Names Related to Llywelyn

Names that are related to LLYWELYN:
BELENOS   m   Celtic Mythology
BELENUS   m   Celtic Mythology
BELI   m   Welsh Mythology
BILE   m   Irish Mythology
CARLISLE   m   English
CARLYLE   m   English
CUNOBELINUS   m   Ancient Celtic
CYMBELINE   m   Literature
LAOISE   f   Irish
LEOLIN   m   Welsh
LEWELLA   f   Welsh
LLEU   m   Welsh Mythology
LLEW   m   Welsh, Welsh Mythology
LLEWELLA   f   Welsh
LLEWELLYN   m   Welsh
LLEWELYN   m   Welsh
LLYWELLYN   m   Welsh
LLYWELYN   m   Welsh
LUG   m   Irish Mythology
LUGAID   m   Irish Mythology
LUGH   m   Irish Mythology
LUGHAIDH   m   Irish, Irish Mythology
LUGOS   m   Celtic Mythology
LUGUBELENUS   m   Ancient Celtic
LUGUS   m   Celtic Mythology
LUIGSECH   f   Ancient Irish
LUÍSEACH   f   Irish