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A strong and classy name!
Coco  2/6/2005
I am upset to see this name used as a girl's first name, when it is a strong, Irish surname, which actually has a masculine meaning "son of CIONAODH".
lala  4/10/2005
Downmarket and tryndee, it makes for a tacky and insubstantial name.
― Anonymous User  6/27/2005
This is an arbitrary Scottish clan name. Used as a forename, it's hilarious.
― Anonymous User  6/27/2005
Seeing as this is a "son of..." name, it makes no sense as a girl's first name. The sound of it is ugly, as well.
― Anonymous User  7/9/2005
My daughter's name is McKenna and I love her name no matter what it means or where it came from. My name is Greta which is a feminine first name. I've actually seen it as a last name. I'm not going to condemn someone for that am I?
markngreta  8/1/2005
Possibly one of the tackiest and ugliest names I have ever seen. It's completely unfeminine and the misuse of the surname is also pretty nasty. Horrible name, sorry.
― Anonymous User  2/16/2006
I have to agree. McKenna is one of the uber-trendy-tacky names used for the current baby generation. It ranks right up there with Madison, McKenzie, Reyeleigh/Ryeleee/Riley, etc. It seems cheap and teeny-bopper, having little substance. Merely, it's someone's family name trendily misappropriated for a female forename.
― Anonymous User  3/19/2006
Trendy, tacky, nauseating. Sorry, just not a girl's name.
visitor27  3/4/2006
Sheesh. Some of you seem very passionate about condemning this name. Just because you might not name your children this does not give you the right to trash the name. This is not my name, but I personally believe that it is a cute first name, if trendy, that happens to be used as a last name as well. Other examples of this trend include: Ashley, Madison, Joyce, etc.
― Anonymous User  3/14/2006
assumpta  5/20/2006
"Mc" means "Son of"! So you're saying your daughter is the son of someone! Hahaha, sorry to me that's funny. This follows all the current trends (Irish names, names with "Mc"). Not timeless.
pink_floyd_fan  7/25/2006
Wow, people need to get over themselves. Surnames as first names is currently very popular, but it is nothing new and has been around for generations with varying degrees of popularity. That whole Mc / Mac "son of" thing really needs to be put into perspective! Paternal naming patterns really left no other alternative and thus surnames represented this sexist tradition where only the son mattered, but slowly that itself changed and the importance of the "son of" component in etymologist terms is really known at this stage but hardly of any true importance.

Yet, you'd rather have just boring Bettys (Elizabeth)?! Variety people!
― Anonymous User  8/18/2006
I'd take the regal Elizabeth over Mackenna any day. How grossly butch. Another inane trendy momma trend. Just say no to glitter and butch names please.
― Anonymous User  8/22/2006
They did also have a feminine suffix to correspond to 'Mac/Mc', it was 'Ni' or 'Nic.'
― Anonymous User  6/9/2007
A lot of people here seem to hate this name, saying that it is tacky, trendy, and even butch. First of all, although McKenna may be a bit on the unusual side, I think it is a lot less tacky then names such as Tatiana, Kolour, Daffodil, and Haven (all of you that commented, these are from your favorites lists!). On the name being trendy, yes okay it is, but so is every single name ever invented. When a new name surfaces it always becomes the "trendy-fad" name because it is new and people are just trying it out. Regal names such as Elizabeth and Margaret were once the "trendy" names, they were both in the top ten for decades! Also people choose names that have gone out of style so that their children will be an individual but in the meantime, end up making the name a trend all over again. As for McKenna being a "butch" name, why may I ask would anyone think this? Is it because the name could be seen as a female variant of Kenneth? Does this mean that names like Erica, Samantha, Charlene, and Paula are all "butch" names as well? Also, just because the name starts with Mc, which usually is connected to meaning "son of" in Irish, doesn't mean that name can't be used for a girl? There are plenty of names out there that are used for boys that are better kept for girls (Kelly, Shelly, Tracy, and Stacy are just a few). Take the Irish name Killian for example, this is considered a masculine name although I think that it would better suit a girl for its resemblence to the female name Jillian. If the Mc part bothers you that much then just use the variant, MaKenna. The name McKenna is beautiful and a girl of any age should be proud to carry it, I just feel sorry for all of you are going to give your girls "bimbo" names like Victoria, Nicolette, and Veronica (once again taken from your favorites lists).
Mystic  9/26/2006
Tacky and macho central. To the deluded poster above - I'll have a dose of Russian royalty in Tatiana or a delicate botannical gem like Daffodil instead thanks.
― Anonymous User  9/27/2006
I don't care what anyone says: I happen to like this name. And I HATE Madison, Brittany, Mackenzie, and Ashley. (Lots of people actually like these names, how shocking!)
xKatiex  10/14/2006
I don't like this name at all, it doesn't sound or look pretty to me.
ml1muse  10/15/2006
The name "McKenna" is a beautiful name that is very unique. My name is McKenna and I have never met another person with my name. I love it and wouldn't change it if I could!
Also - I just love the rude comments people have left about this name, but they didn't comment using their OWN names, names that were probably very boring.
McKenna2021  11/13/2006
My name is McKenna. I am an Irish female. I was born in 1992. I think the name is unusual for a girl's first name. People often think I am male because my last name is a males first name. And my first name is a last name. But, it is not boring one bit. It is very different. And that's why I like my name. So, boo hiss to you people.
― Anonymous User  11/14/2006
I like this name. Especially because it is my name. It's not that common to find a McKenna. That's why I like this name over boring common names such as Ashley, Christina, Megan, etc. Although, the one thing that does bug me about my name is that I can never find souvenirs with my name on it. You see no 'McKenna' license plate keychain thingies. Some people may see McKenna as an ugly name. People are sure entitled to their opinions, but, if my mom actually named me what she was planning on naming me, I'd be a Rindy. Sort of unique, but I'd still choose McKenna anytime.
Psycho_McK_Psycho7  11/14/2006
Boring and overused macho rubbish. No self respecting Scottish or Irish person would use this on a girl.
― Anonymous User  11/14/2006
I don't mind this name, it seems refreshing to me. As for the Mc being "son of...", it doesn't really mind anymore. There are plenty of women out there with LAST names starting with Mc or Mac and nobody says anything about that.
Celticdemon  11/25/2006
It was a half decent name until half the girls ended up bearing this name. McKenna is better suited for a boy.
Missy  12/27/2006
My cousin gave her daughter McKenna as a middle name. I really hate it. It's not feminine at all and sounds boring.
― Anonymous User  12/28/2006
Women with "Mc"/"Mac" surnames do not have the correct form of their names; it used to be only males who bore the "mac" bit ("mac" obviously meaning "son"/"son of"), while the females bore "nic", which is a contraction of "iníon mhic" (Irish)/"nighean mhic" (Scots Gaelic), which means "daughter of a son of"; for example, Cailean Mac Cionnaich (Colin, son of Kenneth) and Mòrag Nic Chionnaich (Sally, daughter of a son of Kenneth). The usage that we have today is much simpler.

