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I actually really like this name. But not associated with the state, (Not from there or around there -Pennsylvania-) I just love how it sounds.
― Anonymous User  8/7/2019
Not something you'd want to call your daughter if you're not American.
wh0sbad  7/30/2019
Really sucks how much hate my name has... I honestly love my name, Nevada Joe. I am a GIRL but my dad spelled my middle name like a boy because he thought it would help in the business world. Believe it or not it actually got me an interview once just because the guy was intrigued that I had marked female and had a name more associated with men. I was named after a great aunt about 6 generations back. She married into the family and got the last name White when she did; making her name, officially, Snow White. Also, I love the fact that in fifth grade there were 4 Brittany's, 2 Ashley's, 2 Tyler's, and 3 Austin's all in my class. Maybe 20 kids in that class but there was only 1 Nevada. However there is ONE thing that sucks about my name... I bet my dad I would meet another person named Nevada when I was about 6 and 20 years later I still haven't met one... I may have to pay up a whole $5. :) I honestly love having a name that isn't popular at all and my daughter will hopefully have the same love for her name, Claribel James, after my Grandmother's and my husband's middle names.
TheLuckyRedneck  6/12/2019
Screams "American", that's for sure.
It's better than some other state name possibilities (Please welcome, Ms. Wyoming Anderson/Kentucky Johnson, etc) but while it certainly SOUNDS like a name, if you plan on traveling outside of the US I don't recommend it.
Also, isn't Nevada like... basically empty? Kind of a weird state to name your kid after.
mememan28  3/8/2019
It's pretty, but it won't work in a country that knows that Nevada is an American state.
kayisforkeen  8/19/2018
Doesn't sound too bad, but the girl will probably be teased at school.
Luvbug86  1/7/2017
I know a girl whose middle name is Nevada pronounced Neh-VAY-duh, which was a family name, even though that's not the correct/traditional pronunciation, I like it.
― Anonymous User  11/29/2016
To the people suggesting that this is "purely a place name", it actually has a favorable meaning in Spanish. Also someone said Massachusetts and Colorado. I think Colorado sounds very nice and I believe Nevada is a nice name as well.
Kidwins9  12/31/2015
Nevada, as a noun means "snowfall".

Nevada, as an adjective, means "snow-capped".
ely_riverbank  4/17/2011
Also, correct Spanish pronunciation (dunno about English) is ne-VAH-dah ("e" pronounced like in "get" and "a" pronounced like in "that").
ely_riverbank  4/17/2011
Nevada sounds tacky as a name. Most state names do not work well on real people. Still, at least it's not as bad as Montana.
bananarama  4/13/2010
There's nothing wrong with Nevada, or the lovely mountain range, but I don't like state names at all for a child! Victoria and Adelaide are place names I like, but they're exceptions. I don't see anything particularly charming about the name itself, either. It doesn't even have a nice sound!
Wilted  4/26/2009
Victoria and Adelaide were girl's names long before they were places. Those places were both named after queens called Victoria and Adelaide! Nevada is purely a place name, which some parents have picked as a name for their daughter because of the "a" ending.
― Anonymous User  6/9/2009
It reminds me of the Sierra Nevada mountains. It's probably that impression that makes me like the name. With me being European the Nevada state association I don't mind it.
― Anonymous User  4/23/2009
It is so tacky to name your kid after a state.
number1212  12/2/2008
My daughter's name is "Neveda". It is pronounced like the state "Nevada". But I can't seem to find many if any alike.
kileyjo06  7/1/2008
Place names are tacky, I'm afraid, and people will always associate the name with the state, and it's not necessarily good. The name doesn't sound very classy or pretty, and the child might end up disliking the state.
slight night shiver  5/1/2008
Why don't they just start naming children Massachusetts or Colorado?
― Anonymous User  1/2/2007
Nevada Barr, whose name is not a pseudonym (she was named for her state of origin, in 1952--talk about trend-setting parents!), is a mystery novelist best known for her Anna Pigeon mysteries.
WeloveyouJesseLacey  8/18/2006

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