GENDER: Masculine
Meaning & History
Roman family name which was derived from Latin maximus "greatest". Saint Maximus was a monk and theologian from Constantinople in the 7th century.
Related Names
FEMININE FORMS: Maxima, Maximiliana
OTHER LANGUAGES: Maksim, Maxim (Belarusian), Maxmilián (Czech), Maximilian, Max (Danish), Maximiliaan, Max (Dutch), Maximilian, Max, Maximillian (English), Maxime, Maximilien (French), Maximilian, Max (German), Miksa (Hungarian), Massimiliano, Massimo (Italian), Maksim (Macedonian), Maximilian, Max (Norwegian), Maksym, Maksymilian (Polish), Maximiano, Maximiliano, Maximino (Portuguese), Maksim, Maksimilian, Maxim, Maks (Russian), Maximilián (Slovak), Maximiano, Maximiliano, Maximino, Máximo (Spanish), Maximilian, Max (Swedish), Maksim, Maksym, Maxim (Ukrainian), Macsen, Maxen (Welsh)
United States  ranked #206 
England/Wales  ranked #205