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I think this name would be adorable for a little girl if it is a name she was called by or a middle name. You could nickname her Maddie or Lena. Plus, there is no overly religious (or in that case a bit scandalous after a book or two).
czechcrazy  6/27/2007
I have also seen "tower" as a definition of this name. I think it is a strong name for a woman. I was given it to honor a grandmother in Italy, and although my American mother chose to anglicize it, my father always called me "Maddalena" which I prefer.
angelosdaughter  9/9/2007
A famous bearer of the name is of course, Miriam of Magdala, disciple of Christ, also known as "the Magdalene", Saint Mary Magdalen.
angelosdaughter  9/9/2007
I love it, it is poetic. My great grandmother's name, from southern Italy.
meowelers  11/28/2007
Boom. Did you hear that? This name is the BOMB.
Way better than Madeline, in my opinion, because I LOVE the -lena and no one will get confused on how to pronounce it.
baileymarissa  10/28/2009
Maddalena is so much prettier than Magdalena! I really love the name Maddalena!
starz26  3/16/2011
This is really pretty - from the spelling to the way it sounds. Just added to my PNL. :-)
silly_rabbit  10/8/2015
This is my mother's name and I absolutely adore it, it's one of my favorite names. When I was little and heard of people named Madeline I always kind of scrunched up my nose and thought 'my mother's name is prettier'.
batmanhaskryptonite  12/15/2017
My mother and everyone in our family has always pronounced it as mad-da-LAY-na.
batmanhaskryptonite  12/15/2017

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