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I absolutely love this name and the history behind it.
scribhneoir  3/19/2006
In D.C. Simpson's comic "Ozy and Millie", Ozymandias Llewellyn and his father (just known as Llewellyn) are sovereign rulers of Llewellynland (ie: their house and yard). Llewellyn is a dragon and therefore responsible for many of the world's conspiracies.
Larissa_Evans  3/19/2006
Ew! This name sounds like "Lewd Ellen".
xKatiex  10/2/2006
Not if you pronounce it right. But if you do pronounce it right, the double L sound is even worse.
heresthereasonwhy  10/16/2006
I agree. I love this name and I'd still spell it with the double L, but I'd just pronounce the double L like a single L. I don't like double Ls in Welsh. :)
penguiny7  6/13/2007
In Shakespeare's play Henry V, there is a Welsh character named "Fluellen." This is an anglicization of this name, the "fl" being an attempt to reproduce the voiceless "ll" sound of Welsh.
Kosta  11/6/2009
Correct pronunciation is lhu-WEL-en.
Wynter  9/22/2010
It's from Welsh llwy "leader, steerer" + eilun "image". Nicknames Llelo (LHE-loh) and Llew (LHE-oo), which is also Welsh for "lion".
Wynter  9/22/2010
So is it pronounced "shuh-well-in" in Welsh?
Jadie477  3/24/2018

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