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Along with meaning "bee", Melissa also is an Old World genus of mints (family Labiatae).
DarciElila  6/28/2005
My impression is no impression at all! This name is the most LAME ever!
― Anonymous User  7/14/2005
Melissa is a very sweet name that belongs to kind girls. It's not nice to call names lame.
― Anonymous User  7/17/2005
I happen to like the name "Melissa" (It's my name, gosh darnit!). It sounds very soft, and rolls off the tongue easily. I usually pronounce it as "muh-LI-sah" or "MLIS-ah", depending on how fast I say it. I've always found it ironic that my name means honey bee and queen bee, but I am absolutely terrified of bees!
nuthead12  7/22/2005
This name is also related to the Greek word for "honey" (HONEY bee). It is where the term Diabetes Mellitus comes from. In ancient days, doctors would taste the urine of the patients, and if the patients' urine tasted sweet, it was said he had that disease.
Supermonasu  8/26/2005
This name is so common it's become boring.
― Anonymous User  9/3/2005
Melissa Joan Hart (a.k.a., Sabrina the Teenage Witch), bears this name.
Tbird  9/7/2005
She has a cheerful countenance; she has a bewitching personality; she is strong-willed; she has a special touch to dry a tear; enterprising, affectionate, and loyal; she does her best when she is in nature; she is idealistic and imaginative in nature; she has an intense drive for success. My name as well is "Melissa". I also found out my name is the same as the actress, Melissa Gilbert, from little house on the prairie. To others the name may be plain but it is who I am and always will be in life. So I make the best of my name and bring honor to it as I live my life.
Rosewolf  9/15/2005
"Knowing many, loving none,
Bearing sorrow havin' fun,
But back home he'll always run
To sweet Melissa... mmm..."

Melissa by The Allman Brothers Band. A great song, and I love this name because of it.
― Anonymous User  10/14/2005
I have a RPG character with this name, only I spell it 'Mellissa' with 2 l's. It is beautiful either way.
Sori  11/22/2005
One of my enemies' name is that. I hate it, no offense.
Melissa is an aromatherapy oil, made from lemon balm.
wiswina  12/16/2005
Actress Melissa Gilbert, known for her character "Laura Ingalls Wilder" on "Little House on the Prairie".
Charlie1977  12/22/2005
I was named Melissa after the actor who played Laura in 'Little House on the Prairie'. My dad used to watch the show every day at lunch.
Melly89  12/23/2005
In my experience, women named Melissa are tickled to meet another woman with the same name - we get all excited n' stuff.

The name backwards ~ ASSILEM ~ sounds like asylum which means:
1) An institution for the care of ill people who require organized supervision or assistance
2) A place offering protection and safety; a shelter
3) A place, such as a church, formerly constituting an inviolable refuge for criminals or debtors
4) The protection afforded by a sanctuary
5) Protection and immunity from extradition granted by a government to a political refugee from another country

