would have no regrets (obviously, in my opinion). This is my name and I love it (and all of its variants i.e. Kim, Kimmy, Kimber - which I am called). I have often been told that I have a beautiful name and by more than one person that if he/she had had a daughter they would have named her Kimberly. To me, it's feminine, yet strong at the same time (Kim means "chief, ruler"; or in Vietnemese "golden").
-- greeneyes  7/24/2005
I really like the name Kimberly too. My sister's name is Kimberly, although I know her as Kim. She's is the best.
-- BloodyRose  1/25/2006
Just like greeneyes, my name is Kimberly, though my mother calls me Kimber. I don't like being called Kimmy, because it gives me the impression of a Barbie doll, which I am not. In Old English, Kimberly means "royalty". I feel so lucky. ^^
-- Kimber2011  2/20/2006
My name is a variant, Kimberlee. It's actually a pretty rare name, despite being 35th in popularity the year I was born. I've only known one other Kim. Ever.
-- Tiffany Twisted  3/1/2006
Beautiful. A great name.
-- Anonymous User  3/17/2006
I really HATE this name. It sounds so irritating to me. Especially,the nickname Kim is the worst. It sounds awfully ugly. I can only have the ugly impression of this name, anyway. It's my personal opinion, though.
-- Anonymous User  3/23/2006
It's unfortunate that someone would "HATE" this name (I do however find it interesting that a person could detest a name so much - unless they've had a bad experience with someone bearing a particular name). Kimberly is a strong feminine name. Since many babies are being named unusual, "funky" names (many of which I like so this is not a "slam"), Kimberly may very well become a classic.
-- Anonymous User  9/18/2006
A famous bearer is actress Kimberly Williams Paisley.
-- christianchick07  4/6/2006
I hate this name. It sounds so tacky. All the Kims I know are so annoying and are little snobs. It is a very childish name.
-- Anonymous User  4/7/2006
I can't put my finger on it but there is something about the name Kimberly that makes me hate it. When I hear the name the first thing that comes to mind is the annoying neighbour Kimmy on "Full House".
-- Missy  4/8/2006
This is the real first name of Gilmore Girl's actress Alexis Bledel.
-- claraelizabethann  4/19/2006
My cousin's name is Kimberly. The name is sweet and charming.
-- blueboy10  7/9/2006
I know someone named Kimberly, and to me she's nice, but she's really a stuck-up snob. The variant Kimberlee is nice. Kim drives me batty.
-- shadex  7/27/2006
Please when you talk about a name, don't say I love this name because it's my name. It's a conflict of interest. If my name was "Pencil" I could say "It's a beautiful, stong, and sophisticated name." but I have a conflict of interest because it's my name!

I think the name Kimberly is a childish name. The only thing I like about the name is that one of the nicknames is Kim. Kim is better than Kimberly. I would never name my child Kimberly.

