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Popular name in Germany, pronounced Lee-zah.
-- Destry  4/15/2005
Lisa is the name of Elvis Presley's daughter, born Lisa Marie Presley.
-- Anonymous User  8/1/2005
A famous bearer of the name is Lisa Simpson, of the Simpsons.
-- Anonymous User  11/2/2005
Lisa is also a very popular name in Germany. [noted -ed]
-- mfs  11/29/2005
A famous bearer is actress Lisa Bonet who played Denice on the Cosby Show.
-- Arowen Half-Elven  12/6/2005
Lisa is common in Sweden both on its own and as pet name for Elisabeth. I also know a Louisa who goes by Lisa. [noted -ed]
-- Anonymous User  12/17/2005
Lisa was the name of the first personal computer by Apple, also the name of Steve Jobs' daughter.
-- Anonymous User  12/18/2005
Lisa Kudrow is a famous actress, known from the sitcom Friends (where she plays Phoebe).
-- Anonymous User  12/18/2005
LEFT EYE's real name was LISA, 1971-2002 RIP: LISA NICOLE LOPES.
-- DJLBG  1/20/2006
Someone born in the late 60's, because their mom loved Elvis. Makes me think of a someone middle-aged.
-- alliyah1  2/19/2006
On Cat Stevens' Tea for the Tillerman album, there is a song called "Sad Lisa." He pronounces the name as LEE-zuh in the song.
-- WeloveyouJesseLacey  2/20/2006
It's so boring.
-- lindamaree  3/8/2006
When I hear or think of the name Lisa my first reaction is "yuck". I've never liked this name and those I know who bear the name are a few of those I do not like very much.
-- Missy  4/10/2006
How can it bring yuck in your mind? :{ I love this name, it is my cousin's name an it is borne by Lisa Tucker (American Idol).
-- amber monkey  5/16/2006
I dislike this name. It is dated and boring, in my opinion. 'Elizabeth', 'Elisa' and 'Elise' are good alternatives.
-- websurfer  5/28/2006
Lisa has a meaning of its own: A honeybee.
-- EA_Since 1993  7/21/2006
Lisa is ok. I would personally just name my kid Elizabeth/Elisabeth and call her Lisa. I like longer names though.
-- Anonymous User  7/28/2006
The actress Lisa Ann Walter. Her most popular roles are in the films "The Parent Trap" (1998) and "Shall We Dance?" (2004).
-- iva_toneva  8/26/2006
Lisa is a very pretty name. It is a name that can be worn by young or old.
-- Anonymous User  8/29/2006
Listen to the German pronunciation of Lisa here:
-- _satu_  9/3/2006
There are authors named Lisa Gardner aka Alicia Scott, Lisa Jackson aka Susan Lynn Crose, Lisa Miscione, Lisa Scottoline and Lisa Unger.
-- Anonymous User  11/28/2006
This name is a little overused, but it's still pretty. These are all the people I know with this name.

Lisa C.
Lisa F.
Lisa L.
Lisa S.
Lisa A.
Lisa Maria B.
Lisa O.
Lisa D.