Melissa is a bee that gives us things so sweet ~ She has a sting to protect herself and loved ones from harm. She is an ingredient derived from nature, a song and a singer. She is a drop from the clouds above ~ a piece of Heaven Pie. Why in the world would someone want to call her Missy? (no offense to all the Missy's who love their name).
assilem  12/28/2005
I noticed that a lot of the rude comments about the name Melissa were from anonymous people, apparently they are ashamed of their own name. Mine is Melisa, note that I only have one "s". This is my Great-Grandmother's name. Also in regards to those who think Melissa is over used and has become boring, apparently they haven't been around long. As a child I never knew another Melissa and now that I am an adult I only know two other people that have this name, but are spelled differently. One is Milissa and the other is Elisa (not pronounced as a long E, but just like Melissa). I like having a name that is not as common as some others. I could list them, but I am not that rude. :o)
melisa1977  1/10/2006
Mel, the Latin for "honey" is also of interest, as the verb "to mellify" means "to steep in honey."
DonnaGiovanni  1/15/2006
My name is Melissa, and I don't really like it. I prefer to be called Mel or Millie. Mine and my mum's name are twin names - Melissa means Bee in Greek and Deborah means similar in Hebrew.
Melissa_14  2/5/2006
In keeping with wiswina's comment Melissa is a flower. I have a duvet cover of it and it's beautiful. I got it mainly because Melissa is my name, so that keeps with a comment made a few before me. In retaliation to 'unfair' comments about this name (everyone's entitled to an opinion) it depends on what part of the world you're from. There didn't seem to be many - if at all - Melissa's around when I was born (Feb' '82), however I have known Melissa'a older and younger. One of my best friends bears the same name and she was born April of the same year. We have known each other since we were 4-years-old. There were others - albeit not in the same year so it was odd for me because there were a lot of people with really 'common' names. I was told by a Turkish friend that Turkish people love this name. If you are from the States/Australia? this name may be seen ordinary, if anything too popular. I'm from England so it's different here (it's heard of just not, maybe, common/popular).
Honeybee01  2/11/2006
Model Melissa McKnight is married to actor Matt LeBlanc from Friends and Joey.
dani_08  3/5/2006
It is sweet but I've never really cared.
lindamaree  3/8/2006
Famous bearer is Melissa George, movie actress.
lindamaree  3/8/2006
I like the name Melissa. It's just it kind of turned me off ever since I met this girl named Melissa. But I think it's a great name and I shouldn't dislike the name because of one person. But the name rocks.
amber monkey  3/16/2006
Melissa Chapman from "Animorphs".
RedWolf7  3/28/2006
There has only been one book written about the name MELISSA.
"The Melissa Book: Etymology & Onomastics of the name; Melissa" ISBN 0646455575.
"The Melissa Book" looks at Melissa from every possible point of view: history, geography, food, wine, arts, acting, singing, dancing, products, flowers, streets and much more.
More information from
melissabee  4/2/2006
Melissa is a very pretty, delicate name. The popularity of Melissa has dropped off.
― Anonymous User  4/25/2006
Before, I didn't really think the name Melissa very nice and attracting. To my eyes it was way too common. Until I met a Melissa, who is now my best friend. She is devoted, sweet and passinote in what she does. Her personality makes me think of the name Melissa. It is delicate but opposing, it is nice but harsh and it is tense but calm. I love the name Melissa.
simple_plan_luver  4/28/2006
A famous bearer of this name is the singer/songwriter Melissa Etheridge. for more info on Melissa check out her website. (
sineadleigh  6/22/2006
There were three actresses named Melissa on the television show "Little House on the Prairie": Melissa Gilbert (Laura Ingalls Wilder), Melissa Sue Anderson (Mary Ingalls Kendall), & Melissa "Missy" Francis (Cassandra Cooper Ingalls).
Diamante04  7/18/2006
Melissa Greene is a member of the Christian recording group, Avalon.
Diamante04  10/11/2006
Melissa Anelli is the owner of the Harry Potter fansite, The Leaky Cauldron. This website is so fabulous, Melissa was chosen (along with Emerson Spartz, owner of Mugglenet) to go to J.K. Rowling's home on the day the sixth book in the series was released.
Emmasj  10/19/2006
I love it, it is my name! I still think my name is pretty and I never ran into too many Melissa's growing up which was nice. I am called Mel, Lissa or Missy by close friends, but prefer Melissa.
mom2evaalex  10/27/2006
My name is Melissa, and I prefer to go by Mel. I like my name, but I would rather have it be something more modern like Skye or Wynter. Overall though, I think that it's really pretty!
mileystar  11/30/2006
The name Melissa has been ruined just like the name Angela. People with Italian ethnic backgrounds seem to be very fond of this name.
― Anonymous User  12/15/2006
'Melissa' is the name of the first opening song for the anime show Fullmetal Alchemist.
DarkShizuka  12/16/2006
I think it's one of those 80's names like Amber or Tiffany or whatever, I mean, I don't know anybody under the age of 20 called Melissa. Sorry, Mel is still cute, but I prefer Melanie.
bellaboo  12/26/2006
I'd rather spell it like Melisza or something. Missy is a cute nickname. All together - it's been around since the begining of sin but very cute.
Cayla  12/27/2006