Sorry to all the Kimberlys out there. I don't mean to hurt your feelings. I just really want to get my point across.
-- Anonymous User  9/28/2006
Kimberly is my name and I like it, though I do go by Kim. I don't think that just because it's your name you shouldn't be allowed to have an opinion about it. That's crazy. And honestly? I don't give a darn that there are people who don't like my name. If you hate a name so much it drives you crazy or nutty, then you need some therapy.
-- KayElleCee  9/29/2006
I absolutely LOVE this name, despite its former popularity. I would love to have a duaghter named Kimberly, but I worry if it's too dated.
-- 1crzychick  10/15/2006
A singer in The Pussycat Dolls.
-- libbygirl  10/21/2006
Well, Kimberly is my birth name. So I want to give a person who wants to use this name my honest opinion. Kimberly does have a very lovely meaning. But a lot of people named Kimberly do not like their name until adulthood. Why is that? For me I didn't like my name when I was younger because of the nicknames that derive from it. Kim for example was very annoying too me. It seemed so masculine and meaningless. Kimmy was too cute and Kimberly was too classy for a stranger to use so I was left with Kim. Also, if you live in the south people will tend to harden the "Ber" in this name. Which drove me crazy as a kid. The best part about this name would be that most people named Kimberly are kind, gentle, and down-to-earth. It has its good and bad traits.
-- Cyneburga  10/25/2006
The history is correct, but the meaning actually means, from the royal fortress meadow.
-- Anonymous User  10/29/2006
The Pink Power Ranger was named Kimberly.
-- dani_08  10/29/2006
Kimberly Elise is the daughter of Joan Lunden and Jeff Konigsberg, she is also the twin siter of Jack Andrew.
-- Anonymous User  10/29/2006
Kimberly Stewart is a socialite.
-- flipflops5  3/3/2007
I have known 2 Kimberly's, one was very nice and the other a real witch. Because of the one that was a witch, I wouldn't use this name. If it wasn't for her I would use this name, it is very pretty and elegant. For someone wanting to use this name I wouldn't worry about it being dated. I don't think it really should matter. I heard the name Kimberlyn and thought that was pretty too.
-- Anonymous User  3/23/2007
My sister wants Kimberly for her child. I think it's a ok name but don't really see why it appeals to people.
-- Anonymous User  3/24/2007
Personally, I really dislike this name! In my opinion it's one of the worst of the surname names, and that's saying something.
-- Anonymous User  4/1/2007
I heard that Kimberley meant "King's Meadow". Because the -ley ending means "meadow" and kimber means "King's".
-- quigonjecca  5/25/2007
Cyneburh/Cyneburga is an Old English name meaning Royal Fortress and that is where the 'Kimber' part of Kimberley comes from. Ley = clearing or field. Kimberley = Cyneburh's Field/Clearing.
-- Anonymous User  6/11/2007
Actually, I don't particularly like any names for girls beginning with K. And I can't imagine a grown woman being called Kimberly. However, I had a high school friend named Kim and while she was really wild, she was also a lot of fun.
-- Honeyrose  7/24/2007
My best friend's name is Kimberly, and though I never really disliked the name, It never was one of my favorites. However as I got to know my friend Kim, the name has really grown on me. It is a name a person can really grow with, and make into their own.
-- sharonrenee  9/9/2007
I have a friend named Kimberly. She doesn't like her name, but I do. It is such a sweet and fun name.
-- melinda1  9/22/2007
Kimberly is of a noble descent and can mean "royalty", "noble one", coming from a lineage of Royalty. A name given to Royal Family members.
-- kjrock  10/25/2007
This is actually also used as a masculine name, derived from the surname.
-- Bastien Rosier  2/1/2008
I love the nicknames Kim and Kimmy, but Kimberly makes me think of Kimberly biscuits.
-- Clodagh  3/30/2008
I don't like this name. It sounds quite ugly to me, and it doesn't have particularly positive associations to me.
-- slight night shiver  4/26/2008
In 24 the daughter of the main character, Jack Bauer, is named Kimberly.
-- Rachelgirl1989  4/26/2008
I wish Kimberley were the default spelling of this name--I think the form without the e is only used in the US (you can find many more Kimberleys in Canada and England and probably Australia). Just a personal opinion from a person who everyone assumes must not be able to spell her own name properly because she is named Kimberley in a Kimberly country. It's a small thing, but parents might remember it before naming their daughters--no one will ever spell it correctly if you're American, and she will never have anything with her full name on it that wasn't custom made or purchased elsewhere.
-- kimmysanders  6/18/2008
It's not a bad name, but give it a rest. I've known so many in my life. It also makes me think of a preppy cheerleader or sorority girl. I also despise Kim Kardashian.
-- bananarama  8/19/2008
Don't name your daughter this if your last name is Clark. (Sorry, I couldn't resist.)
-- Kosta  1/20/2009
Sounds very childish to me. I picture a little girl who is never quiet.
-- MoonAgeDaydreamer  1/24/2009
Kimberly is a really pretty name, although some of its beauty has worn off in all its commonness. I hate when people have this name and then insist on being called "Kim." "Kim" just sounds so plain.
-- Aurora Lynn  4/23/2009
I really like the name Kimberly. I don't like the nickname Kim, but Kimmy would be okay when the child is younger, I suppose. After that though, Kimmy would be a horrible nickname, in my opinion.

