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For a girl it would be pronounced REE-gin.
Tbird  8/2/2005
Dislike this name due to association with Ronald Reagan. Plus, why would anybody name their girls a name that means little king in Gaelic?
― Anonymous User  10/16/2005
I like this for a girl (Raegan) even though it was Linda Blair's character on The Exorcist.
mum2bubba  10/24/2005
Reagan was not the name of Linda Blair's character on The Exorcist. In the movie her name was Regan, pronounced ree-guhn.
WhiteButterflied  5/23/2010
Ronald Reagan was arguably the greatest President of the 20th century.
― Anonymous User  12/16/2005
This is a boys name meaning little king. I don't like it as a girls name. Think of something a little prettier for a girl.
dmforsythe  12/22/2005
Great name for girl or boy. Not too trendy or overused. Its connection to one of America's greatest presidents, Ronald Reagan, makes it a very noble name as well.
― Anonymous User  1/29/2006
It means descendent of the little king. I like it for a girl better than a boy.
Mithos514  4/23/2006
Ryan is the name that means "little king", not Reagan!
A.R.  7/31/2007
I know of one lady with this name, she would be 28 years old and she spells it Raegan. I am neutral on this name.
― Anonymous User  4/25/2006
Nice name, I only know of a girl with this name. For me, boy or girl it doesn't matter.
― Anonymous User  5/28/2006
I see Reagan/Raegan as a more feminine spelling and Regan more masculine spelling.
― Anonymous User  8/30/2006
Reagan for a girl appeared on the top 1000 list in 1990. Its most popular year was 2005 where it ranked 136. For a boy Reagan appeared in 2003. Its most popular year was 2004 where it ranked 597.
― Anonymous User  9/25/2006
I adore this name for a girl and plan on naming my daughter it, though, I think it's better if you nickname her Rae. Reagan is to much of a mouthful.
― Anonymous User  10/24/2006
I like this name for girls. The name Reagan just seems too feminine as a boy's first name to me.
namecatcher91  1/5/2007
RAY-gin or REE-gin which ever is your personal preference for this name. For me it is RAY-gin. It is being used for girls more often today.
― Anonymous User  3/19/2007
I have an 8-year-old daughter named Raegan. My husband and I loved the name, and had it picked out two weeks after we found out we were pregnant. We intentionally changed the common spelling from Reagan to Raegan to avoid the president association and to make it look more feminine. In my research, the name is of Irish and Celtic origin and means "child of the small ruler." I personally don't like it for a boy name at all, but that's just me.
amdietz  3/21/2007
It is a surname people. Not a first name, a surname.
Clodagh  4/9/2007
My cousin wants to name her child this, if she's a girl, and she pronounces it RAY-gin, which I think would be the more feminine way to say it. REE-gin is more masculine. But personally, I can't say I really like this name on a girl. I agree with dmforsythe; think of something prettier for a girl. Or do a similar name, like Logan or Rogan or something.
Georgia_kh  4/10/2007
I've considered using this as a boy's name in honor of the late president. Hard to believe people would be against linking their child's name to the man who freed half the world.
Manfredo  3/14/2008
I always thought of this as a girls name because it was my teacher's name, but I think it's an OK name for a boy.
jasmineenimsaj  3/14/2008
This as a first name is modern, trashy, and way too trendy. As a surname, it belonged to one of America's worst presidents. A variant of it (Regan) was the name of a girl who was possessed in The Exorcist. There's no excuse to use this name.
― Anonymous User  4/26/2008
If this is what you like for your child, I'll know to avoid you, so I honestly don't mind if people just say they have a daughter (because it's always a daughter) named Reagan, as I can skip making guesses about the person while having pointless chit chats with them. Or that is what I could say if I was unfortunate enough to live anywhere near people who name their daughters Reagan. The only people who are wacky enough to use this surname-y name on their poor children are huge fans of Ronald Reagan who look back on 1980s America with a lot of nostalgia. They like to ignore the fact that many people ended up homeless and unemployed, as at least the wealthy people were doing fine, and they're quite happy to remember that the man pretended aids didn't exist because it seemed to hit gay men only at that time. This name is for all those obnoxious people who have questionable morals and bad taste, and who think this name seriously sounds okay on a grown woman despite its boyish sound, and despite the fact that St. Ronnie hardly would have cared about the reproductive rights and sexual health of their daughter.
slight night shiver  5/3/2008
I dislike it due to the association with an insane US president.
Reagan smash - Reagan smash - Reagan smash!
