GENDER: Masculine
Meaning & History
Roman family name which was originally a diminutive of MARCUS. This was the name of two popes.
Related Names
VARIANTS: Marcellinus, Marcus (Ancient Roman), Marcel, Marcell, Marzell (German)
FEMININE FORMS: Marcella, Marcellina (Ancient Roman), Marcella (German)
OTHER LANGUAGES: Markos (Ancient Greek), Marko, Martzel (Basque), Mark (Biblical), Markos (Biblical Greek), Marcus (Biblical Latin), Marko (Bulgarian), Marc, Marcel (Catalan), Margh (Cornish), Marko (Croatian), Marcel, Marek (Czech), Marcus, Mark, Markus (Danish), Marcel, Marco, Mark (Dutch), Marcus, Mark (English), Markku, Marko, Markus (Finnish), Marc, Marcel, Marcellin (French), Markos (Greek), Maleko (Hawaiian), Marcell, Márk (Hungarian), Marcas (Irish), Marcellino, Marcello, Marco, Marzio, Celino (Italian), Markuss (Latvian), Marko (Macedonian), Marcus, Mark, Markus (Norwegian), Marcel, Marceli, Marek (Polish), Marcelino, Marcelo, Márcio, Marco, Marcos, Marcelinho, Marquinhos (Portuguese), Marcel (Romanian), Mark (Russian), Marcas (Scottish), Marko (Serbian), Marcel, Marek (Slovak), Marko (Slovene), Marcelino, Marcelo, Marcio, Marco, Marcos, Celino (Spanish), Marcus, Mark, Markus (Swedish), Marko (Ukrainian), Marc (Welsh)
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