Not a girl's name. Please stop naming girls Payton.
Hforthewin  11/6/2019
Yuck. This name is 100% not my taste. I'm sorry to anyone who likes this name, but this name reminds me of an annoying toddler. I can't picture this name being good for anything.
― Anonymous User  7/9/2019
I'm sorry but no matter how you spell it it won't matter... there is absolutely nothing feminine about this name. It is nicer and more unique than all the other similar ending sounding names and will be adorable on a little boy and grow nicely as he gets older and becomes a man. Now on a female... this is god awful. Everyone will associate the name with Peyton Manning and the other sports stars or actors named Peyton or Payton so giving it an a instead of an e won't make a bit of difference and will just make others cringe. I have seen far more males with this name almost no females and I wouldn't think spelling it "PAI" or ending it with "TYN" will make a lick of difference it is just far too strong and close to other nice popular male names like Aiden or Leyton/Layton but the "P" sounds stronger to me.
― Anonymous User  5/30/2019
Payton Alexandra Ackerman is the daughter of Leslie and is a dancer known for “Dance Moms”.
― Anonymous User  5/19/2019
I definitely wouldn't name a boy Payton.
Luvbug86  6/28/2018
My opinion is that people shouldn't make fun of people who have the name Payton or Peyton or Paityn (that's how mine is spelled). My name is Paityn and people call me Peyton Manning though I'm a girl. I suggest a nickname like Pai or PayPay or Pay. My dad sometimes used to call me TinTin because of the sound "Tin" at the end of the name. I personally would recommend this name for parents because it is legible for both female and males.
― Anonymous User  12/4/2017
My hope is that all parents do research before naming their children and if this were being done regularly, people could speak to the origins of a name, such a Payton. This name did not "come out of nowhere" as some have suggested, nor was it originally a girl's name. Checking legitimate "ancestry websites" will prove this - and I encourage anyone who doesn't believe this to look it up for themselves. Records show that some European immigrants, who came to the US back in the late 1800s, had the first name Payton. All of these individuals (on record) were male. Payton (with an "A") was originally a boy's name and it came from Scotland. Somewhere along the way, the version with an "E" was created and eventually became a unisex name (sometime around the late 80s / early 90s).

Many names started out as boy's names, but over time evolved into girl's names or unisex names. Examples of this are Shannon, Tracy, Stacy, Ashley, Carol, Gail, Terry, Taylor, etc - all originally boy's names.

