GENDER: Masculine
Meaning & History
Roman family name which was derived from MARCELLUS. Saint Marcellinus was a pope of the early 4th century who was supposedly martyred during the persecutions of the Roman emperor Diocletian.
Related Names
FEMININE FORMS: Marcella, Marcellina
OTHER LANGUAGES: Markos (Ancient Greek), Marko, Martzel (Basque), Mark (Biblical), Markos (Biblical Greek), Marcus (Biblical Latin), Marko (Bulgarian), Marc, Marcel (Catalan), Margh (Cornish), Marko (Croatian), Marcel, Marek (Czech), Marcus, Mark, Markus (Danish), Marcel, Mark (Dutch), Marcus, Mark (English), Markku, Marko, Markus (Finnish), Marc, Marcel, Marcellin (French), Marcel, Marcellus, Markus, Marcell, Marzell (German), Markos (Greek), Marcell, Márk (Hungarian), Marcas (Irish), Marcellino, Marcello, Marco, Celino (Italian), Markuss (Latvian), Marko (Macedonian), Marcus, Mark, Markus (Norwegian), Marcel, Marceli, Marek (Polish), Marcelino, Marcelo, Marcos, Marcelinho (Portuguese), Marcel (Romanian), Mark (Russian), Marcas (Scottish), Marko (Serbian), Marcel, Marek (Slovak), Marko (Slovene), Marcelino, Marcelo, Marcos, Celino (Spanish), Marcus, Mark, Markus (Swedish), Marko (Ukrainian), Marc (Welsh)
Related Names