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I'm pretty sure that this name would be pronounced either lu-CIN-a or lu-CEEN-a. It sounds /to me/ like the name of a fairy or more mature person.
bobcat_explorer  12/19/2006
This is my daughter's name, and we pronounce it "loo-see-na," although I think the "loo-chee-na" pronunciation is beautiful too. Lucina's nickname is Lula, and some of our relatives call her Lucie as well.
carrie  4/7/2008
Very exotic and unique sort of name.
Hushpuppy  11/4/2009
This is also my Daughter's name. However I found the name in a book about fairies. Lucina Faye (fairy) is a fairy of the light, and keeper of the sword of truth. I found this story to be beautiful. Now I have my own little fairy! We pronounce it Loo-SEE-na. She goes by the nickname of Luci as well.
mommystar79  9/16/2013
Lucina is the future daughter of Chrom in the Fire Emblem video game series!
lakin5  7/19/2014
In my opinion, this name is so beautiful.
― Anonymous User  7/14/2015
My name is Lucina. The name has been in my family for many generations. We have always pronounced it Loo-sign-uh with the long I sound. Do not know if this was a pronunciation that came from a certain culture or not. My family emigrated to Canada from France many generations ago, then to the US.
starbella2722  8/19/2015
Lucina is Chrom's daughter from the future in 'Fire Emblem: Awakening'. She's also a playable character in 'Super Smash Bros.' for the Nintendo 3DS and Wii U.
― Anonymous User  8/28/2015
I think it's really pretty, although I don't know if it's usable these days since it's heavily associated with the Fire Emblem character and people would probably think you named your daughter after her.
Buneary  9/11/2017

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