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Used by Muslims. Non-Muslims don't use this name or the names that derive from it. The Prophet Mohammad (peace be upon him) was sent to all mankind as the seal of all prophets.
-- DallasCo417  7/9/2005
In Malaysia it's MOHD, MUHD, MOHAMAD, MAT, MAD.
-- fizi  10/8/2005
Muhammad Ali was and still is a very famous boxer.
-- Siraskelseyo  3/20/2006
It would probably be rather controversial now, with all the predjudices against the name. That aside, I don't know if I would want to name my kid one of the most common names in the world without having an alternative or middle name lined up.
-- Anonymous User  4/18/2006
It's used in Saudi Arabia to address a person whose name someone doesn't know. "By the best of names". Though I think partly also because it's so common increasing the chances of a correct assumption.
-- xarious  8/12/2006
Muhammad is a famous bearer, of course! Okay, how can people hate this name? It's Muhammad we're talking about here.
-- xKatiex  12/1/2006
I agree Katie. People are just racist pigs, and why would it be wrong for someone to name their kid Muhammad if they're not Muslim? It's just a name, it's like saying if you're not Jewish or Christian you can't name your kid Elijah! I like this name.
-- Anonymous User  1/27/2007
It's more like a non-Christian naming his or her child Jesus. (Assuming we're in an English-speaking country, where the Spanish name Jesus (hey-zeus) isn't common.) To say that Muhammad was considerably more influential to Islam than Elijah was to Judaism or especially Christianity would be an incredible understatement. To name your child after the founder of a religion to which you don't subscribe, simply because you think the name sounds nice, strikes me as being quite disrespectful and ignorant.
-- Baraka  7/26/2007
Muhammad is distantly related to the name Michael. It's a very common name, and there are plenty of non-Muslims who have this name.
-- Rama  6/18/2007
The most popular name in the world, eh? Well, I believe it. No offence to any Muslims, but although I usually love Arabic names, "Muhammed" sounds rather bland. The Turkish form, "Mehmed" or "Mehmet" is nice, though, and plus your son won't have to endure the Prophet/Muhammed Ali jokes.
-- Lady Seashell  3/3/2008
I always think of Muhammad Amin al-Husayni. The cruel mufti of Jerusalem after World War I.
-- bananarama  8/24/2008
This name is waaaay too popular. It gets kind of tricky to come up with distictions when you are a teacher at a Muslim school and 3 out of 10 of your students are named Muhamad or some varied spelling of it. I had to use nicknames so when I called for one of them they wouldn't all come to me! =}
-- Anonymous User  12/23/2008
Gorgeous name. The double M sound in the middle really makes you speak it as if you love it. Absolutely beautiful.
-- Shahzadi  2/4/2011
Muhammad Wilkerson is an American football player.
-- Anonymous User  1/3/2012
As we Muslims believe Prophet Muhammad wasn't the founder of Islam - rather it is the religion God made for people through history of humanity - I believe it would be more accurate to say that the name Muhammad is the name of the Islam prophet born in the 7th century.
-- Black  2/13/2013
Name of the Day: March 3, 2013.
-- dwayne1996  3/3/2013
I was actually afraid to look on this page because I was expecting to see several racist and Islamophobic comments by retards. I guess the Moderators removed them for which I am glad.
I have a Pakistani friend with this name, I like it despite not being muslim. I prefer the Turkish Mehmet more, though.
-- Jason Malcolm  5/10/2014
@Jason Malcolm Same! I was expecting to see some rude comments here- thank goodness there's none. ^__^ I really like the name Muhammad and it has a great meaning. I agree, the Turkish name 'Mehmet' is rather lovely too. (:
-- LoveHeartKawaii  5/28/2014

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