Everyone is entitled to their opinion about a name, like it or not, however, there is always an origin and a history and that fact cannot be argued.
― Anonymous User  8/23/2017
The name Payton was given to 280 boys born in the US in 2016.
― Anonymous User  6/7/2017
My name is Peyton. I am a girl. My middle name is Riley. Not to be greedy or anything but I love my name and couldn't imagine it being anything other than this. Many friends and family members call me P-Ri, Pey Ri, and many more adorable nicknames. I have received hundreds of compliments on my name and not once has someone made a negative comment about it. All of my friends agree with me that Peyton is more of a girl's name and it sounds much for feminine than masculine. I have grown very well to the name and the name Peyton sounds and fits a women just as much as it fits a toddler or a baby. The name grows just as you do. (-:
peytonrileyyy  8/5/2016
I think Payton for boys, Peyton for girls.
Eileen1209864  5/5/2016
Sounds like you're naming your child "Painting". I've never been a fan of this name. I don't like it for boys and I especially don't like it for girls and it's one of those names I wish wasn't on the charts. Peyton included, and any ridiculous spellings parents are using these days.
― Anonymous User  4/28/2016
My name is Payton and I got made fun of for having a boy's name in elementary school.
― Anonymous User  1/18/2016
I just turned 18 and my name's Payton, and seeing as it came into popularity more recently, I am older than most Payton's out there, so let me offer some insight. I was teased about having a "boy's" name when I was younger, but I love it now. I have found that with it being an androgynous name I get taken more seriously in professional settings than people with very feminine names. Even just over the phone without having met in real life I get a bit more respect. However, it is "girlish" enough not to be intimidating and I have received tons of positive comments on it. Just some of my personal experiences/ thoughts :)
Tato  11/9/2015
I like this name, mainly as a middle name though. Its popularity is kind of unpredictable, and it sounds nice with a lot of 3-syllable names. My favorite is Alicia Payton.
actingfun  9/12/2015
Peyton boy, Payton, Paityn girl!
LV51sfan91  4/11/2015
My daughter's name is Payton Addison, born 6.5.14. I wanted her first name to be simple but make it more feminine with her middle name. I love it, even if it is a unisex name. I don't know what you guys are talking about when you say the average American drops the t... that's not true. The t is always pronounced or else they would be saying pane. We do change the pronunciation of the o, making it sound more like Payten. There's nothing wrong with it being unisex. My name is Brettany but most people call me Brett and I don't mind it. I also don't think it makes me any less mature, intelligent or lady like just because of my name. That's ridiculous.
BrettanyCole  4/8/2015
I have named my daughter Payton. I chose this name with research. My name is Patrick and that has been a name that had followed down in my family. Payton/Peyton derives from Patrick. It is either masculine or feminine and is much better than Patricia. Payton (girl or last name). Peyton (boy). I think it is a fruity name for a man.
father1  12/1/2014
My name is Payton and I love my name. I am pretty tomboyish and right now I think it suits me. I have never gotten teased for my name. And thanks to the people calling my name rubbish. When I was littler my close adult friends called me Peyton Manning because my last name starts with an m.
― Anonymous User  11/15/2014
This name is so adorable for a girl. I love it.
I hate it for a boy though.
Cassidy_  3/5/2014
My name is Payton and I am a 23 yo girl. I hated my name as a child because it wasn't popular in the 90s and everyone always thought it was boyish. I was named after my grandfather so this name definitely did not "come from no where" it was popular around the time he was born and grew even more popular from the series "Peyton Place" Now I love my name! I do prefer the spelling Payton just because pay is spelled pay not pey. There is a football player named Walter Payton and the other player is Peyton Manning. So there are both variations on the field. It is a little weird that it has become popular, I was the ONLY Payton in my elem, middle, and high school. So it's a little odd running into 4 yo Paytons. I am a nurse and love my name now that I am a nurse. It usually stikes up a conversation with my patients, whether they be older and they talk about Peyton Place or they are a football fan. So now at 23, a nurse, and a female, I LOVE my name! BTW, I a noticed that a lot of the Paytons here are September babies and so am I! Thought that was cool!
PaytonElyse  2/19/2014
Well my name is Payton and I love my name. My mom got the name off of one tree hill and she's loved it ever since. I don't think my name is tomboyish because I am very girly. Oh and thanks to all the people calling my name "uneducated" and "rubbish".
Paytonleeee  11/16/2013
Not a huge fan of this name, but it has its own charms I suppose. I prefer the spelling Peyton. Also, to everyone on here noting the football player, he spells it Peyton NOT Payton.
sunshinechild67  11/4/2012
Ugly, uneducated, rubbish.
― Anonymous User  2/7/2012
This is my sister's name and I love it, Not only because of how it sounds but she spells it "Peiyton", I love it!
― Anonymous User  11/5/2011
I hate this name. It doesn't sound one bit feminine. It's also part of the annoying trend of using last names as first names. I'll pass.
bananarama  4/13/2010
I really like Payton as a girls name. For me, it sounds really sweet, and I like names with harder sounds for boys. This is a very nice name, short and simple. Really pretty.
Rm4187  3/7/2010
Aureliano  2/28/2010
This is one of those few names that I honestly can't decide if I like it more on a boy or a girl. I know a Payton that is a boy and a Peyton that is a girl. I do think the e is more girly and the a more masculine. We call the boy Payt (PAAt) long a and the girl Peyton Eli like Payton and Eli Manning. Her middle name is Elizabeth.
Ranchie  10/20/2009
This name does not sound even remotely feminine in my opinion. It should be left for the boys.
number1212  7/7/2009
It's not a bad name on males at all, even though I prefer the spelling Peyton, but I really don't like it on females. It sounds too boyish on any other girls than tomboys, and it will only sound natural on young, spunky, either androgynous or indie looking women, not on more ''mature'' women.
slight night shiver  5/2/2008
Truly, this is not one of my favorite names. I don't really like the sound. But it really does sound like a name for a tomboyish girl.
― Anonymous User  2/17/2008
This is a nice name for a tomboyish girl.
jasmineenimsaj  2/6/2008
I grew up with a girl named Paiton (my personal favorite spelling, boy or girl, but probably because it's the one I'm familiar with), and she was the only one I knew until I was in middle school (where one of our teachers had a 20 year old son named Peyton). I've only recently met my third Peyton, a newborn who was named after the football player.