My mum thought she was being very original when she named me Melissa (in 1978) but actually she had been subliminally influenced by the various Melissas in the cast of Little House on the Prairie! I find this name rather too frilly, soppy and overly-girly for my own liking (I still think it doesn't suit me!), but I like "Bee" as a nickname. And the name "Honey" is getting popular now, which is sort of like Melissa (I don't like this - please don't name your child after a foodstuff!).
― Anonymous User  3/6/2007
Thanks for those links, I will have to check out that MelissaNet and that song--I've never heard it. Funny both my sister and I have songs, Cindy and Melissa. For someone who said they haven't seen someone born after the 80's with this name, I was born in 90 here ya go! I've known a girl named Melyssa, you can really spell her name backwards Assylem. My mom named me Melissa after her sister Melissa June and Raye after my dad's mom Rayetta Ann. I hate it sometimes, but I like it too, except for when I'm in trouble, that Muh-Liiiisssssss-Uuuuuuh is bad news. As of late 2004 a once friend called me Mel, and it stuck. I have known other Melissas, but they were mostly adults. So it isn't so common in a public setting for me very often, but I hate turning around when someone doesn't enunciate when they say "Hey Alyssa/Carissa/Clarissa/Larissa/Marissa!" It's frustrating--that's why I go by Mel most of the time. But otherwise I don't mind my name at all. Someone said on here that they are terrified of bees, I second that, although I've never been stung. But then again, being blind I don't like creepycrawlyflyingstinging things. I can be sweet, but I'll sting if I have to, and I'm definitely an overachiever, so I guess the name fits me well.
a_lovers_charm  3/8/2007
As someone else mentioned, the song "Melissa" is the first opening for the anime "Fullmetal Alchemist." The band's name is Porno Graffiti, and title comes from the [translated] lyric "I want to become Melissa leaves dancing in midair."
golden_eyes  3/24/2007
Such a pretty name. But now it's so common that it's no longer very distinctive.
― Anonymous User  4/23/2007
Melissa Ann Marie Fuller is the main character in The Boy Next Door by Meg Cabot.
a_lovers_charm  4/24/2007
This name is very nice and pretty. Just be glad it is not THAT popular anymore as it once was. Don't let people call her Missy, though. Mel or Lissa are much nicer nicknames than Missy.
CharlieRob  5/5/2007
This name is sometimes given to the nymph that hid the infant god Zeus from his father in Greek mythology. She fed him milk (from Amalthea) and honey and in gratitude Zeus changed Melissa into a honeybee.
Morsa  6/4/2007
Fellow Melissa's, I found this website that lists Bible verses in association
with each name. The actual denotation of each name is generally nowhere near as accurate as BTN, but I thought the verse thing was cool. Verse for Melissa is Proverbs 3:17. See result by searching for Melissa at
or, for an easier translation of the Bible verse, search for Proverbs 3 on
a_lovers_charm  7/19/2007
My cousin's name is Melissa, but we don't have a cutesy nickname for her. I think Melissa is too pretty to make up a nickname like Mel or Milly (no offense to anyone who goes by those nicknames). I just think Melissa rolls of the tongue much better.
joanie2007  8/6/2007
I find this name to be ok. Which is good, since it's my name. I have found that people cannot spell it properly, even though it is spelled the standard, normal way (no offense to anyone who spells it differently). They always spell it with 2 l's and 1 s. I don't understand that, it's not like it's an overly complicated name.
Sadly, it is quite common in my neck of the woods. I was one of three Melissas in my graduating class of about 90 people. So, for the past 3-4 years, I've gone by Mel. When I was little, I was Missa. And anyone who tries to call me Missy will receive a swift kick in the shin.
krioni  9/9/2007
My name is Melissa (my close friends call me Mel) and I've always been pleased with my name. My mom picked it out not only because of the way it sounds but also for the way it looks when written in cursive. She thought both were pretty, along with the meaning. I find that it really isn't all that common, as I've only known a couple Melissa's in my life and none of them spelled it the way I did. The most unique way I've seen it spelled is the way a child spells it at the school I work in: Melessa.
honeybee3406  10/12/2007
First people I think of when I hear the name are all from the '70's-'80's classic show 'Little House on the Prairie': Melissa Sue Anderson as oldest daughter of Charles & Caroline Ingalls, Melissa Gilbert from as the middle daughter, Laura Ingalls (later Laura Ingalls Wilder), (later Mary Ingalls Kendall), and Melissa 'Missy' Francis, who played Cassandra for a relatively short time on the show. So many damn Melissas on that show! Although, I guess it was at the height of its popularity around then.
Sarah Elizabeth  10/31/2007
Melissa Block is a famous bearer. She is a journalist and is inclded in the new book: In Their Shoes by Deborah Reber.
Patricia Underwood  3/7/2008
I think Melissa is a very pretty name but I like it better spelled Mallissa, and Lissy is a cute nickname.
tiff107  4/15/2008
This name is just too obvious. It's so flowery and pretty that it's too flowery and pretty. It's so sweet that it's sickeningly sweet. That's what I'm getting at. It's so flowery and pretty and sweet that it's sickening. It's just... obvious! And was too popular. And showed no imagination.
queenv  5/1/2008
-Comes form Ancient greek Melitta.