Frankly, this name annoys me greatly; I read and write in Gaelic, and this name turns my stomach to see how misused that such a strong, dignified surname with so much history has been spat upon and used as a tacky, somewhat stagnant given name for females (with some undertones that the name will not age well). If this name is not trendy (yes, it's spelled "trendy", not "tryndee") and will not become a thing of the past, I'll eat my hat.
gaelruadh19  1/14/2007
In contrast to my opinion on names like Madison and Mackenzie being used on girls, I actually quite like this one! I don't know why, but I just love the sound and look of it. It's odd for me to like it though, as I always dislike names like these.
Pheadirean  2/1/2007
McKenna is not to my taste, but it's not very popular, so I can't see why it's trendy. Even my name's more popular, and I never met another Lillian in my whole life.
7up  2/8/2007
McKenna is a beautiful name for a little girl, MaKenna is better though.
Rockos_Modern_Life_1  5/2/2007
How is it trendy? It really isn't too popular.
xKatiex  5/31/2007
It contains multiple elements frequently seen in recent trends.
― Anonymous User  6/9/2007
While I agree that McKenna is an extremely trendy name, I've seen it used and liked it. The difference is, it was on a boy. It just seems too masculine a name for a little girl but it fit a little boy.
― Anonymous User  6/21/2007
Unlike many of you, I like "masculine" names being used on girls. There's a twelve year old girl at my school called Mckenna. Face it, people, these aren't boy names any more. They can be used by either gender.
DontDissMadison  10/7/2007
Another McRot of a name. No better than Muragtroyd or Smith, Jones and Brown on a girl. Rotten.
― Anonymous User  10/19/2007
McKenna is a beautiful name for a girl. I do not find it masculine or nasty at all. I have never met anyone in my life who dislikes this name. It is unique and charming. The perfect choice for any baby girl. She will never outgrow this name. Five stars.
mecoyle  2/2/2008
Masculine, yes. Unique, certainly not. Far, far from it.
― Anonymous User  2/13/2008
I don't care about the meaning of this name. It's a very pretty name for a little girl. I like it because it doesn't sound like a name only for little girls, plus it isn't uber-popular.
jasmineenimsaj  2/23/2008
I love this name. It's very feminine and not tacky at all. First of all, it is my name, and second, I would not change it, even if I could.
― Anonymous User  4/13/2008
It seems illogical for girls for obvious reasons, and it isn't a cute name for a little girl either. Neither is it a spunky name for a tomboy or an indie rocker. Sorry, but it sounds very tacky, and it's going to sound horrible on grown women.
slight night shiver  4/30/2008
McShameful. Will date the bearer awfully. I can understand the use of familial surnames in middle name spots. It's a longstanding tradition in some places. What I don't comprehend is the defense of something so blatantly, in your face, look at my bollocks, masculine, as a first name for a girl. Is the girl name pool dwindling or something?
― Anonymous User  5/31/2008
I completely respect tradition and sticking to the original use of names but many people immediately jump to accusations before embracing the name in a modern, current sense. As for the name McKenna, I personally think it is very pretty and don't think it sounds masculine at all. My little 17 year old sister is named McKenna and she loves it.
― Anonymous User  7/6/2008
My name is McKenna and I find it extremely offensive to have my name be labeled a "disgust" to tradition or a so-called "look at my bollocks" masculine name. My sincere apologies to anyone who is deeply disturbed by my name but before defending a written word, consider the person behind it.
― Anonymous User  7/6/2008
People need to get some new material. Mc? That's so 2005. Try O'- Seriously, these names are boring and misused.
― Anonymous User  9/1/2008
Uh, okay. Patrick McKenna is a Canadian actor. He's on The Red Green Show and Traders.
welovejamesarness  9/10/2008
McKenna is a georgous name and that's all I have to say. I have commented before and the responses I got were all nasty. I will inform you that my name is McKenna and I love it. I wouldn't change it if I could. I think the 'ugly' names are Rachel and Emily, overused and boring. But I will not call them a 'disgust' or a 'disgrace', because they are not my name, so I don't really care. Leave McKenna alone!
― Anonymous User  11/16/2008
That's not a useful comment. "Stop hating on McKenna" is a whine.

