Names Related to Manouel

Names that are related to MANOUEL:
EMÁNUEL   m   Hungarian
EMANUEL   m   Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, German, Romanian, Portuguese, Czech, Croatian
EMANUELA   f   Italian, Croatian
EMANUELE   m   Italian
EMMANOUEL   m   Biblical Greek
EMMANOUIL   m   Greek
EMMANUEL   m   Biblical, French, English
EMMANUELLE   f   French
EMMANUHEL   m   Biblical Latin
IMANOL   m   Basque
IMMANUEL   m   German, Hebrew, Biblical, Biblical Hebrew
MANEL   m   Catalan
MANNY   m   English
MANOEL   m   Portuguese (Brazilian)
MANOELA   f   Portuguese (Brazilian)
MANOLA   f   Spanish
MANOLO   m   Spanish
MANOUEL   m   Late Greek
MANU (2)   m   Spanish, Finnish
MANUEL   m   Spanish, Portuguese, German, Romanian, English, Italian, Late Greek (Latinized)
MANUELA   f   Spanish, Portuguese, Romanian, German, Italian
MANUELE   m   Italian
MANUELITA   f   Spanish
NELINHA   f   Portuguese
NELINHO   m   Portuguese