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Pronounced KOO-no. [noted -ed]
mafiosa  8/7/2009
This name is actually a *short form* of Germanic names containing the Gothic element 'kuni' ('chunni' in Old High German) "family, descent, stock, tribe." It is common that people confuse it with 'cônja' ('kuoni' in Old High German) "brave" - but the correct element here really is 'kuni', not 'kuoni.' [noted -ed]

The short form for names containing the element 'kuoni' has been documented as Kono and Kuono, not Kuno. For reference, see Ernst Förstemann's book "Personennamen" (part of his "Aldeutsches Namenbuch"), pages 372 and 378.

Further, the name Kuno is used predominantly in Germany, but it has also been used sometimes in The Netherlands.
Lucille  11/1/2008

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