This surname, like McKenzie et al is a part of fad, pure and simple. It's not beautiful or cute. I don't find beefy Scottish or Irish surnames to be pretty at all. The opposite, yes. When people start extolling the virtues of MacDuff and MacTaggart, I will need hospitalizing. Surely they're the next to be fadded?
― Anonymous User  11/24/2008
My name is Mckenna. Yes, Mckenna. I am female. I was named after a Irish surname. I don't care what all you think of this name. And, as I am constantly telling people, my "c" gets air-sick and my "k" is still a kid. I find it insulting yet funny to read people's rude comments on this name. It's just a name. Who cares? I have nicknames too, and probably the most often used is Kammy. As I said, who cares?
mckennarox  12/24/2008
Obviously you do care else you'd not have commented. Am I right? Some people are interested in names, get over it.

Personally, I think your name is the equivalent of McMahon or McWilliams. There's little difference to me but hey, since we are not allowed to hold our own etymological opinions and perceptions, let's shut the site down to spare your widdle feelings. :)

McKenna, Mackenna, Mckennah, McKenzie, McKenlyn, blah.
― Anonymous User  3/5/2009
Ick. This name is so colourless, so boring, so uninteresting, so, ugh. It's a SURNAME. It's like naming your child Johnson or McDonald.
emmiix3  4/7/2009
Very beautiful name, not only because it is my name, but because I would not change it even if I could.
― Anonymous User  4/12/2009
So, if I like this name or use it in the future, it'll make me trashy, or tryndee, or something like that? I'm not trying to sound like a jerk, though, I'm stating my opinion, too. I love this name. And for the record, I love both traditional and modern names. =)
CanadianChibi  5/3/2009
I wonder what our fore bearers 300+ years ago would make of girls being called McKenna, McKenzie, Addison et al these days. Shocked I'm sure.

I don't like surnames on boys all that much. They're surnames for a reason. On girls, it's forced, pretentious and unwaveringly faddish. Middle names are different. Familial surnames etc. I don't have so much of an issue.
― Anonymous User  5/12/2009
Kenna is much better.
erb816  5/23/2009
I hate this name possibly just because people assume that my name, Kenna, is short for McKenna when they meet me, or they call me McKenna on accident. I think it's a fantasic surname, but why would you name a girl something that means "son of"?
KennaIsADroid  8/5/2009
Elise McKenna is the heroine of the 1980 time travel romance film "Somewhere in Time", played by Jane Seymour. It's a beautiful movie - my dad's favorite. My cousin was named Elise after the character, and laments that her middle name is Anne and not the more dramatic, interesting McKenna.
― Anonymous User  8/7/2009
Ok: if you're offended by the fact that McKenna is a masculine surname, look up the histories of some beloved "traditional" feminine names and you might find their origins. Questionable. Why don't you complain when mothers name their daughters Evelyn, Jocelyn, Vivian, Frances or Meredith? They all began as family names or names for men. So did Carol, Lynn, Leigh, Shirley, Shelley, Beverly, Joyce, and many other time-honored girl names.

I don't have a problem with the name McKenna. But if you're so against "tryndee", then stop bashing this name, because that's the trendy thing for name snobs to do right now, apparently.

Yes, the name was originally masculine, and maybe you believe it should have stayed that way, but regardless of your personal "shoulds" and "shouldn'ts", the reality is, the name has essentially switched genders and where I live and probably where you live too, it's used as a feminine name. Just accept that in a few generations, it will be a granny name, like Linda or Nancy, and solidly feminine.

Admit it to yourself: it's pretty! Regardless of its sordid past, the name McKenna is simply a nice-sounding name.