***That's a whole lot!***
-- Taydbug112  12/17/2006
Lisa is a very, very common name here in Sweden, which is why I dislike it. My name is Lise-Marie, though everyone has always called me Lisa. But now I've started to introduce myself as Lise-Marie because Lisa is so very boring.
-- Luma  1/31/2007
It is much too common.
-- Anonymous User  3/3/2007
My real name, I despise it. Can't wait to change it.
-- Anonymous User  3/4/2007
Seriously, just use Elizabeth or the other spellings of it. This is a horrid name to replace such a classic name.
-- KaiSilvaPhantom  3/4/2007
Lisa Kelly, part of the group Celtic Woman, bears this name.
-- Wunderkind_Princess  3/22/2007
Lisa is a good name to use in combination, like Lisa-Rose or Lisa-Violet.
-- A.R.  4/2/2007
Lisa (liso) is also a Spanish word for "sleek" or "smooth".
-- Anonymous User  4/5/2007
My name is Lisa and I hate it. Not just because it's a boring name but also because you can't shorten it or change it. It wouldn't be so bad if I could change it slightly. I would have preferred to be called Elizabeth so I could choose my preferred shortened version.
-- lisa_7  4/11/2007
Lisa is my name, and I like it. Sometimes I wish the name weren't so common, but part of me also thinks that one of the reasons it's popular is that it has a very lyrical sound to it.
-- ecshell  4/23/2007
This is my name, and I strongly dislike it. I know that it's not always good to have the most common name, but there have only been 3 girls my age that I have ever met with the same name as me. Actually, one of those girls was a year older than me.
Anyways. I'd rather have just been named Elisabeth or another L name because I was named after my grandma. I wouldn't change my name though. It was one of the first gifts my parents gave to me.
-- Hyugafalcon  5/27/2007
Although common, I think it's a really pretty sounding name. It's very nice and it suits a young girl and an older lady. Very pretty.
-- Anonymous User  6/3/2007
Though this is my mom's name, I have never liked this name very much because it is way too common.
-- ellahcooper2495  6/14/2007
Lisa was an omnipresent name for girls in my generation (Gen X); two of the members of my four-girl clique in high school were named Lisa, which meant that the other member and I had a lot of conversations including the phrase, "... no, not that Lisa, the other Lisa". However, its popularity died down in the 80's, so it wouldn't be an overused choice for a baby girl today.
-- elizabeth hamlet  11/21/2007
There is a Welsh song titled "Lisa Lan" or "Fair Lisa."
-- RedGyl  3/23/2008
My name is Lisa. I love it. I hate people who demean it by being hateful Lisas. Yes it is common, but that doesn't make it bad. If you want to change your name from Lisa, please do it because you obviously are not Lisa enough to live up to the name. Lisa Rocks!
-- lisarocks  6/25/2008
My name is also Lisa & I have to say I've only met 4 people with this name, so I haven't found it soooo very common. I like it because it's feminine and not long or complicated. It also remains relatively un-mangled and pronouncable by non-English speaking people, which in today's global village is a plus. My family & very close friends shorten my name, sounds like "lease" - not that I think it's necessary for a name to have nick-name options for it to be used. Another bonus - it's easy to spell, great when you're little & learning to write/spell & not much confusion in adulthood, especially if you've got a long &/or unsual last name.
-- lilmissodd  9/8/2008
Lisa Middelhauve is the former lead singer of the Gothic Metal band Xandria, one of my favorite bands. "Lisa" is short for "Elisabeth", and is pronounced "Lee-zuh", as she is German.
-- harry_sent_me  10/1/2008
A famous bearer of this name is actress Lisa Edelstein who plays Dr. Lisa Cuddy on the fox T.V. series House, M.D.
-- Lady_Skywalker  10/2/2008
It's rather dated and played-out. I have two aunts with this name, both born when this name was at its peak. And the combination Lisa Marie is boring, and who doesn't think of Lisa Marie Presley (not that there's anything wrong with her)?
-- bananarama  10/6/2008
Means smooth in Spanish.
-- Anonymous User  12/18/2008
My mom's name is Lisa, I've always loved it and thought it was really pretty. If you are considering naming your daughter this DO IT! It's so pretty. Whoever said it was 80's is wrong. That's TIFFANY! I know a few people named Lisa who are teenagers. I love it.
-- becca_marciano  6/17/2009
My name's Lisa, when I was younger I hated it because it was so plain, but now I like it. It's not very common, I know of hardly any other Lisas, and I love the meaning behind it, as well as the impression it gives. It may not be fancy and versatile but I'm happy with it.
-- WatashiWaImasen  7/7/2009
A bit chavvy sounding, but there are worse names.
-- Anonymous User  8/11/2009
I'm not from Sweden, but...

