Names Related to Rafa'el

Names that are related to RAFA'EL:
RAF   m   Dutch
RAFA   m   Spanish
RAFA'EL   m   Biblical Hebrew
RAFAËL   m   Dutch
RAFAEL   m   Spanish, Portuguese, German, Hungarian, Slovene, Macedonian
RAFAELA   f   Spanish, Portuguese, Macedonian
RAFAŁ   m   Polish
RAFFAEL   m   German
RAFFAELA   f   German
RAFFAELE   m   Italian
RAFFAELLA   f   Italian
RAFFAELLO   m   Italian
RAFINHA   m   Portuguese
RAPHAËL   m   French
RAPHAEL   m   German, French, English, Biblical, Biblical Latin, Biblical Greek
RAPHAELA   f   German
RAPHAËLLE   f   French