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I love this name. There's a certain superiority to it. It's the name of Queenie out of Blackadder.
-- Anonymous User  5/26/2005
I wonder why it seems superior? Hmm.

I dislike it. It's tacky.
-- claraelizabethann  10/2/2006
Has also been used as a nickname for "Regina."
-- Kosta  3/13/2006
Most certainly NOT my favourite pet name! It sounds like it belongs to a dog to me.
-- scarletquillraven  2/20/2007
I always thought this was a name a person called someone who was being a brat.
-- Faith  2/25/2007
In the Bette Davis movie "Pocketful of Miracles", a girl named Elizabeth is nicknamed Queenie by her father.
-- black_lace  3/1/2007
My grandmother's Yorkshire Terrior, yes. An actual girl, not on the poor child's life.
-- writing the world  3/3/2007
So tacky!
-- chloeellen  6/26/2007
I have a hard time imagining a little girl with this name.
-- number1212  5/13/2008
This name makes me want to barf. It's so tacky.
-- diamondberries  9/18/2008
Every time I think of this name I think of Queenie the dog that pops out troy aunt sofa-bed in the movie Crooklyn lol. If you have ever seen the movie you know what I'm talking about.
-- disgurlcrazy  9/28/2008
Why the blatant hate for this name? I knew someone named Queenie once and she was anything but the things others above me have said.
-- ICEyun  2/25/2009
Queenie Leonard (born Pearl Walker), British actress and singer.
-- Kosta  4/10/2009
Sounds more like a name for a dog, and besides, it comes from the pretentious "name" Queen.
-- bananarama  8/2/2009
I like the sound of this name, but I would never seriously consider it. I like it mostly because it's the name of Elizabeth "Queenie" I from Blackadder.
-- plutogirlgenius  9/23/2009
The name Queenie was given to 40 baby girls born in the US in 2012.
-- Oohvintage  7/19/2013
The name Queenie is so very very ugly and trashy.
-- Anonymous User  8/22/2014
Actually, I've changed my mind about the name Queenie. It's not ugly or trashy, it's cute and unique! It's better than "Queen" as a name! :) You never expect names that you originally dislike to grow on you! ^^
-- Anonymous User  7/25/2015
Queenie Epstein (born as Malka Hyman; she was nicknamed Queenie as Malka means "queen" in Hebrew) was the mother of English music entrepreneur Brian Epstein (Brian was best known for managing The Beatles).
-- Anonymous User  3/29/2015
Sounds like a slave name.
-- TyrannosaurusRegina  10/4/2015
My name is Queenie. Yup. It is. And I happen to think that it isn't tacky but is good for any person because I happen to believe that your personality revolves around your name.
-- Anonymous User  3/8/2016
I know this is a girl's name, but it sounds like something you'd call a drag queen.
-- Acajou  9/18/2016

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