I've only met one other Lisa in my entire life, so it's not that common in places I've stayed (London, Paris, Ottawa, and Montreal). I adore my name! Well, my full name is Elizabeth, but a long time ago someone called me Lisa and it stuck.
-- phoenixtears89  10/5/2009
A famous bearer is American actress Lisa Nicole Carson (born July 12, 1969). She's well-known for her supporting roles on "ER" as Carla Reece and as Renee Raddick on "Ally McBeal". She was controversially fired from both shows, due to erratic behavior attributed to schizophrenia.
-- AndrewJKD  12/19/2009
I love this name! I think it's classy and beautiful, and can fit many personalities.
-- ALOF10  2/12/2010
My name is Lisa and I've only met one woman with this name. Personally, I think it's strong (for a feminine name) and very classically beautiful, which are two qualities I like in girl's names. It is uncommon for a girl my age (At the moment, I am 12, almost 13) which I like. In my opinion, it doesn't portray any bad thoughts, but I wouldn't think to name a child this (even if it weren't my own name) because it isn't as unique as I'd like it to be. My aunt gave me the nickname "Leesie" and she is the only person I will allow to call me this. I don't like it when people say the name is too dated, just because it is older and isn't used very commonly anymore, but we'll see who's laughing when I'm 50 and my name still fits my age while I'm surrounded by 40 year old Dakotas and Briannas.
-- EchoSketcher  2/15/2010
All the Lisa's I've met were strange (apart from just one) but it is a fairly nice name. However I'm put off by Lisa Marie Presley, unfortunately I don't like her style of character.
-- starz26  4/6/2010
Famous bearer is author Lisa Klein, who wrote “Ophelia”, “Macbeth’s Daughter” and “Two Girls of Gettysburg”.
-- Lunar_Wolf  8/25/2010
Lisa means smooth in Spanish.
-- Anonymous User  4/30/2011
Lisa is my half sister's name, so it has some positive connotation, but I still find it pretty boring.
-- Christina Rose  5/8/2011
This is my name. I think it's boring as heck. Like a previous poster, I would have preferred Elizabeth so at least I would have had options. I had two close friends throughout school named Lisa (we called each other Big Lisa, Little Lisa, and Skinny Lisa!), and I have two aunts named Lisa. I am a Gen Xer and it seems wherever I go there is another Lisa! Too many Lisas! On the plus side, it seems to have drastically lost its popularity in the U.S., so you'd be pretty safe using the name for a baby these days.
-- obiwan  10/2/2012
It sounds like the sort of name you'd give your child at the last minute, as if there's no time to really think what to call her. Still pretty and everything, just something worth considering.
-- Hushpuppy  2/13/2013
I always liked this name because it's easy to say and spell. Also, it reminds me of Lisa Simpson (who creator Matt Groening named after his own sister).
-- EstherTester  3/23/2013
So trendy in the Sixties. It's really boring.
-- Lolth  7/5/2013
This name is certainly not 'chavvy' or 'boring' in my opinion. Lisa sounds cute and pretty. I think it's awesomely amazing how there is the famous painting "Mona Lisa" with the name Lisa in it. :)
-- Anonymous User  8/9/2014
Lisa simpson comes to mind

Lisa is an ok name.
-- ThatMazerunnerfan  9/4/2014
My name is Lisa and I love it. Wasn't always that way growing up in the 60's since I had anywhere from 2-4 other Lisa's in my classes. It was very popular then. Mostly Lisa Marie's or Lisa Ann's. I am Lisa Beth (not Elizabeth). I rarely use my middle name and just go by Lisa. Short and sweet and very feminine. Not old or stuffy. The name is making a resurgence. Don't know as many as I did growing up. There were also a ton of Susans and Debbies in my age group too. I'll stick with Lisa.
-- Anonymous User  9/12/2014
Lisa Fonssagrives, (Born: May 17, 1911, Died: February 4, 1992) born Lisa Birgitta Bernstone was a Swedish fashion model.
-- Anonymous User  10/25/2014
A bit dull, but a bit classy too.
-- fugfacedmermaid  11/28/2014
Lisa McMann is a YA author of the Wake series and the Unwanted series.

My name is a also Lisa. It was still fairly popular when I was born in the late 70's. I usually had at least one of other Lisa in my group of friends.
-- wbbuff  4/15/2015
My sister's name is Lisa and she doesn't like it and at one point in her life she changed it to Lesa. But now it is Lisa again.
My mom wanted to name her Elizabeth, but hated the nicknames Betty and Liz, so Lisa it was. Short and pretty- my name is Lori - same short, easy to spell, old fashioned but enduring.
-- lorimorton  6/10/2015
Lisa Schwartz (also known as Lisbug), (Born in Tarzana, Los Angeles, California, US) is an American Youtuber.
-- UoleviH  7/27/2015
Lisa is a character who appeared in Pokémon 3: The Movie. She has an Aipom.
-- Anonymous User  10/17/2015
Lisa is my middle name, and I'm happy to have it. I got it from my grandmother, who got it from her mother, and if I have a daughter I might give her this for a middle name. In about second grade, I went by Lisa instead of my first name, (I think it was because I wanted a nickname and my name doesn't give itself to nicknames) and I only stopped because I went to summer camp and my mom wrote my first name on all my stuff. Looking back on the time I went by it, I kind of regret it. Lisa doesn't fit me at all, and one of my teachers always pronounced it weirdly so it sounded like he was making fun of me.

