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Rhona could be a feminine form of Ronan meaning little seal but as St Ronan lived on north Rona the names are connected anyway. I hope Rhona is a form of Ronan but it probably means rough island.
Rhona J  7/15/2005
North Rona is an island up the top of Scotland and in uninhabited.
Rhona J  5/19/2006
I'm not sure about Scotland, but the root "rhon" means "spear" in Wales. Given the geographic proximity, the Welsh root may have a place in the name Rhona.
― Anonymous User  6/10/2007
Rhona Mitra played Tara Wilson on Boston Legal, among other roles.
KrisMichelle  8/3/2007
This is quite unique, and has a catchy sound to it.
Hushpuppy  9/17/2011
RHONA is a fabulous name! Not boring! Not nerdy! Not unintellectual! And certainly not a bad name! A fab name!
RHONA  11/16/2015
Rhona Cameron is a Scottish stand-up comedian.
lichnost  8/15/2017

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