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I like this name a lot, and I would name my kid this, but I know someone with this name so it kind of ruins it. I prefer the spelling "Lanney".
-- chihuahualover168  6/1/2006
This is also a nickname of the name Delaney.
-- echo_of_the_past  8/7/2006
Character played by Rachael Leigh Cook in the film 'She's All That'.
-- Surreal  12/28/2006
I absolutely love this name. My sister's name is Laney so I think this name is wonderful. It is elegant, and very unique. To anyone who has this name, you are very lucky.
-- storyteller721  7/2/2007
It looks a little like a (very silly-sounding) pet form of Lane.
-- Pippin  5/4/2008
It sounds like the Dutch name Lenie, which is a diminutive for names like Helene and Magdalena.
-- Kaat5  11/7/2010
I knew a girl with this as a full name. I'm not a fan, sounds incomplete.
-- Jason Malcolm  5/17/2014
Laney Penn from Grojband.
-- Franklansburg  1/30/2015
I have a friend who uses this as a nickname for Helena. I think it's adorable.
-- actingfun  9/4/2015
My name is Laney and I honestly don't like my name when being called for something, everyone pronounces it as 'lawn-ee' or spells it like 'Lainey'. It drives me insane!
-- imthatgirl27  11/10/2016
The name Laney was given to 366 girls born in the US in 2016.
-- Anonymous User  6/7/2017

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