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I wouldn't name a kid this, personally. It sounds too much like a woman's special part if you ask me.
patchworkgirl  2/5/2006
Looks like the word, too, if you rotate the L about thirty degrees anticlockwise. What genius came up with this?
― Anonymous User  5/19/2007
I wonder who made this one up, and what they were thinking. IF they were thinking at all. Hideous.
dreadfulxsorry  1/24/2007
To the parents who made up this joke of a name:
It had better be pronounced "la-JEE-na". Even so, it still sounds too much like a woman's special organ. If your daughter is teased without mercy, it's your fault that she's being teased and that you look like fools.
gaelruadh19  1/27/2007
Okay, this name is frightening. Please - PLEASE don't name your kids this. I would personally off myself if you went and named me this. Honestly. Sounds too much like a different word, if you ask me.
emmycathryn  5/4/2007
Such a putrid name. I hope never to see anyone with it.
Aziraphale  8/2/2007
No. Just don't EVER name your kid this. Why? Because this is such a terrible and stupid name!
aquaspirit96  1/9/2008
Even with the correct pronunciation, this name makes me shudder. Truly.
Pippin  3/16/2008
This is another stupid-sounding name with a prefix. And yes, the other kids in school will substitute the 'L' with a 'V'. Assuming they don't have the same background as a girl named LaGina, and assuming they have gotten some REAL sex ed, that is, and they even know what a vagina is.
slight night shiver  4/27/2008
*snorts* Oh come on. This name is ridiculous.
amishigloo  6/27/2008
This name is just as bad as Regina.
Hushpuppy  7/7/2008
Imagine the immature jokes someone with this name will get.
bananarama  9/9/2008
Think of your child's future. Name them anything but this.
number1212  12/9/2008
It does sound nice- until you consider its unfortunate closeness. Well, you know. That's just a bit too much for a name. A rather unpleasant relation to the already joke-baitish Virginia.
Wilted  3/15/2009
I feel very sorry for anyone with this name.
Kerules  4/5/2009
No, no, no, NO. I'm not even going to say how inappropriate I think this name sounds.
Chrila96  12/27/2010
My name is very close to this one with a little different spelling. Everyone who says it's torture having this name, your right. I went through tons of teasing and even all my nicknames resemble a woman's special part. It was terrible, but after highschool things got better.
ava2010  6/24/2012
Hell fire... This is a name?! I agree with every single word in all the comments above. If I had been unfortunately named that, I'd change my name ASAP.
Skylar_Arianna  5/24/2013
This is a VERY weird name. I feel sorry for anyone named this.
thesnowwhiterose  1/11/2015
Eugenia or Eugenie are much better. This name sounds ghetto and inappropriate for your poor daughter.
SapphireLace  1/9/2018

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