And that's my two cents on the matter.
― Anonymous User  8/8/2009
I prefer all those aforementioned 'male' names on males and males only and I'm not the only one. Generalising, much? I've met a male Merediths, Vivians and co.
― Anonymous User  10/28/2009
I love the name McKenna. It is an absolutely beautiful, strong-sounding name for a young woman. Despite its masculine origin, I feel McKenna is one of the names that transferred into feminine well. And while this name may not be the most traditional, there is a story behind this name, even when used on a girl. This name represents an Irish background in an American girl. I do not think this name is overused or "tryndee" at all. I have only met one person with this name. I personally find this name very feminine, but I respect the masculine origin of this name. I think this name is a wonderful choice for an American girl from Irish descendants.
― Anonymous User  11/5/2009
OK, I just spent about twenty minutes reading through all the comments on this name. And about 75% of them were cruel, mean, and nasty! My name IS McKenna and I LOVE it! It's unique and beautiful in its own way. And if you looked up its Irish definition, it means AMBITIOUS BEAUTY! Let's see what your name means- all the Sally's and Betty's and Samantha's of the world! Yeah, and you too Emma's and Lucy's and Hannah's! Let me see a comment on YOUR name. Let me see how you react when people comment on YOUR name. So, ha!
alicefan98  12/19/2009
I hate this name. It sounds dumb on a girl because it has an obvious masculine meaning, and it has that ugly "ken" sound in it. It's getting too popular as well.
bananarama  1/3/2010
What a ridiculous name. I doesn't look or sound nice, and it has an awful meaning for a girl. Why would anyone name their kid this name? It's so ugly!
-Julia-  1/20/2010
White trash.
Aureliano  3/2/2010
Means son of Kenna or Kenneth.
tessareea1  6/16/2010
Ok, why is everyone saying that this name is a boy name? I don't get it. When I see an "a" at the end of a name I immediately think GIRL! In the Spanish language, you see Alberto, than Alberta. How about Andre, and then Andrea. Don't you think the "a" gives is a girly flair? How many boys do you see walking around with the "a" at the end of their name? Nicholas, Samuel, Jonothan, Mark, Tyler, Lucas? The only boy name with an "a" that I can think of is Joshua. It might be that I have always heard the name McKenna as a girl name, but I don't think it could EVER be used on a boy.
alicefan98  6/28/2010
Yes this is a last name and yes it means "son of", but I admit I do like this name for girls. Probably because in the movie "Somewhere in Time" Jane Seymour's character's last name is this, but her manager always called her McKenna and I just liked the way it sounded.
Liesl  10/19/2010
This is MY name! I love this name and I don't care about all of the hate comments...
― Anonymous User  11/1/2010
McKenna (Mac) Boyd Taylor on the show CSI: NY has this name.
TeamPeeta4ever  12/1/2010
Well, it is very trashy, but at least it sounds less babyish and annoying than McKenzie.
Chrila96  12/21/2010
This is my older sister's name and everyone who says it is "white trash" and crap needs to be quiet. Both my sisters and I have unique names, and since this is one of them I like it. Stop naming your kids the same thing over and over. There are at least 5 Emily's in my grade, and I've only met 2 McKenna's in my life. My dentist even named her daughter after my sister. So quit saying things like "this name is colorless" because it is WAY more colorful than a name like Madison or something.
felltheblackwolf  6/2/2011
It's a bit better than Mackenzie, but not by much. It sounds trendy and a little immature, without the sophistication, elegance, and style of, say, Elizabeth or Genevieve or Helena.
Black_X  7/11/2011
McKenna Pascoe, an American football player for the New York Giants.
― Anonymous User  12/11/2011
My daughter's name is McKenna. I chose it for several reasons. One being that it sounds kind. It sounds loving and compassionate. Romantic if you will :)... Also, again my opinion, McKenna is a strong name. It's a famous clan name that may be of medieval Scottish or Irish origin. If the former, McKenna is an Anglicized form of the Old Gaelic "MacCionaodha", son of Cionaodha, a male given name composed of the elements "cion", respect, love, and "Aodh", the name of a pagan god of fire; hence, "Beloved of Aodh" or "Devotee of Aodh".
And MY McKenna is exactly what her name FELT like to me. She's loving, kind, compassionate, romantic. And more than I could have EVER have hoped for. (of course, she is NOT those things BECAUSE of her name)

So to ALL of you who used words like "trashy", "tacky", "ugly" and whatever other negative word/s you used... Be mindful that the same would quite probably be used in regards to YOUR name or the name YOU chose for YOUR child. :)
voya  12/25/2011
I usually dislike the whole 'surnames on girls' trend, but I've met two or three girls with this name and I actually think it is very nice. One of the older McKennas I know usually goes by the nickname 'Kenna' and it actually works well for a 20-something.
kate.wilde25  1/26/2012
Funny how it's listed as "feminine" when it's not in the least bit feminine with it's very masculine meaning of "son of Cionaodh". Sons are male. Male = masculine.

This name is horrid for a girl.
― Anonymous User  4/30/2012
More like a boy's name if you ask me, especially with the nicknames Mack and Kenny.
Hushpuppy  6/12/2012
Dear, HushPuppy,

