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Gender Masculine
Usage Hungarian
Pronounced Pron. LA-zar
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Meaning & History

Hungarian form of LAZARUS.
Other Languages & CulturesEleazar, Lazarus(Biblical) Eleazar, Lazaros(Biblical Greek) 'El'azar(Biblical Hebrew) Eleazar, Lazarus(Biblical Latin) Lazar(Bulgarian) Lazar(Croatian) Lazare(French) Lazaros(Greek) Elazar(Hebrew) Lazzaro(Italian) Lazar(Macedonian) Lazar(Russian) Lazar(Serbian) Lázaro(Spanish)
Surname DescendantLázár(Hungarian)
User SubmissionLazăr
Bulgaria: April 11 (as Lazar)
Croatia: July 29 (as Lazar)
Croatia: December 17 (as Lazar)
Hungary: December 17


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