-In Greek mythology Melissa is the name of a nymph that helped save Zeus from his father, Cronus. She hid him in the hills and fed him milk from Amalthea and honey. When Cronus discovered this, he turned her into a worm. After Zeus came into power, he changed her into a queen bee, not being able to change her from an insect form.

-There is a kind of plant called Melissa, (Melissa officinalis)commonly called lemon balm.

-A variation of the Name Melissa is Melissan.
Melissan  5/14/2008
My mom named me Melissan as a variation of Melissa. Melissan Reid sounded like mystery to her. I love my name, the sound of it, the Greek mythology origin.
Melissan  5/14/2008
Melissa Carlson is one of the fictional Carlson septuplets.
Patricia Underwood  6/5/2008
In the future I'm thinking of naming my baby girl this, it's very pretty and since my name is Vanessa we can have the last 3 letters the same.
― Anonymous User  7/18/2008
I like this name. I think it's sweet.
KayeKiLa  9/14/2008
Melissa and Deborah would be good names for twins because of the meaning. As long as they're not allergic to bee stings.
Hushpuppy  10/2/2008
Actor Paul Neumann and Joanne Woodward have a daghter Melissa Neumann-Elkind.
Emilie007  10/4/2008
My niece is named Melissa. It's so pretty, I love it!
ionshu  11/1/2008
A famous bearer is American singer-songwriter Melissa Manchester (born February 15, 1951). She's perhaps best known for her songs "You Should Hear How She Talks About You" (for which she won a Grammy Award) and "Don't Cry Out Loud."
AndrewJKD  11/8/2008
Melissa is the middle name of Lily Owens in "The Secret Life of Bees", by Sue Monk Kidd. I normally am not fond of the name Melissa, but I really like it as a middle name with Lily. I think Lily Melissa just works really well. But that's only my opinion. :)
― Anonymous User  11/21/2008
My name is Melissa, I never used to like it, I used to get 'Smellissa' and 'Smelly Melly' jokes all the time, but now it doesn't bother me. As for those who say Melissa is an 80's name, I was born in the 90's and I know lots of Melissas my age and younger, so it goes to show that it's not just a name stuck in the 80s. :)
― Anonymous User  12/9/2008
Missy Higgins' full name is Melissa Morrison Higgins.

Melissa Brock is the lead vocalist of Christian alternative band Superchi[k].