My nickname is Kenna, not Kenny or Mac. Don't know how you got there... the closest someone ever got to those was my little cousin (she's three) and she called me Macy because she couldn't pronounce my name. Proper pronunciation: Muh-Ken-Nah.
ShamrocksRock  6/10/2014
I love the name. I spelled it differently for my daughter: MacKenna. After more research than many who commented here I discovered that a) MAC means "born of", there is NO gender association that I could find. I.e. MAC can mean daughter of or son of. Ken/Kenna means beauty, so the name quite literally means Daughter/Son of a beautiful parent.
Patrovich  7/25/2012
McKenna Brooks is the 2012 American Girl Doll of the year. She has her own movie called "McKenna Shoots for the Stars."
Rin_0911  8/21/2012
Mckenna is my name, and I find it to be a very delicate and soft name, defiantly not strong and tough. Please don't make rude comments about it, let's go check out the rude comments about your name.
MckennaSquirrels  12/22/2012
My sister is 22 her name is McKenna Rose. I could not imagine this name being use on a male. All the negative comments about this name not being a girls name are assuming that the only origin of this name is Irish. It is also a Hawaiian name meaning "gift from God". Also it means to "ascend" meaning go back to the source which is God. I will never understand how so many people on here are taking offense to it being listed as feminine. I could never think of this name, as a first name, on a male. It is not butch as some have described. Names like Aaron, Rylie and Tony all androgynous names, in my opinion, are "butch" but still work fantastically for both genders. I can't see Mckenna used in the same way.
raymh  1/24/2013
My daughters name is Mckenna, I decided on her name because its different and not the same name used for a hundred years. It's time to stop naming our kids old lady names, Sophie, Elizabeth, Abigail, Emily ect.,
It's 2013 not 1913, I love her name, so think before you comment, maybe we don't like your Old boring grandma names. Again it's 2013 ladies.
MomofMcKenna  1/27/2013
Comment above really made me mad... People like you annoy me to no end. Sorry, but not everyone wants to be "modern." I personally see nothing wrong with names like Elizabeth or Abigail, at least they existed fifty years ago! There are certain names that will never get old, and these are the names that will be taken seriously later in life. "McKenna" might sound cute now, but imagine when she's sixty. What a joke. It makes me sick that you would think such classic and beautiful names like Elizabeth are "old lady" names. Here's some news: you're old longer than you're young! So go ahead and give your children these insane, childish atrocities like McKenna. But don't insult people with actual class and taste in names.
― Anonymous User  1/28/2013
I hate the sound and pronunciation of this name. It is one of my least favorite names. There is nothing beautiful or unique about this name, all it is to me is that it is another uber popular trendy name that will fade away in the next ten years or so. And to the above commenter and the person who said we should stop giving our children "Old lady names" as you so "maturely" put it: please do us all a favor and grow up. We will not be forced to give our children "modern" names just because you said so. People have the right to give their daughters and sons old fashioned names like the elegant Elizabeth or the handsome Arthur! So, just because you like modern names like McKenna, Ashleigh, Brayden, or Jaxson doesn't mean everyone else has to follow the crowd! I could care less if it's 2013! People have a right to name children whatever they want and you have no say in it, so be quiet and stop saying "It's 2013, so we HAVE to give our children modern names because it is trendy and unique!" Sorry if I offended either one of you, but both your comments got me mad. Just because you like a certain name doesn't mean we all have to.
MusicBelle  12/9/2013
You will be horrified to know that the first name McKenna first appears in the US Social Security Death Index for a person born in 1899. You don't even know the history of your own kid's name.

The name McKenna appears to have shot up in popularity after the American TV show McKenna aired in 1994. This show is about a man.

McKenna on a girl is a McTragedy. It's nothing more than expounding on the McKenzie/McKayla trend, but for some reason the McKenna moms think theirs is a bit more original (it's not). The trendiness of this name will guarantee it to be an "old grandma name" by the time all of the little McKennas are old.

Others above have commented that Ni/Nic means "daughter of" yet nobody is naming their daughter Nikenna/Nickenna. This proves that the McMoms aren't naming their kids McKenna out of honor to their culture, but out of mere trendiness.
Vanillabean  3/12/2016
My name is Makenna and I would not change it for a thousand dollars. I love my name, and I go by Kenna. Everyone is living in the past, it is 2013. Just because 400 years ago, it has a certain origin doesn't make the name any less beautiful. For example, I find the name "Ashley" horribly trashy, but I don't go on websites bashing people's names and calling them tacky. That just makes you look like a terrible person who has nothing better to do than trash names on a website.
Makenna_  11/24/2013
MY name is McKenna... and I'm a girl.

To see people demeaning this name is really hurtful to me. Partially because I was like 10 seconds old when the name was given to me... and because I actually like my name. I'm female and I have had a lot of compliments about my name from people who haven't heard it before. People say it's a really interesting or pretty name, which makes me happy. I have an original name...
― Anonymous User  3/27/2014
Hey, before you people make fun of how this name is used. Let me tell you something: my name is McKenna and I was named after my grandmother's maiden name who is from Ireland. Go bash someone else's heritage.
ShamrocksRock  6/10/2014
And I'm a GIRL. Deal with it.
ShamrocksRock  6/10/2014
This is just my opinion. If it offended you, I don't care because what you said offended me (and about 100 other members of my family). So, just remember, when you talk trash about a name, you might want to remember other people have that name and it might actually mean something important to them. Like mine. And you wouldn't want someone telling you
'Hey, I think your name is stupid and sounds weird'
Do you? I don't. I like my name because of it's history, I'm named after an entire family, how many of you can say that?
ShamrocksRock  6/10/2014
I prefer the name Makena which sounds exactly the same, but is the name of a Hawaiian island and an Eastern African name meaning "happy one".
Wordgirl  6/13/2014
Well, I can't imagine why I would look up and then comment negatively on a name I was not fond of or interested in. Being as my name is McKenna I have had the eye-opening awareness that others do.
Regarding all comments to the great historians visiting this page - any letter or letters put together and then given "meaning" have been done by human beings. As we can clearly see here - opinions differ and are also personal. Whoever put the letters McKenna together to use as a name (first or last - get over the difference between the two) had their own rreasons.
Based on some comments here I'd really like to know if they observe or worship the "Gods" referenced.
I think not.
I define my name in my character.
I enjoy my name and until this site, have only received compliments on it (and when I do I always share them with my parents being as they named me).
So, hopefully others can do the same and not define themselves by demeaning or insulting others.
McKenna_  7/7/2014
Wow. I have just read so many negative comments about my beautiful name. First of all, the name McKenna is more commonly used for girls. Get over it. My father picked my name because my last name starts with 'Mc'. We happen to come from a long line of Irish folk. I just love the fact that my name is meant to be a boy's name. Many of the people I meet just adore it. I happen to love my name very much. I have met just one other McKenna. I have yet to meet a male McKenna. That just proves how popular the name is with girls.