All in all, I like the name.
-- JillianNora  6/17/2009
Kim Gordon is the bassist of the alternative rock band Sonic Youth.
Kim Deal was the bassist of the alternative rock band Pixies, and later formed the Breeders with her sister Kelley.
-- leylaellen  11/29/2009
Reminds me of a dumb and sporty girl, but it's still an okay name. I don't like Kim as a nickname, because it's always thought to be a boy's name in my home country.
-- Anonymous User  5/4/2010
Love this name. I had a best friend named Kimberly when I was a child. She was one of my best friends and unfortunately moved with her parents out of state (far), but I still remember her. Other than that I really like this name on a girl and how it sounds. "Kim" for short, is also a cool and sophisticate name.
-- Anonymous User  7/5/2010
This is a nice name. I've only known one Kimberly (who goes by Kim), and she lives in my dorm. She's a very nice person, makes excellent artwork, and has the deepest voice you'll ever hear on a female!
However, I'll still always associate Kimberly with the Pink Ranger from the Power Rangers. Sorry... I'm a product of the 90s. :-)
-- erb816  8/10/2010
The name's alright. I hate the nickname Kimmy though.
-- Chrila96  1/11/2011
Rapper Lil Kim, born Kimberly Denise Jones.
-- Anonymous User  4/13/2011
This is so pretty! I love it!
-- Joy12  5/3/2011
My name is Kimberley, I like it spelt with the 'e' as it looks better in my opinion.
I think Kimberley is a elegant and classy name and I appreciate it more now I am older (I'm 26). I do not know any other Kimberleys, well not personally anyway. I was the only one with this name in my year at school which made it unique.
Definitely a good name to name a girl.
-- Kimberley  8/19/2011
Whenever I think of the name "Kimberly", I think of a pale little girl with freckled cheeks, greenish-blue eyes, and curly auburn hair hiding behind trees in a thick forest, peeking out shyly.
-- Black_X  8/19/2011
Kimberly Leach (October 28, 1965-February 9, 1978) was the last (and youngest) victim of serial killer Ted Bundy. She was only 12 at the moment of her tragic death.
-- alberto  1/21/2012
My mom was young when she had me and my Aunt Bonnie named me Kimberly. I have always loved my name. It's pretty and strong. I wish I would have used Kimberly more than plain Kim, when I learned it was also a boy name that was upsetting. There were 3 Kims in kindergarten. It also made you feel better when they called my name because there were 3 of us.
-- Anonymous User  1/25/2012
Absolutely love the name Kimberly! It's funny how a previous poster mentioned all of the Kims they've met have been "snooty"--the several Kim's I know and have met have been kind, soft-spoken, classy ladies! I'm not so fond of the nickname of Kim, but all in all do like this name.
-- icybb  5/21/2012
I like my name, it's elegant without being too snooty. I get a lot of Kim and Kimber, but have always hated being called Kimmy, as I think it's just a little childish and girly and never really suited me. American pronunciation is quite different to UK and Aussie tongue, they tend to elongate the "ber" sound, so it sounds like you have a huge prickle in your name. Sorry to any Americans out there, I just love my native pronunciation too much!
-- Anonymous User  6/29/2012
Kimberly Noel Kardashian is a socialite and reality television star. She is known for her high-profile romances, including a 72 day marriage to basketball player Kris Humphries.