Melissa Anne Fisher is the protagonist in Marilyn Reynolds' Baby Help.
a_lovers_charm  1/31/2009
A few notes since my last comment:
1. Melissa Foster is an award-winning indie romance author (and a good friend of mine!). I love her book, Have No Shame. She also has a sweet voice and a gentle heart. I am glad to know her.
2. A few years ago, I learned that bees (particularly bumblebees) shouldn't technically be aerodynamic enough to fly, but they do anyway. Suddenly I knew what my name meant for me and my personal journey, because I've overcome a lot of things that could, maybe should have, taken me down.
3. I didn't really used to like my name, so I've been known to write poetry about it from time to time. This is my latest, most comprehensive Melissa poem. The evolution of name poems is listed in the artist's description. If you have trouble accepting your name for an emotional reason, I highly recommend dappling in name poetry. And if you do, please message it to me.
a_lovers_charm  7/28/2015
Jennifer "Jens" Melissa Tucker - main character in Goodbye, My Wishing Star by Vicki Grove.
a_lovers_charm  1/31/2009
Melissa is my name and I'm grateful to have it. My parents named me after the song "Melissa" by the Allman Brothers. I have only met two other Melissa's that were my age. I like how it's popularity had died down, making the name more unique. For awhile, I hated the name because people would spell it backwards and call me Assilem. It was annoying, but I got used to it. My family usually calls me Missy or Miss. Missy was cute when I was little (I'm 17 now), but it's getting old now. I much prefer my full name.
missymel  7/6/2009
Melissa "Missy" Scully is the name of Dana Scully's deceased sister on the TV show "The X Files".
MandeePaige  7/7/2009
The ancient Athenians called Sophocles, the Greek tragic poet, Melissa because they so admired his poetry (a bee was an animal they held in high esteem).
Athena Nike  7/13/2009
My name! ^_^ I like it I guess, haven't really thought that much about it :P
It's nice to see that lots of people are saying it's pretty and sweet, I'm glad it gives a good impression mostly. Personally, I don't really like being called Mel. My friends & family call me Mizz, which has been my nickname since I was little. Recently, some girls at school have decided to call me Mel Mel. -_- Oh and my friends call me Melly to annoy me. XD
Nobody's ever called me Milly or Missy. Also, I love the fact that fear of bees is called Melissophobia! :D
Mizz  1/4/2010
It's a nice name, but boring. Very boring, sorry.
MeMyselfAndEye  1/14/2010
My name is Melissa and I've always liked it. It's easy to say, rolls off tongue, most people know how to spell it, and it rarely gets confused with anything else. I have known other people named Melissa but it was never overwhelming. I do get the song reference often - people call me Sweet Melissa.
Melissa_77  4/13/2010
Like Jennifer, I think it's lovely but very overused previously.
Chrila96  9/12/2010
Melissa (Melissai/Melissae -- collective name) were the names of priestesses for Aphrodite, Demeter and other goddesses. The nymphs that nursed Zeus are also called Melissae. There is also a Minoan god named Melisseus, meaning "bee-man."
asterope  11/8/2010
Melissa is also the name of family of herbs. The one I'm familiar with is lemon balm, or Melissa officinalis. This may well be related to the meaning of "bee", since I've seen the bees all over our lemon balm, but that's merely speculation on my part.
Estel Talroval  3/22/2011
Rapper Melissa "Missy" Elliott is a famous bearer.
― Anonymous User  5/29/2011
In the Greek mythology, Demeter had an old woman (named Melissa) as an student for her mystic secrets. Melissa was killed by curious friends of her. Melissa's body was transformed in bees by Demeter.
Kaat5  7/3/2011
My youngest sister is called Melissa, from Melisa and its botanical nature, and also from the ideas of 'bee' and 'little bee' being both cute and taken from other family members. Melissa is our little bee. She's great, and this name is good. It leaks coolness, maths, hard work and intelligence, it repels emotion but it is still pretty and feminine. It's not cuddly... but it works for every inch it gets. I love it.
the dying daylight  5/26/2012
The name Melissa is good for any age. It's a solid name and very classy.
― Anonymous User  9/8/2012
Love it,
But its way too overused I already know about 5 Melissa's,
StarlessNight  9/23/2012
My name is Melissa. I love my name, but I don't like how it means " bee." In China, Melissa means agate and beautiful. It is a nice name, it's sad that it isn't popular anymore.
Melys11  11/24/2012
This is my name and I like it. In eleamentry school, everyone spelled my name 'Mellissa' even adults! Other than that, Melissa is the best 'M' name I have heard of. Chic and youthful. As for people saying it is popular, I am here to tell you that it is not, nowadays.
MelissaR  3/10/2013
I like this name as its my name. My mom wanted to name me Missy though, but my dad wouldn't let her. She tried to use it as a nickname, but I've always gone by Melissa.
autumn23  4/1/2013
I love this name, because it is my name. It isn't so common here, and I am glad for that. The meaning and the pronunciation is very pretty. A feminine name for any girl.
― Anonymous User  4/13/2013
I can't get myself to like this name. I've known too many stuck up snobs and besides it's just ugly, not to mention mauled by popularity.
― Anonymous User  4/29/2013
To the Anonymous user who commented on the 4\29\13, that it is a bit harsh to say. Just because you met rude Melissas doesn't mean you have to call it "ugly". My name is Melissa and it is not fair to all of the nice Melissas out there. Some ignorants may say that it is boring, but no one ever said that it is "ugly". Melissa is a name that rolls off your tongue easily and it has a nice meaning. Since you are dissing my name, I would like to know what your name is and see how you would like it if I called it "ugly".
― Anonymous User  5/4/2013
If you hate the name Melissa, well you suck! To the people who say that it is boring, then why aren't you saying that other boring names such as Marissa or Michelle are boring? Hate this name and you have got no taste at all!
MeinNameIstMelissa  6/12/2013
I can't stand this name. It is like a limp, dead flower. It's weak. It has no backbone. It sounds like a snake hissing. It wants to force you to say, "Oh, aren't you pwetty?", but no, you're not, you're lame.
queenv  9/6/2013
Melissa Lyn; are my first and middle names, and I love my name, I think that it suits me quiet well. I have honey colored hair and deep forest green eyes and thanks to the Indian and Spanish blood that runs through my veins (though everyone assumes that I am white/caucasian.) I turn a dark honey color when I tan in the summer. I think that it has a confident sound to it, myself, not at all weak or flowery! I like my name for many reasons. It has a solid sound to it, for one thing. I love that it has a dual meaning! Honey... sweet, yes! Aw, but; then, to... Bee. Bees swarm and sting, so as protect themselves, their queen, their hive, and their honey. It has a solid history, which speaks for itself! I do not, however, like 'Missy' for a nickname; to me it sounds mousy! I have a girlfriend who calls me Miss, though, which is alright with me... It denotes a proper-respectful sound to me, without going extreme sounding... like the masculine sound of 'Mel'. As far as the comments from queenv? I say queen of what, and according to who? Queen vicious and vile, I think! I can tell that you are jealous and intimidated... Get over it and yourself! Remember; you get further with sugar than you do with spice! I dare say, too, that there are few to no people, in my life... anyway, that would refer to me as being weak, dead, or flowery, and most especially... not, boring! I have a good shape, am athletic, for being 46 years old... born Jan. 1969... Well, most people upon hearing my age, say they "can't believe what great shape" I am in! I am strong physically, mentally, and emotionally! Very much like a bee. As far as the nasty comments go? Feel sorry for her... she probably was cursed with a name like Barbi, or Bambi, or something silly like Wantonesha... which, of course, has no meaning or history!
sisterhoney1969  11/6/2014
Melissa is my first name, and the name I used until about six years ago when I started going by my middle name, part of the reason I changed was because of how much I dislike this name. I don't like the way it sounds and I disagree that it's 'sweet', mostly just boring and stuck up. I'm very glad I'm no longer using this name.
― Anonymous User  4/7/2014
There are a number of songs written about Melissa's. One I like is Marcus Ray Cook - Hey There Melissa.
Other songs: Songs About Girls Named Melissa
Melissa - The Allman Brothers Band