To all the other McKennas in this world, I say ignore the ignorant people that say our name is tacky, ugly, and nasty. They are just jealous that their names are quite boring and dull. Love your name!

I really don't see the point in bashing the name. So what if our parents named us uniquely, at least it's a nice name. Seeing all of those negative comments really made me upset. Instead of saying rude things about my name, just leave the facts and get on with your life. Seriously, this is pointless.
JustMcKenna  8/4/2014
My daughters name is McKenna. I loved it because to me it sounded lovely and like a name that could grow. While I do love the classic names I had a hard time finding one that wasn't already associated to someone else in my mind.

Almost every time we tell people McKenna's name they just gush about how lovely it is and how they have never heard it before.

I do think some people get tired of the same names being recycled even if the names are beautiful. I just wanted something slightly different but not too crazy and McKenna was perfect. Hate reading so many people picking apart a perfectly beautiful name for a girl OR boy.
zercher  9/20/2014
I always thought it strange that someone could name a newborn girl Mckenna, Morgan, Alex or a number of other unfeminine names. Like someone above me said, tacky and trendy. What is the shortened version or nickname of Mckenna? Mac? That is the name of a dog or the guy that just did the brake job on your car. There are many beautiful forenames to choose from. Not just English, but Italian, Spanish, French, etc. But no, I am going to name my little girl after the guy I met at the Irish pub.
jsvcca  9/21/2014
My name is McKenna, & I personally love it. I have both scottish & a bit of Irish in me. You history buffs & Mckenna-haters out there; tell me the history behind it in a little more detail? I'm curious. Where did the name McKenna originate from?
mckennax13  1/4/2015
Our daughter Goes by Kenna, not mac!? I can see where you might get that but she has yet to have someone shorten it to Mac.