In the movie 'Edward Scissorhands,' Kim Boggs is the name of the beautiful girl (played by Winona Ryder) who the main character falls in love with.
-- mecoyle  8/19/2012
This is my birth name/legal name.I ABSOLUTELY HATE IT,
Everywhere I go there are already 6 milion kimberley's, and the nicknames for it are terrible.
Kim... kim is a chinese/korean MALE name. And kimi, which is a finnish male name as well... I'm a GIRL.
-- StarlessNight  10/3/2012
To the above poster, Kim is actually a name meaning "gold" in Chinese and Korean. It also functions as a surname for both, although it is more common in Korea. And believe it or not it's a unisex name but the other way around, more often used for girls.

This is a really easy name to say but it seems like every girl I've met uses it. I'm surprised it isn't ranked higher, I've probably met more Kims than Janes or Jennys.
-- EstherTester  2/3/2013
I have a friend called Kimberly (Her nickname is Kim) who hates her name because she thinks its too boring and common. I have to disagree with her, I think it's a great name, very pretty, and sounds intelligent.
-- Gio123  3/2/2013
Well, my name is Kimberly, and I like it, but I chose the nickname Kimba because Kimberly sounded too formal and all the other ones were too cute. It came from Kimba the White Lion (TV show). My friends call me Kimber occasionally, which I don't like. One friends calls me "Kimberly the elderly" (even though I'm 14!) or "Kimberly the scholarly".
-- Doodlegirl  10/25/2013
My name is Kimberly, as you can (sorta) tell. I love my name, I have met many older Kimberlys but not any of my age. Honestly, I have seen many people on here say that when they think of Kimberly, they think of a snob or someone mean and someone whom talks a lot. Well, I can tell you from my point of view. I'm not loud, not at all. I am one of those people who get picked on because I'm so quiet. Yes, honestly, seeing all these rude comments have hurt my feelings dearly. Just because someone is named something does NOT mean that they are they way you think they are. My name is Kimberly. I am very quiet and shy and I don't have many friends either, but I don't complain because I love the friends I have. I just wish that people wouldn't think so badly of a name. That is kind of over the edge if you think badly about a name and "hate" it so much.
-- KimmyKat  12/1/2013
I don't like this name at all. It feels kinda dated and childish, not to mention how common it is -- every school I've ever been to, there were like, ten Kimberly's.
-- lambless  3/25/2014
The name Kimberly is for all ages. When someone is young they are called Kimmie. Then as time goes by, Kim is normally what people call her. My favorite version of this name is Kimerly because it sounds nice. A name doesn't make a person who they are. When we choose a name we choose it for it's beauty. Leave the people we dislike in the past where they belong. Be a good person. Kimerly is the name of a good person. My other favorite is Kimoreena.
-- Evelynn  4/4/2014
I am interested in knowing if there are other 'Kimberly's who are older than I am.

My mother, who is usually quite conformist, named me Kimberly in 1954. She had never heard of it being used as the first name of a female. (It was the last name of some close family friends.) She believes that she invented the name for female usage.

Growing up, I absolutely hated it. Other than Kim Novak, the only Kim anyone had ever heard of was Rudyard Kipling's Indian boy. (And there were the "Kimberly Diamond Mines" in Africa.) As a 4-year-old, I was asked what my name was. "Kim," I responded. "What's your other name?" the nice lady asked. "Burly," I responded. Everyone thought this was hilarious. But I felt humiliated by having such an unusual name in the midst of a school-ful of girls named Debbie and Cindy and Susie and Jane.

Over time, I finally learned to embrace my once-unusual name. I'm sad that it became so common in the "80's and '90's. I came to love it right about the time it became annoyingly ubiquitous.

A dear friend once told me that Kimberly means "... of the royal fortress meadow." That is of spiritual significance to me.

Anyway, I hope all of you young Kimberlys will recognize what a relatively recent common name you possess, and be proud of it's history.

And I would LOVE to hear from any female Kimberlys born before 1954!
-- kta2754  5/5/2014
Kimberly Caldwell, an American singer, actress, and television hostess.
-- LoveHeartKawaii  7/27/2014
Kimberly Freeman, (Born in Texas) singer of American punk\metal band One-Eyed Doll.
-- UoleviH  3/18/2015

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