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PronouncedPron.NI-ko-la German
NIK-ə-lə English

Meaning & History

Latinate feminine form of NICHOLAS. In the English-speaking world this name is more common outside of America, where Nicole is more usual.
VariantsNikola German Nikola Czech Nichola English (British)
Masculine FormsNiklaus German (Swiss) Nicolaus, Niklas, Nikolaus, Nickolaus German Mikuláš Czech Nicholas, Nickolas, Nikolas, Nic, Nick, Nicky English
Other Languages & CulturesNikole Basque Nikol Bulgarian Nika Croatian Nicol, Nicole, Klasina, Klazina, Nicolet, Nicoline Dutch Nicole, Colette, Coline, Nicolette French Nikoleta, Nikoletta Greek Nikolett, Nikoletta Hungarian Lina, Nicoletta, Nicolina Italian Nikora Maori Nikola Polish Nicoleta Romanian Nikola Slovak Nika Slovene Nicolasa Spanish
Same SpellingNicola (1)


currently out of the US top 1000, Latinizations, The Wheel of Time characters
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