A good middle name, not the best first name.
-- Anonymous User  11/14/2015
Pretty name that works well on anyone. I've yet to meet a little girl with this name.
-- thenamer007  12/5/2015
Seems to me that the only thing people are doing here is B******G about the name Lisa... Seriously, you all act like we are the ones that have a say in what our parents choose for us. Stop yelling at the fact that we are named Lisa. Stop acting like we're the ones that could have changed this before or at birth up until the time we were of legal age to change it. You constantly act like we're the only reason to blame and you act like we have no right to the name our parents gave us... It's lust like every other name out there. We didn't choose it, some of us changed it, others of us are so sick and tired of you trying to change what cannot be changed or undone. Stop complaining and telling us we can't have the name we are used to. So it's been used a lot! SO WHAT! Hundreds of thousands of other names have had the same things used and abused to them... Leave off!
-- KOREOEILEITHYIA  12/13/2015
Lisa Ortiz (born December 11, 1974) is an American theatre and voice actress, as well as voice director, best known for her roles in English versions of anime series. Her most notable roles are Amy Rose in 'Sonic the Hedgehog' and Lina Inverse in 'Slayers'.
-- Anonymous User  12/21/2015
My name is Lisa - nothing more, nothing less. I have never wanted to lengthen it or shorten it. I am grateful that my parents did not select a name from their family trees or I would have been named Bertha or Broonhilde. My name is easy to say, easy to spell and easy to write. Also, I don't get much "how do you spell that" when I tell someone my name. I am grateful that there aren't a large collection of other "Lisa's" in close proximity because I like being different. I am surrounded by Heather's, Brittany's, Tabitha's and Courtney's. To me, those names have come and gone. Those name are considered "long"... try to shorten them - Heth? Brit? Tab? Court? Pretty, right?
-- SharpLisa  2/4/2016
How about combinations (Lisa is short)
Short names are boring, but compound names are very pretty and interesting, especially for girls.
-- Eileen1209864  5/7/2016
I like it. Short, simple, and will age perfectly. Most likely will be my daughter's middle name.
-- Luvbug86  9/22/2016
I know Lisa as a name was pervasive for Gen X-ers (#1 baby girl name for most of the 60s, usurped by Jennifer), but I was born in '91 and I only knew one other young Lisa my entire life - she was a friend's younger sister, born when the name's popularity had slid significantly. Maybe knowing (only) one young Lisa helped the name not become so dated or played out (like Jennifer) in my eyes, because I find Lisa to be quite pretty, to both look at and say.

Others have brought up names like Elisa / Elise as alternatives, and I think those names are catching on with the new generation. (I love Elise as a middle name.) But there's something appealing, for me, about the capital L in Lisa. I like names that start with L. I think the association with Lisa Frank artwork also helps this name stay lively and colorful (despite the fact that working for Lisa Frank was torture, according to former employees - they nicknamed it the "Rainbow Gulag").
-- erb816  12/16/2016
Lisa Ono is a popular Japanese-Brazilian bossa nova singer. Lisa Ono was born in São Paulo, Brazil, in 1962 but moved with her family to Tokyo at the age of 10. From that time on she spent half of every year in Japan, and half in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
-- cutenose  1/20/2017
Lisa Valerie Kudrow is an American actress, comedian, writer and producer. She gained worldwide recognition for her ten-season run as Phoebe Buffay on the television sitcom Friends, for which she received many accolades, including six Emmy Award nominations, winning once in 1998, and twelve Screen Actors Guild Award nominations, winning twice in 1996 and 2000.
-- cutenose  3/31/2017
Lisa Nicole Lopes, better known by her stage name Left Eye, was an American hip hop singer, rapper, songwriter and producer. She rose to fame in the early 1990s as one-third of the girl group TLC, alongside Tionne "T-Boz" Watkins and Rozonda "Chilli" Thomas. Besides rapping and singing background vocals on TLC recordings, Lopes was one of the creative forces behind the group. She received more co-writing credits than the other members. She also designed the outfits and stage for the group and brought concepts to the group image, album titles, artworks and music videos. Through her work with TLC, Lopes won four Grammy Awards.
-- cutenose  4/6/2017

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