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Mel Brooks (born Melvin) is a famous bearer.
-- Anonymous User  12/21/2005
My uncle calls me that even though my name is really Melanie.
-- Jinx  1/8/2006
Famous bearer is Mel Gibson, an American actor and director. He won the Academy Award for Directing.
-- Anonymous User  3/26/2006
The person who did Bugs Bunny's voice is Mel Blanc.
-- philologos  3/28/2006
Not only did Mel Blanc do the voice of Bugs Bunny, but also Marvin the Martian, Porky Pig, Speedy Gonzalez, Daffy Duck, Tweety Bird, Foghorn Leghorn and Yosemite Sam.
-- Anonymous User  5/12/2006
Mel is a nickname for a character named Meliara, a rebellious barefooted countess, in a book by Sherwood Smith.
-- Anonymous User  9/14/2006
There's a Thai guy in my class who goes by Mel. His actual name is Tananant, though. Go figure.
-- aqualime  10/17/2006
This name is a fun and short nickname for Melvin, Melissa, Melinda, Melanie, and Melody.
-- mhavril39  10/20/2007
Mel can also be short for Melinda.
-- Hushpuppy  4/4/2008
I never did like the sound of this nickname, but that heinous anti-semitic and misogynist dork Mel Gibson has really made me hate it.
-- slight night shiver  4/30/2008
I love this name for a girl, not so much for a boy. It's so simple, yet so full of personality! Great name. :)
-- MtotheK  4/11/2009
It sounds boring as a legal name, and it makes me think of the hideous anti-Semite Mel Gibson.
-- bananarama  7/2/2009
Means "honey" (as in the gooey substance made by bees, not as in "dear") in Portuguese. A celebrity couple here named their daughter this about a year ago, and I don't know of anyone else who has done that.
-- mellon.collie  10/28/2009
It's really too bad if Mel Gibson ruins the name for someone because he's anti-Jewish. Keep in mind what they said about Mel BROOKS: "He's like the Barack Obama for short, funny Jews." It's a good name; just forget about Gibson.
-- welovejamesarness  2/14/2010
Love this as a nickname for any Mel name - boys or girls, though Melvin is the only male one I can think of at the moment. Melvin, Melissa, Melodie/Melody, Melinda, Melina.
-- Anonymous User  9/8/2015
In the case of Mel Gibson, he was named after Saint Meol (which also anglicized Mel) meaning "bald" in Gaelic.
-- Gregory Woodrow  12/20/2015

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