Still, regardless of spelling or the fact that there's a 2:1 ratio, Payton/Paiton/Peyton is still a girls name to me. I guess it's all about first impressions.
― Anonymous User  12/27/2007
I really dislike this name, especially for a girl. It's so ugly sounding. When the average American says it, it sounds like Pay-n. The "T" sound completely disappears, and I just think it's such an ugly sound.
BlueSomehow  8/9/2007
In defense of BlueSomehow, we Americans DO drop our T's a lot. Examples are the way we say words like, "frighten" and "satin". Very few of us say "fry-tin" or "sa-tin"; we generally say "fryt-n" and "sat-n" with the T being insinuated at the end of the first syllable and not fully said at the beginning of the second syllable where it belongs. It may be "imperfect" pronunciation but it has come to be almost universal in American speech. Let's face it, all languages are constantly morphing. Watch old movies from the 1930's -- Lauren Bacall and Don Ameche didn't sound like we do now. Their accents were almost British to modern American ears. A sentence like, "what are you going to do" has become "waddyagonnadoo", and honestly, if you articulated your words in that sentence to perfection, people would think you were on something or a foreigner fresh from Berlitz! It is sad that we don't take more care and that we mostly follow the herd and cave-in to lazy pronunciation of our language. But. Waddyagonnadoo?

To those who left comments regarding their astonishment and apparent disapproval of the emergence of new names like "Payton": What's the big deal? How do you think names ever get started to begin with? Someone, somewhere a long time ago had to decide a certain set of sounds, like "fran" and "sis" sounded good together and decided to name their kid Francis! In a hundred years there will be a blog like this where old timers will comment, "And whatever became of the good ol' names like 'Payton'?" You watch and see.
leananshae  12/8/2007
To the comment above, what average American are you hearing? Pay-n? Pay-TON. How could someone not pronounce the T?
― Anonymous User  9/2/2007
And let's not forget "Peyton Place."
Annabeau  2/15/2007
A main female character on One Tree Hill is named Payton Sawyer. Also, there is the football player Payton Manning.
KrisMichelle  1/14/2007
I'm sorry but I just do not understand why people choose these names! It's come out of nowhere straight to the popularity charts! All I see are toddlers and babies being called Payton or Emily! What is the world coming to?
― Anonymous User  1/13/2007
I am finding that where I live Payton is used more for a girl and Peyton for a boy.
― Anonymous User  9/28/2006
My 6 month old niece has this name, and it is an adorable name for a baby girl. They call her Pay-Pay. It's one of those names that can grow on you. At first I cringed when I heard it, but it's pretty cute now. I don't know how it will fit her when she's older, but as a baby name it's really unique.
misslilith  9/8/2006
I know a few little girls named Payton, yet this has always been a boy's name, to me. There isn't anything feminine about it.
― Anonymous User  8/8/2006
My aunt wanted the name to be more feminine for my cousin. They spell it Paetan. I like it.
― Anonymous User  8/7/2006
Another name that seems to have come out of nowhere! This name is not bad, but I wonder how such names seem to suddenly become pretty popular very quickly when they didn't exist before.
― Anonymous User  7/17/2006
This name seems to be a real unisex name. Boy or girl I can't decide. My friend likes it for a girl.
― Anonymous User  7/14/2006
My daughter's name is Payton, born Sept 03/2002. I gave her the name as it was really different and not a name that could be made fun of!
payton2323  8/26/2005
My daughter was born 9-14-04. However I wanted the spelling of her name to "look" feminine, since it's so commonly shared. So I decided to spell it "PAYTYN". We love it and have had several compliments!
tamarahtucker  1/5/2005
Payton is my son's name and it fits him well. I really am glad I chose it despite it being for boys and girls. To me it's very masculine.
valerieneely  1/3/2005

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