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ScriptsΜανουηλ Ancient Greek
PronouncedPron.ma-NWEL Spanish
man-oo-EL Portuguese
MA-nwel German
MA-NWEL French

Meaning & History

Spanish and Portuguese form of EMMANUEL. In the spelling Μανουηλ (Manouel) it was also used in the Byzantine Empire, notably by two emperors. It is possible this form of the name was transmitted to Spain and Portugal from Byzantium, since there were connections between the royal families (king Ferdinand III of Castile married Elisabeth of Hohenstaufen, who had Byzantine roots, and had a son named Manuel). The name has been used in Iberia since at least the 13th century and was borne by two kings of Portugal.
VariantsEmanuel Portuguese Manoel Portuguese (Brazilian) Emanuel German Emmanuel English Emanuele, Manuele Italian Emmanuel French Emanuel Romanian Manouel Late Greek
DiminutivesManolo, Manu Spanish Nelinho Portuguese Manu German
Feminine FormsManuela, Manola, Manuelita Spanish Manuela, Nela, Nelinha Portuguese Manoela Portuguese (Brazilian) Manuela German Emanuela Italian Emmanuelle French Emanuela, Manuela Romanian
Other Languages & CulturesImanol Basque Emmanuel, Immanuel Biblical Emmanouel Biblical Greek Immanuel Biblical Hebrew Emmanuhel Biblical Latin Manel Catalan Emanuel Croatian Emanuel Czech Emanuel Danish Manu Finnish Emmanouil Greek Immanuel Hebrew Emánuel Hungarian Emanuel Norwegian Emanuel Slovak Emanuel Swedish
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