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Roisin is the name of Irish singer Sinead O'Connor's daughter.
Aleksandra Rhiannon  12/8/2005
So unique and beautiful. Much better than it's English counterpart, Rosy.
hana  2/7/2006
Róisín can also be pronounced Row-Sheen, as is with my daughter. This can be due to the accent in Ireland Northern and the Free state of Ireland (Eire).
Anne67  3/26/2006
One of my friends back in school was called Róisín and although it's such a beautiful name, virtually no teacher was able to pronounce it properly.
mcqueen  7/8/2006
Talking of singers: Róisín Murphy is the lead vocalist of the band Moloko.
mcqueen  7/8/2006
I think it's a pretty name. Although, even though it's a girls name, I really like it for a boys name, personally.
childdoll  9/12/2006
It makes me think of raisins.
Hushpuppy  12/1/2006
Isn't this pronounced ROSE-EN? I always thought it was.
dancinaround90  1/31/2007
This name is very pretty. I know a girl named this, but the only problem is that she gets called the weirdest things by substitute teachers when they try to say it. I always thought you said it Ro-sheen. Very nice.
scarletquillraven  2/14/2007
I hate it when people mispronounce this beautiful name!
Luangi  4/8/2007
This looks really pretty, how it's spelled, but its pronunciation is awful. 'Rosh-een' sounds really tacky.
Surreal  6/13/2007
I just found this beautiful poem about a Roisin. It's very famous in Ireland, where I clearly should have been born : )
Katheros  6/13/2008
I love this name, odd but beautiful. I like 'Rose-een' better then 'rosh-een' so that how I would use it with my daughter.
abcolleenz79  8/4/2008
My name is Roisin, and people do find it really hard to say in England. Even after I have told them it's Row-sheen, they usually call me Ru-shin because of the accent differences. My mother's family in Northern Ireland call me ra-sheen, so I think it does depend where you're from.
RoisinMcLaughlinDowd  11/22/2008
It's a nice name, I like the way it is pronounced but it looks too much like the word raisin to me.
emmiix3  3/11/2009
My neighbor-of-Irish-descent bears this name, and we call her "Rosie" for short.
― Anonymous User  8/7/2010
I first saw the name on this website and never looked at the way it is pronounced. I always said it as Roy-sin, but now I see it is said Row-sheen. Still, it's pretty either way.
knitastick  9/8/2010
This is a beautiful name! It's a lot nicer than Rosie, ugh.
BTM  8/24/2011
I know a Roisin but she goes by Ro.
emilymaryjane  1/24/2012
This name is pronounced Ro-jeen (soft j).
emilymaryjane  1/24/2012
Roisin McAuley is an Irish author.
― Anonymous User  5/21/2012
My name is Roisin. How ever I live in Australia and the name is very very uncommon here. I only know 3 other Roisin's. At school and everywhere especially if it is at assembly or the teachers calling out the roll, they always say my name wrong. I correct them by saying 'Rosheen' but sometimes they just don't get it. But I love my name because it is so unique, and a lot of people love my name.
Roshi_Roisin  2/16/2013
One of my names is Roisin and it's so annoying that you can't get the accents on the name on the computer. In school one of my friends gets called Raisin Sultana because her name is Roisin Sartain. I wouldn't change that name as it's beautiful. It's so embarrassing for her when the teachers call out the register as some other people in our class snigger when the teacher gets it wrong.
Winifred. R. B  4/20/2014
Róisín can be pronounced Row Sheen

Winifred RB, I get the school to do my daughter Róisín's school report complete with the fadas! It's very easy to do, press and hold the ALT GR and press either the o or i!
It works for other letters too!
Good luck! :))
Anne967  4/22/2014
The name Róisín means Ireland because when the English took over Ireland a few centuries ago the Irish had to speak English and not mention Ireland. The Irish developed a code so Róisín meant Ireland. There were many songs written under this name.
Winifred. R. B  5/10/2014
Róisín is a beautiful name. If I had a daughter, there's a good chance I'd give her this name. From what I hear, it's quite common in Ireland, but I live in the US, where it's extremely rare.
― Anonymous User  11/5/2014
Róisín Egenton, an Irish-American from New York, won the Rose of Tralee beauty pageant in 2000.
lichnost  11/10/2014
I personally prefer to say it as "Row-sheen" (Rose\Rosie) much more beautiful.
― Anonymous User  5/26/2015
English comedian and actress Roisin Conaty.
FMRadio  11/30/2015
I have heard of people named Róisín who pronounce it as ro-SHEEN. I prefer that pronunciation as opposed to ROSH-een. People have mispronounced it as "Rosin," "Roysin," and even "Raisin."
― Anonymous User  1/5/2016
LMS  5/16/2016
My name is Roisin and I've been to seven schools. My name has been mispronounced so often it's not funny. Also I live in Australia and I say it like Ro-sheen.
Crazy Goat Girl 03  11/15/2017
My name is Roisin. My sister Siobhan and I strongly dislike having sub teachers, as our names are always said as Roy-Sin and Sigh-Oh-Ban. UGH!
― Anonymous User  3/2/2018

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