Reagan sleepy.
paintwolf  6/9/2008
I personally love this name, for a boy or girl. I only know 1 girl with this name, but she spells it 'Raegan', and I am not particularly fond of that spelling. It can also be a wonderfully masculine name as well. :)

To me, Reagan was one of the best Presidents in the history of the United States, and naming your child after him would be spectacular.
― Anonymous User  11/15/2008
Since this is a variation on Regan, which was one of Shakespeare's "King Lear's" daughter's, this is definitely a female name. It also explains it's meaning. Also, King Lear was based off of real people and used most of the same names.
wbbuff  2/20/2009
I can't stand this name because of the ghastly conservative president Ronald Reagan. Sounds like something that Republican parents would use on their sons and white trash would use on their daughters.
bananarama  8/1/2009
This is kind of like a masculine form of Regina.
Hushpuppy  8/15/2009
I personally would never name a child this name. To associate him or her with one of the most anti-labor and little guy presidential administrations is unethical in my view. I caught a lot of Hell just for my Slavic name and appearance in part because of Reagan's "Evil Empire" rhetoric.
Arcticwarrior  8/15/2009
Horrible, horrible name for either sex. Ronald Reagan was our worst legitimately-elected president ever, and his worshipful followers scare me. It also sounds like "ray gun." But for those who insist that Reagan could do no wrong, the kind of people who seriously wanted to add his smirking face to Mt. Rushmore and put him on national currency, it might be the perfect name to show off your ultra-conservative politics.
Anyechka  8/20/2009
Just awful. Who names their kids after the last name of a president?!
Ravynne  11/7/2009
This name is pronounced ray-guhn, with a long A sound. Female names pronounced ree-guhn, with a long E, are spelled Regan.
WhiteButterflied  5/23/2010
Stop saying this name is a secret way to 'worship' Ronald Reagan! It's a beautiful name that means 'queen' for women, not 'little king'. Who cares if it was used (almost) for the little girl in The Exorcist or as King Lear's daughter? The girl given this name will be their own person, not the president or a possessed spirit.
― Anonymous User  8/4/2010
I love this name. I named my daughter this 3 years ago and I have never regretted it in the least! I spelled it the traditional way REAgan to avoid it being misspelled as much as possible. If I have come across people that do not like it they have kept their opinions to themselves! All I have gotten are compliments! Ironically I also named my son Ryan and I've learned they seems to have a shared meaning.
ms.wd  12/4/2010
I wouldn't name a girl Reagan, but I would name her Regan (Ree-gen) in a heartbeat. It means regal and royal and as others have pointed out, it was used by Shakespeare in King Lear. I hadn't heard the name until recently when I ran across a young lady who is the current Miss New Hampshire and her name is Regan Elizabeth. I fell in love with the name and began to research it for my sister-in-law who is looking for a unique name for her baby girl.
KittyKat78  5/8/2011
I know a little girl named Reagan and she is super gorgeous. I just think it's a shame she doesn't have a name as pretty as she is. She's stuck with a boyish and unfeminine sounding name (in my opinion.)
― Anonymous User  6/6/2011
Reagan Maui'a, an American football player.
― Anonymous User  12/11/2011
My daughter's name is Raigan spelled with an "I" to make it more feminine. I love her name. Fully Raigan Riley. Both unisex names which I love.
Knchism  8/27/2012
My daughter is named Reagan. Pronounced 'Ray-guhn'. Although it's definition is 'little king', the argument could be made that it is a variation of the Latin origin, Regine, or Queen, making it a suitable name for both boys & girls.
naneki  10/27/2012
Super dislike this name. It sounds to me like an ugly noise. Girl or boy it's just an ugly name.
― Anonymous User  9/3/2013
I named my daughter this in 2011 because in the name book we had it said it meant, "little ruler." My husband's name means "brave ruler" and my name means "princess." It really had nothing to do with the president. I love the way it sounds with her middle name too. Reagan Jo. It is cute and fun, just like she is.
swoertink  10/14/2013
This is one of my pet peeve names. I don't understand the appeal of this name for anyone, let alone a little girl. It just sounds so masculine and it has that connotation to the president. I pity and poor little girl saddled with this so called modern name.