I think it's time people get over the THIS is a boy name Vs This is a girl name concept! My name is Ashley- a super popular name when I was born :( though it started out as a "boy" name it was the number one popular girls name for way too long.
― Anonymous User  1/11/2015
I don't absolutely hate this name. However I tend not to like names that I have trouble picturing on a successful, intelligent and independent woman and I just don't see a Mckenna starting a wildly successful business or becoming a neurosurgeon. It sounds like the captain of the cheerleading teem who peaked in high school.
LadyEleanor  1/11/2015
My grand daughter will make me a great grandma this year. She will be naming her McKenna. I have never heard of that name but I like it as well. Once you connect her with the name she will look like it and you will not imagine any other name for her. I am also a new grandma of a baby girl Athena born today. 2015 will be a great year.
ladykahlua  1/14/2015
I have a friend with a daughter with this name. Sorry, but I don't like it. She has three daughters and every one of the names (the others being Kenlie and Brennan) are just as bad. Outwardly they aren't that horrible, but they are trendy, not well thought out, and hard to take seriously. It just brings up an image of a girl whose ultimate goal is popularity and jockeying for position to be the first one of her friends to get married, all the while smoking and drinking while she thinks no one is looking. It doesn't say career, substance or intelligence, just like her other name choices. Sorry, but when a mother picks an "of the moment" name, it makes me think her daughter needs to be "of the moment" too.
― Anonymous User  2/21/2015
I hated this name and always will, but luckily I adore it on a boy.
madisonxerika  3/29/2015
My name is MacKenna (with the "a"), and I don't see how this name is masculine at all. Sure, the meaning can seem a bit boyish, but I personally don't ask people what their names mean. There are masculine nicknames; like Ken, Kenny, Macks, And Mickey, but there are also very feminine ones, like Mackie, Macy, and Kenna. I am personally a bit annoyed with people saying that they don't like the name because of the meaning. If you don't like the name because of the sound or look of it, that's fine. The "Ken" sound can be a bit harsh for some. There are also some fun nicknames, like Mac & Cheese, which are awesome if you have a sense of humor. Please, just think before you call a name "masculine."
― Anonymous User  5/12/2015
I literally made an account to this website to defend the name McKenna. What is wrong with everyone here? I hope you all realize that names no longer correlate with gender. I'm going to say it again for the people in the back. NAMES ARE GENDER FLUID. I personally think McKenna is a beautiful name and you all need to learn to be respectful. I understand that your heritage is important to you as mine is to me, but please have a little grace.
emmarose  6/15/2015
If you seriously think the name "McKenna" is so masculine, why don't you spell it "MacKenna?" The prefix Mac- means "son OR daughter of." Really, any name can be a surname. I know someone with the last name Ruth. Please judge this name based off of its sound, because nobody is going to care about the meaning.
― Anonymous User  6/25/2015
Did it occur to anyone I named my daughter McKenna for these very reasons. It's a surname from my maternal line.
paigemiller10  7/4/2015
To all of you who are saying the name McKenna is "stupid, arrogant and a boy name" please do stop. McKenna is a beautiful name and I am happy to be born with it. I have not met any other McKennas in my lifetime, and I believe this name is so beautiful and can be used unisex. I'm Irish and this name was passed down generations and I am grateful to have it. Your opinions are very rude. Think before you say something. It is unfair and unruly to say this about someone's name. You have to think what someone reading your comment is thinking.
Liliane  9/22/2015
Well, as you can see, my name is Mackenna, and even though it is derived from the Irish surname "Mckenna", I am proud of my name. I think it is a beautiful and unusual name and I love it so much. It makes me unique and I am disappointed at the amount of people who think it is ugly, tacky, not feminine, etc. It is a perfectly beautiful name and I would never change it for the world. Mackenna will forever be a strong and beautiful name.
Mackenna Uncles  9/23/2015
Although I have commented on this name already, it is under Anonymous and I can't edit it. So I'll just say this: My name is MacKenna, and I happen to love it. I get the coolest nicknames, and I will never have to be MacKenna D. or MacKenna Jane. There is no need to hate on it anymore, the popularity is declining steadily. It was never that popular to begin with, not even a celebrity used it. The reason there are so many on this page is because when someone hates on a person's name, they feel the inclination to defend it. I'm hoping that some people genuinely like this name and aren't just trying to defend it because they have a personal connection to the name.
actingfun  9/27/2015
Americans do not realise how offensive it is to call their child Mckenna. In Ireland where I am from Mckenna is of old nobility. They where the kings of Monaghan and the Lords of Truagh. You would not go about calling your child Windsor after the Queen of England now would you? Another thing I feel I need to clear up is McKenna is a Gaelic name. The Gaelics were IRISH, eventually some settled in Scotland and the Celts who where SCOTTISH where influenced by the name. McKenna means fiery-sprung we have our own coat of arms and family saying. McKenna means son of Cionaoith so basically that is what you are naming your child. My last name is McKenna and this is the most disrespectful thing I've seen. Americans need to realise how important heritage is to people in Ireland and to stop using important Irish SURNAMES to give as a first name to their children.
Eibhin-Mckenna  10/8/2015
I am appalled at the mean things some of these people said. Get right! McKenna in any spelling is a beautiful name. To say that it's offensive that we (Americans) use it as a feminine first name is ridiculous. My beautiful daughter's first name is McKenna. I love the name that is why I gave her the name. It's very feminine as is she. How could it offend someone that someone uses the name for the one they love most in the world? It is a beautiful, strong name for a beautiful and strong girl/woman! Oh, and her father is 100% IRISH!
Andrya  10/20/2015
My name is McKenna. I was born in 2000. Personally, I love my name. Just because my name means "Son of" doesn't mean that a girl can't have that name. I am a girl who has this name. I have never met another person in my whole life time who has the name McKenna. I love my name, and I wouldn't change it for anything. My name is a pretty name, and all of my friends like my name. My nicknames are Kenna, and Kennabeth because my middle name is Elizabeth. I love the name McKenna because I am the one and only McKenna that my friends know! And I am Irish! Also this is to all you people who don't like the name McKenna just because people name their daughter that. When my mom was in the hospital giving birth to me one of my mom's nurses liked my name so much that when her daughter had her first kid she named it McKenna. My dad named me McKenna after one of his favorite actresses! The name McKenna is a wonderful name, and I am proud to bear it!
McKenna32100  11/4/2015
The comments are entertaining as expected! I like McKenna, but prefer Mackenna.
silly_rabbit  11/7/2015
My daughter's name is McKenna and I chose it from Jane Seymour's character, Elise McKenna and I loved it from the beginning. I would think in this day and age if it's a name you can pronounce, it's good. Perhaps some of you named your daughters a "proper" name but doesn't make them any better, so keep the negativity at the door.
Kelli69  12/10/2015
I like this for both genders!
al84  12/14/2015
All those haters of McKenna is making a huge deal about a wonderful name. There's no reason to be stubborn over a name.
Kenna1738  1/7/2016
As I said about the names Mackenzie, Madison, and Addison, it bewilders me why people use surnames meaning specifically "son of x" as feminine given names. Since when were daughters sons?

I agree with the general consensus established in about 60% of the posts here and find the post by an anonymous user on 31 May 2008 mildly amusing (the "McShameful" part).