Mudboat Melissa - Tab Benoit

Sweet Melissa - Willie Stradlin

Gary And Melissa - King Missile

Melissa - Mercyful Fate

Melissa's Tune - Time Pools

Melissa Was Here - Grant Sparks

Melissa - The Strawberry Jam

Dancing With Melissa - Ken Navarro.
― Anonymous User  5/8/2014
There is a character called Melissa who is the protagonist's mother in The Iron King written by Julie Kagawa.
― Anonymous User  6/4/2014
Melissa Altro, a Canadian actress and voice actress who is known for voicing Pippi Longstocking from the 1998 TV series of the same name and Muffy Crosswire from the animated series Arthur.
― Anonymous User  7/19/2014
Melissa Marr, an American author of young-adult fantasy novels. She is well-known for her bestselling Wicked Lovely series.
― Anonymous User  7/19/2014
Melissa Duck, a Looney Tunes character who is the girlfriend of Daffy Duck. She appeared in several cartoon shorts and also in Baby Looney Tunes.
― Anonymous User  7/19/2014
I think this name is very sweet and I love the meaning! (:
― Anonymous User  7/19/2014
Melissa is one of my middle names, I find it very sweet and girly. Although it means bee and I'm terrified of bees.
JP20  8/14/2014
Actress Melissa Ponzio bears this name, as does the character she is best known for playing -- Melissa McCall on MTV's Teen Wolf.
starsky12  10/2/2014
This is my name and I like it. I like the meaning, too. It means "bee" or "honeybee". I like the nickname Lissa but not Missy. Mel is okay. I also get Melsey and Melly sometimes which are okay. It just depends on who it is coming from.
― Anonymous User  10/21/2014
My name is Melissa. I just love this name!
I am 17 and I have never met another person with this name. I like the fact that it means honey bee or a nymph. It also means a fairy. Melissa is a very popular name and has been used since the 18th century. I think it is a beautiful names. It's elegant and very pretty. If my name was not already Melissa I would name my daughter that.
missmel17  11/6/2014
This is my name and I honestly hate it. Not only did Melissa McCarthy ruin the names image, but also the "liss" part makes it sound bitter and makes it sound like the name of a snobby rich girl. Naturally, most Melissa's are called Mel, and that's even worse then the name itself.
twlightblack11  11/8/2014
No hate or any prior expirence with it, I just personally find "Melissa" a bit ugly. Not the person at all. The name itself. I always have for some reason. My sister does as well.
― Anonymous User  12/2/2014
This is a pretty name but not one I have ever wanted to choose for a daughter. We all have our own preferences.
fugfacedmermaid  12/27/2014
This is my name but mine is spelt differently. This name is also the cover for a heavy metal band, and the "character" Melissa is a skull, who was once a sorceress... but that's the story for the band.
melysasmiles  2/11/2015
I think the name Melissa is quite active, likes music, is sweet, kind, funny and the way her friends describe her is crazy, but in a good way. She gets her name spelt wrong quite a lot because there is a lot of ways you can spell the name like Melissa, Melisa, Mellisa, Mellissa, Mlissa, Mlissa, and she can have a lot of nicknames like Mel, Lissa, Lis, Liss, Sis, Sissa. They are also quite powerful and I love the name and I am proud to have it. So for people who have it and don't like it you should, because it's an unusual, special name.
Name meaner  3/4/2015
I'm surprised to see no one mentioned the famous "Melissa" virus which infected documents written in Microsoft word