LadyEleanor  1/7/2014
My parents named me Reagan 19 years ago, and as a young lady, I have never really found any issues with being named after a president my father admires very much. Growing up, because of the multitude of different spellings that could be found, my name was always spelled wrong, but it never phased me, I rarely met another Reagan and that made me proud of my name, even though I could never find any little souvenirs with my name on it, unlike my sister Amanda. It is also fun, because I can go by Rea when I so chose, and I believe that seems feminine (even though I'm not the most girly person on earth). I don't understand why so many people have hatred towards this name.
rainyrea  3/17/2014
I love my name. For me it's a family name. I don't associate with Ronald Reagan even though people compare it a lot. As a female I get a lot of compliments on my name. I wear it proudly and I'm not an individual who would ever judge someone by the name their parents chose.
Raygun81  5/28/2014
I absolutely love the name Reagan. It is my name and I think it is gorgeous! My parents chose my name right after they found out I was a girl, and then coincidentally, I was born on President Ronald Reagan's anniversary with Nancy Reagan! I have only met a few other Reagan's but all of us have it as their middle name. My name is Maura Reagan, but I go by Reagan. I love the name on either gender! I think it is equally masculine and feminine. I love it on me because I am not really that girlie. I suggest this name!
― Anonymous User  2/22/2015
*strums a guitar* this one goes out to all the people who will never find a keychain with their name on it.
― Anonymous User  3/19/2015
My 19 year old son is called Reagan, pronounced and spelt the same as the president. But hang on, before you think I named him after the American president, I did not. I was only born in 1980 and can't really remember him, plus I'm English, too! I simply just loved the name, I still do, everyone compliments him on such an unusual name, plus he is in a rock band, and lots of people think it's a cool rock name, lol. My son also loves the name too.
reagan96  4/21/2015
I would love to understand why some of the commenters have such a strong opinion as to how letters of the alphabet are put together as someone's given name. My sister is a pediatric nurse, and there are way worse names.. ie Ho'Nasty (pronounced Honesty) La-A (pronounce the DASH, seriously, so Ladasha) and many more I could name. These are names in 2015 people! My sister chose a normally masculine name for her daughter and the world has loved it. It's not about what you would name your child or what you don't like or like. I can't wait to name my daughter Reagan. I just can't believe how controversial some of you are making it out to be. It's almost infuriating. Reagan is a beautiful name. And I may be only 30 but I can tell you that we are purposely spelling it like the president, because some of you are failing to realize what he did for this country. This is not why we chose this name, but it doesn't bother us one bit. If I could, I would wear my Reagan/Bush '84 shirt to the delivery room!
― Anonymous User  8/24/2015
My name is Raygan and I love how uncommon it is. People do call me ray gun and regin a lot but I still love the name. My nickname is Ray and that as well is uncommon. I think this name is great for little girls. Not too fond of it as a boy name.
― Anonymous User  9/9/2015
The president association has completely ruined this name for me, if it was ever good in the first place.
actingfun  9/28/2015
Nope. Come on people - EXORCIST?! Arguably the scariest movie of all time!? All I think of when I hear this name is that scarred up face, green glowing eyes, and vomit. Sorry. This name and all of the different variations of spellings are oddly popular where I live in Texas. I looked through my daughter's elementary school yearbook with her and there were 8 or 9 girls with this name. It's terrible.
― Anonymous User  10/7/2015
This is my name! I used to really hate it because people would sometimes call me Ronald Reagan but once I was out of middle school this wasn't a problem. I get a lot of compliments on it. The nickname I use is Rea (pronounced Ray). I don't get why people pronounced Rea as Ree-Uh, because the name is RAY-gen not REE-UH-gin.
hauschka4  10/20/2015
My sister's name is spelled Reaghan.
imoimo123  12/8/2015
An ugly and harsh masculine surname. I don't see the appeal of this name whatsoever. More fitting for a boy, but even for a boy the name is still awful.
― Anonymous User  12/25/2015
Reagan is not always pronounced REE-gun. I was named after the president in 1985 and it is pronounced RAY-gin, just as the president.
Eve_of_reagan  12/28/2015
In 1985 I was named after the president. My parents had a passion for giving their children unusual names (Juanita- female 73, Loni- female 83, Sawyer- male 92). I had never heard of another girl named Reagan (I had once met a boy though), Until my early 20s when a customer at my work told me that her niece had just had a baby girl and named her Reagan. A few years ago I worked at an elementary school and there were 2 Reagan's (one Regan and one Reagan) both girls. This year for the first time EVER I was able to find a Christmas decoration with my name on it! I can't believe it is ranked #106 for girls!