Plus, I find the "Mc"/"Mac" prefix to be rather unattractive in feminine given names anyway.
YITYNR  1/13/2016
This is my name, but I would like to clear something up: I don't mind it meaning "son of x." I don't fully identify as female anyway, so it actually makes me sort of happy. I also don't mind this on males, but I certainly don't think it's anything to get offended over. "James" is an extremely important family name for me, but I don't get offended when people use that name, even if it's on a girl. Maybe I'm coming from this from a weird standpoint though, because I don't really care what gender a name is "supposed" to go on. If I like it, I like it. For example, I'm beginning to like the name Ana for a boy. Jeez, it's just a gender, not the end of a world.
― Anonymous User  1/30/2016
My name is McKenna and I think it's beautiful. Forget origins and roots or whatever. The name is beautiful. I've never seen nor heard McKenna used in a masculine way.
mckennashaysmith  3/13/2016
It's been said before, it'll be said again: when a name specifically means something masculine, then it will always be inherently masculine. Aside from that, the name itself is rather harsh sounding, not particularly pretty. I prefer Kenna, but if you must, you could always choose the different name Makena instead, as it looks similar but lacks the masculine meaning.
RoseTintsMyWorld  5/9/2016
Hi, my name is McKenna and I seem to be the only one who doesn't like it. I was born in 1998 and I have met about 9 other girls with my name, all the same age. My mother named me after a client with the last name McKenna and well, how will this name transfer into adulthood? It sounds like a child's name. I've never been called Mac and I hate Kenna because of another McKenna around me being called that. My nicknames are Mick and Mickey and sometimes the Mick is abbreviated by McK. I've been complimented on my name so many times but it sounds childish. I do prefer the spelling with McK rather than the Ma because many do not capitalize the K and the Ma spelling gets called Mac way more often than I do. The spelling does seems prettier to me. My middle name is Ruth and I would've liked if I was Ruth or Ruthie but, my name is McKenna and that I will not change, for it was given to me out of love and I will die with the million other old teenyboppers named McKenna.
McKennaruth  6/6/2016
I am a McKenna and I'm just a preteen. It saddens me my name is called this I am in fact a female. I love my name and wouldn't change it at all.
McKenna W  8/3/2016
My name is McKenna and I quite like the name. I've never actually met a boy with this name. I have met some other girls with this name (different spelling though).

But, jeez, I've never seen so many people angry over a **name**.
― Anonymous User  8/5/2016
I like how all the haters are like in 2006, 2007, 2005 it's weird but I still think the name is just fine:)
Mickycookie  11/16/2016
MAC/MC MEANS BORN OF NOT SON OF! THIS CAN BE USED AS A NAME FOR EITHER GENDER! Ashley, Riley, Morgan, Madison, and all of those trendy names began as- wait for it- masculine names! McKenna is beautiful on a girl, and handsome on a boy. Names shouldn't have genders.
― Anonymous User  4/4/2017
Actually for females, McKenna means strength, power and beauty. I loved my name even more when I learned this. I have also read the it means "ascend" and " the happy one". Power to the McKennas!
Anonymous Someone  6/23/2017
"McKenna" is one of the most ridiculous garbage first names I've ever heard. What the hell is it with this trend of giving your kids last names as first names? McKenna, Tyler, Mackenzie, Grayson, Madison, etc.. It is neither cute nor unique. It's about as unoriginal and uninteresting as day-old dishwater. Walk into any classroom in America, and there are three McKennas and four Madisons in it. Get a grip. Spend more than five seconds thinking of a damn name for your kid.
― Anonymous User  10/30/2017
All of the comments on here about disliking the name "McKenna" crack me up. If you don't like the name, don't use it. My daughter's name is McKenna - she was born in 1995. While we hear the name somewhat more frequently now, we very rarely meet anyone near my daughter's age. Someone made the comment that no celebrities have used the name McKenna... not true. Bill Medley (of the Righteous Brothers) has a daughter McKenna who's around 30yrs old. Mary Lou Retton (Olympic Gold Medalist - gymnastics 1984) has a daughter named McKenna who is 20, and actress Helen Hunt has a daughter Makena, who is 13. I personally can't imagine naming a son McKenna, but that's my personal opinion. In the 22yrs (almost 23) since my daughter was born, I have never come across a boy with the name. My daughter loves her name and can't imagine being called anything else.
asudevil91  11/14/2017
It's funny that many are saying this is not a feminine name. Other than Mc means Son of... who cares. What I do see is a strong woman named McKenna or a tough little girl named McKenna. You guys are crazy to hate on a female having this name. I really only can see a female having this name. I would never name my son McKenna (maybe MacKenzie) but not McKenna (too feminine, lol). Maybe back in the days in Ireland... sure... but in today's world... most names can be unisex (Ryan, Kennedy, Sam, Jessie) and McKenna is definitely one for the girls. In my opinion, McKenna is to MacKenzie like Erica is to Eric or Nicki to Nick or Kendra to Ken. Get out of your cave people.
― Anonymous User  3/15/2018
Ummm... what?

It doesn't sound like a very pretty and feminine name, but it doesn't sound masculine either!
The name might grow on me, but for now... it's much better left as a last name.

The "Mc" part not only gives the name a rough sound, but also a ridiculous spelling. If this is your name and you love it, I'm happy for you. But... I would never use this name for anyone, personally.
― Anonymous User  3/20/2018

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