The Melissa virus, also known as "Mailissa", "Simpsons", "Kwyjibo", or "Kwejeebo", [citation needed] is a mass-mailing macro virus. As it is not a standalone program, it is not a worm.[

carly_F  8/8/2015
A little too common but the name itself is sweet & reminds me also of a very well grounded lady who speaks her mind and is honest, hard working, yet much fun to be around. Can always put a smile on your face.
― Anonymous User  8/14/2015
Melissa is a character in The Histories by Herodotus. She was killed by her husband Periander, the tyrant king of Corinth. Periander later sent messengers to ask the Oracle of the dead about the location of a deposit that had been buried, but Melissa's ghost appeared and complained that she didn't have any clothes. Periander gathered all the Corinthian women in front of the temple of Hera, and then he forcefully stripped all of them of their clothes. He burned the clothes to give them to Melissa, and then Melissa told him where the deposit was buried. Many years later, the Corinthians told this story as an example of why democracy is better than despotism.
― Anonymous User  11/25/2015
Melissa Lowe is the name of a professional ballerina who is the instructor in several Ballet Workout videos.
― Anonymous User  11/26/2015
I like my name because it ISN'T common. My Mom wanted to name me "Melody", so I'm grateful my DAD named me instead! :-) The only problem I have with the name, is that people can't seem to remember it and keep calling me "Michelle" instead. I wish I had a dollar for every time someone called me Michelle. I'd be very rich woman!
They also have the hardest time spelling it too.
Malexx  3/19/2016
It's a shame that this name had such a huge surge of popularity in the 70's/80's that it makes it feel dated today. It really is a lovely name with a beautiful sound. It has a great meaning as well. I predict that this name will be one of the ones that comes back in style in a few generations. Anyone who uses it before then will just be ahead of the curve.
samoan.solstice  4/17/2016
I like this name, not crazy on the meaning. Melissa Hastings from Pretty Little Liars gives me good opinions on this name. Melissa Hastings' middle name is Josephine and I think that's good with Melissa. A good sister name for Melissa is Spencer, which is Melissa Hastings' sister.
― Anonymous User  7/24/2016
I love my name "Melissa." Unfortunately, Melissa's are typecasted as villains or the male love interest's current girlfriend who lasts only for a few episodes into the show. This happens A LOT. ESPECIALLY IN OLDER MOVIES/SHOWS.

The one I can think of off the top of my head is the girlfriend in "I dream of Jeannie."