Eve_of_reagan  12/28/2015
I was born in 2001 and my parents named me Reagan. They thought that the president was a great one and they wanted me to grow up to be great as well. I have always loved my name and couldn't imagine being something else.
zelaboo12  1/5/2016
I named my SON Reagan, who was born this past October. I was born during Ronald Reagan's term as president, but can't say much since I was born in '85 and don't recall much. My boyfriend and I were both born during Reagan's term, so since we have that in common, we named our son Reagan, pronounced the same as the president. We love it, and I have seen in most places it means "heir to the king" or "little ruler" which to me means it's meant to be a boy name. But to each their own. If my son decides he doesn't care for it, he can always go by his middle name (James), RJ, Reggie, etc. I love this name for a boy!
galieness615  1/29/2016
Surnames are names OK! Examples of president surnames that are actual names and some quite popular are: Madison, Jackson, Tyler, Taylor, Carter, McKinley, Monroe, Harrison, Lincoln, Grant, Arthur, Wilson, Kennedy. So what is wrong with adding Reagan to the list? Just because Reagan was Republican doesn't mean the name is bad.
LV51sfan91  2/12/2016
First off, King Lear's daughter is named Regan and, as a fan of literature, it's perfectly okay to name your daughter Regan. Anyone who judges you because of how you named your kid is clearly ignorant and unworthy of your time.
I don't care what your political affiliation is or what you think of Reagan as a president. Unless I had Ronald Reagan physically inseminate me and I have a little shrine to him in my home, he's probably low on the list of reasons I've chosen the name.
Ree-gin, Wray-gen, whatever - it doesn't matter. I'm pronouncing it Ray-gun and decorating my nursery in steampunk and all you mommy-know-betters can shut up because no one's asking you.

Honestly, if you love your kid and you love the name, go with God.
Kellydoodle  2/13/2016
This is my name, I pronounce it Ray-Gan. I think it's a good name.
ReaWolf  2/18/2016
Sounds a bit more masculine than feminine to me, but I have no problem seeing it on a female. It's the name of one of my favorite YouTubers, so I've grown rather fond of it, and have grown to associate it with a cute, funny person with a lot of quirks. Cute name.
RoseTintsMyWorld  5/12/2016
I have this name. I've been told Reagan means little king. I hate that this is what it means because I'm a girl. I hate my name so much. This name is for boys.
reagandespain  7/20/2016
The name "Raegan" is of Irish origin, and it means "Spiritual strength". It's a name commonly given to girls.

I've also read that the name "Regan" is derived from an Irish surname which means "impulsive."

I personally think this is a beautiful and strong name for a girl. To me, it sounds like someone who would grow to be smart, successful, and independent.
― Anonymous User  8/20/2016
My son is named Reagan, pronounced and spelled the same as the president. I did not call him this after the president, I just loved the name :) it does worry me that it's used more for girls, but his middle name is Paul which funnily enough is after my mum who is called Pauline, I lost my mum when Reagan Paul was 1 year old, made me love his name even more! We call him Reagan usually, I have had good comments and bad comments. You can do this with any name so I don't worry about it too much! It means little King or little ruler and that's exactly what my boy is :) and there's lots of unisex names used today, Alex, Aubrey, Taylor, Tyler, Jamie, Ashley, Carson etc :)
ReaganPaul-2013  9/29/2016
My name is Reagan and my mom calls me Reaggie for a nickname. I feel like it is more of a girl name. The only thing I am scared of is when substitutes literally pronounce it REE-Gun.
Reagan Young  12/28/2016
The association with Ronald Reagan is too strong and too negative for me. The man spent a trillion dollars (no exaggeration) on defense and had us on the brink of war with the USSR multiple times. He had the opportunity to begin to scrap ours and the USSR's nuclear arsenal at the Reykjavik conference and chose not to. He put a ton of money into 'Star Wars,' a program that was supposed to survey and intercept Russian activities in space but ultimately became an unnecessary waste of money. I think he's incredibly overromanticized as a president and I don't think his legacy will age well. So just think about that if you decide to use this name.
Icycoldhot  7/1/2017
I hate how this name sounds either way.
Luvbug86  1/9/2018
I have have this name, and I LOVE it :D I am from generation Z, so I didn't know the president, but that was part of the reason I was named Reagan. Also, my family is Irish and so the name connects to my roots. I don't know very many other Reagans, and as a child I loved my name. Paired with Rose as the middle name, so feminine and pretty.
Raygun  1/30/2018
I really don’t know anything about Ronald Reagan but Reagan is a good name for a girl or a boy.
J-Bird  4/9/2018

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