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Scriptsნია Georgian

Meaning & History

Short form of ANTONIA, SIDONIA and other names ending in nia.
VariantsToni, Tonia, Tonya English
Masculine FormsAnthony, Antony English
Other Languages & CulturesLatonya African American Antonia Ancient Roman Antonia, Antoniya Bulgarian Antonija, Antica, Antonela, Antonia, Nela, Tonka Croatian Antonie Czech Antonia Danish Antonia, Teuna Dutch Toini Finnish Sidonie, Antoinette French Antía Galician Antonia German Antonia Greek Antónia Hungarian Antonia, Antonella, Antonietta, Nella, Tonina Italian Sidonia Late Roman Antonia Norwegian Antonia Polish Antónia Portuguese Antônia Portuguese (Brazilian) Antonia Romanian Antonija Serbian Antónia Slovak Antonija, Tonka Slovene Antonia Spanish Antonia Swedish
Same SpellingNia (1), Nia (2)
User SubmissionNia


actresses, diminutives, directors, Pokemon characters, short forms, Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann characters, Xeno characters, Ys characters
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