On the bright side, they are usually really pretty characters, enough to make the main female love interest insecure/jealous.
― Anonymous User  8/29/2016
I've never met a kind Melissa, not once in my life, so probably that colours my opinion vividly. Not only is it quite plain, but I'm also impartial to it because it sounds so mucousy; as if one must be sneezing or have a stuffed nose to pronounce it correctly.
― Anonymous User  9/2/2016
Never heard the mucousy thing before! LOL. My name is Melissa and I don't mind it. I think it sounds dated though because it was so popular in the 70's and 80's. But oh well.
― Anonymous User  9/14/2016
Melissa Fahn is an American voice actress and singer for anime dubs, such as 'Cowboy Bebop', 'Digimon', 'Eureka Seven', 'FLCL', 'Noein' and 'Zatch Bell!'. She starred in the Broadway performance of 'Wicked' and various theatre projects in Los Angeles.
― Anonymous User  10/2/2016
Melissa Satta is an Italian television presenter and communications expert. She spent her youth on the island of Sardinia, the land of origin of her parents. She was a showgirl in the Italian satirical series Striscia la notizia.
cutenose  1/11/2017
Melissa was introduced to music through her father's orchestra. At age 12, she had the opportunity to sing with them and then went on to pursue a solo career. She's had some success singing with Wyclef Jean, but she has yet to break out on her own. The Voice is her opportunity to share her music with the world.
cutenose  1/16/2017
Melissa Satta is an Italian TV presenter, born in Massachusetts in 1986. She has played professional football for Helena Quartu in Sardinia, and is also a gold medalist in the Italian Karate Championships. She is engaged to Kevin Prince Boateng, with whom she has a child, Maddox Prince, born in 2014.
lilolaf  2/22/2017
Melissa Benoist is an American actress and singer. She is known for her portrayal of the title character in the CBS/CW superhero drama series Supergirl. She rose to prominence for her portrayal of Marley Rose on the fourth and fifth seasons of the Fox musical comedy-drama television series Glee, and has appeared in a number of television series including Homeland, The Good Wife, and Law & Order: Special Victims Unit. Benoist has also appeared in films such as Danny Collins, The Longest Ride, Patriots Day and the Oscar-winning 2014 film Whiplash.
cutenose  2/27/2017
My younger brothers couldn't pronounce my name when they were little so I was called Me-Me by one, and Lissa and then Misla, by the other. My dad calls me Missy. My favorite nicknames for Melissa are Missy, Melissy, Mely, and Meliss. Also, I think it's cool that you can use the letters of Melissa to spell smile.
MeMeLissa  3/6/2017
Melissa Arnette "Missy" Elliott, often known professionally as Missy "Misdemeanor" Elliott, is an American rapper, dancer, and record producer. Elliott embarked on her music career with all-female R&B group Sista in the early 1990s and later became a member of the Swing Mob collective along with childhood friend and longtime collaborator Timbaland, with whom she worked on projects for Aaliyah, 702, Total, and SWV. Following several collaborations and guest appearances, she launched her solo career in 1997 with her debut album Supa Dupa Fly, which spawned the hit singles "The Rain" and "Sock It 2 Me". The album debuted at number three on the Billboard 200, the highest-charting debut for a female rapper at the time.
cutenose  4/6/2017
I used to not like this name but now (just like Angelina) it has grown on me and I give it a 9 out of 10.
Tatumarore  5/26/2017
Melissa Jeanette "Missy" Franklin is a Canadian-American competition swimmer and five-time Olympic gold medalist. She currently holds the world record in the 200-meter backstroke and American records in both the 100-meter and 200-meter backstroke. As a member of the U.S. national swim team, she also holds the world record in the 4×100-meter medley relay.
cutenose  6/13/2017
This can be a masculine name as well in a very few people.
leoBeyene2002  8/6/2017
A notable masculine bearer of the name is a writer "Poppy Z. Brite", who had the full name "Melissa Ann Brite".
leoBeyene2002  8/6/2017
I personally do not prefer this name. Its pronunciation calls to mind the sound of vicious, hissing snakes. The "issa" is not an attractive sound.
1lizam234  10/2/2017
I'm same as someone else commenting, I used the name Melissa until a certain age until I used my middle name instead. I think it's the kind of name you grow out of, shortening it to Mel isn't a proper name, I don't like the issa sound and hate it in general. It's also too frilly for girls that look very feminine. It isn't a serious name to me, hate it, also reminds me of militia. It maybe works for some, I like the name Olive for a girl, and Lana.
GillianW  11/9/2017
Interesting comments here! I just had to weigh in. My name is Melissa Myers. For a long time I have wondered if my name is cool or not. I'm 28 (born 1989) and my mom named me after Melissa Gilbert from Little House on the Prairie. My twin sister's name is Erin which I have always liked better because it's less girly. I wouldn't say I'm as girly as my name sounds; I wear lots of black, have long brown hair that is messy/cool, drive an AMG, I'm fit and pull off boyfriend jeans.
My husband says he truly loves my name. He thinks it's musical and makes him think of a beautiful woman (points for that guy). Here is what I think: at this point in time you would have to be somewhat brave to name your daughter Melissa as it is different from most of the popular girl baby names. I believe it will make a comeback though because it sounds pretty. My great-grandma's name was Delpha and when you say it, it just doesn't sound pretty, you know? I go back and forth about my name. What I do like is that I can say it with confidence- I'm not ashamed or insecure to introduce myself. Sometimes you meet people and can tell they hate their name. I don't hate my name, but I also wouldn't have picked it out of a lineup. Sadly, people can color a name, but that's just life. Unless you want to create a name for your kid (which I personally think is cruel), you will have to name them a name that someone else has who sucks at being a human and people don't like that name because of that person. That being said, I think any cool person can make their name cool. Take for example Jennifer Aniston or Merrill Streep. To summarize, on the spectrum of girliness, it is somewhat high. If you have a girly-girl then great. But there are other names with a little more flexibility for your kid depending on their personality.

*Side note: the people getting on here saying nasty things about the name Melissa probably shouldn't be given much thought. They obviously knew someone with the name that they didn't like/hate/want to murder. We all have names like this that make us cringe.
melissamyers1210  3/12/2018
My name is Melissa and I like my name quite well and I am 53 years old. I have not gotten tired of it yet. The saying goes God knows your name before your parents name you, he just whispers it into your parents' ears. So before anyone bashes someone's name think first- you never know what you what the good Lord holds in your future.
anthony melissa  3/14/2018

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