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Did you know President Monroe was actually related to Marilyn Monroe (who took the name Monroe from her mother's maiden name)?
-- lindamaree  3/8/2006
I love this name a lot for a girl. I first heard it in a movie I have forgotten the name of. Last of the Mohicans! I have just remembered. (Remember, the chick who threw herself off the cliff? And her sister is yelling, "Muuuuun rooooooooooeeeeeeee").
-- lindamaree  3/8/2006
I think that Monroe would be great as a middle name! Amity Monroe, too cute!
-- Taydbug112  11/30/2006
I know someone named Monroe (I think they spelt it Munroe, I'm not sure). His last name was Shume, so now whenever I hear the name 'Monroe,' I think of the word mushroom, and I think of Munroe Shume. ^^
-- bobcat_explorer  1/30/2007
I love Monroe as a middle name.
-- heartagram666  8/23/2007
I hate this as a first name. It sounds awfully pretentious, and it makes me think of the unlucky character in MAD magazine.
-- slight night shiver  4/30/2008
Jackson Rathbone's full name is actually Monroe Jackson Rathbone V. He plays Jasper Hale in the Twilight movies.
-- randomlyKeira  6/14/2009
I know a poor girl by the full name of Madison Monroe _____.
I had no idea this incredibly masculine name was even acceptable for a female middle name until I met her. She has the most butch, horrid name I've ever heard on a girl.
That aside, I love this name on a boy, but it sounds better as a surname.
-- DaphneSusan  11/6/2010
I'm beginning to enjoy the name Monroe, for a boy. I think it's classic, mature, and ages well.
-- MaggieHamFan  11/10/2011
Mariah Carey named her daughter Monroe, sans middle name, after her idol Marilyn Monroe. I can appreciate why she chose it, but I don't like Monroe on a girl. I love it on a boy.
-- Anonymous User  11/22/2011
Monroe Ficus was a main character on the 80s American television series "Too Close for Comfort".
-- Anonymous User  3/19/2012
I think this is a great name! I like it, its simple, yet different than typical names like Jacob or Nick. It also seems like a great name to grow up with. I would consider this for a first or middle name.
-- blueeyesparkle  12/26/2012
Jackson's son is named Monroe too, I think.
-- Anonymous User  1/26/2013
Pronounced mon-roe.
-- ThatMazerunnerfan  9/9/2014
I find the name Monroe to be very sexy-smart.
When I think of the name Monroe I visualize a women.
A beautiful skinny rock star chick with lots of piercings and tattoos, wearing bad ass glasses.
I love this name because of the picture it can paint in my head.
And I love the picture I see. Monroe fo sho:)
-- America all the wayy  3/20/2015

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