Arthurian Characters: 1 character
Sir Percival   (m)  
Fictional Characters from Books: 1 hero
Albus Dumbledore (a.k.a. Percival)   1997   Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone  
Hall-of-Famers: 1 ice hockey
(ice hockey) Harry "Whipper" Watson (a.k.a. Percival)   1994  
Harry Potter Characters: 1 character
Albus Dumbledore (a.k.a. Percival)  
Notable Actors and Actresses: 1 actor
Rollo Weeks (a.k.a. Percival)   1987-  
Notable Athletes: 1 ice hockey
(ice hockey) Harry "Whipper" Watson (a.k.a. Percival)   1923-2002  
Notable Musicians: 1 musician
Cecil Taylor (a.k.a. Percival)   1929-2018     
Olympic Medalists: 2 bronze
(bronze) Percival Peter   1920   swimming - 4x200 m freestyle relay  
(bronze) Percival Kinnear Wise   1924   polo  
Other Leaders: 1 prime minister
Prime Minister P. J. Patterson (a.k.a. Percival)   1992-2006   Jamaica