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Roisin is the name of Irish singer Sinead O'Connor's daughter.
-- Aleksandra Rhiannon  12/8/2005
So unique and beautiful. Much better than it's English counterpart, Rosy.
-- hana  2/7/2006
Róisín can also be pronounced Row-Sheen, as is with my daughter. This can be due to the accent in Ireland Northern and the Free state of Ireland (Eire).
-- Anne67  3/26/2006
One of my friends back in school was called Róisín and although it's such a beautiful name, virtually no teacher was able to pronounce it properly.
-- mcqueen  7/8/2006
Talking of singers: Róisín Murphy is the lead vocalist of the band Moloko.
-- mcqueen  7/8/2006
I think it's a pretty name. Although, even though it's a girls name, I really like it for a boys name, personally.
-- childdoll  9/12/2006
It makes me think of raisins.
-- Hushpuppy  12/1/2006
Isn't this pronounced ROSE-EN? I always thought it was.
-- dancinaround90  1/31/2007
This name is very pretty. I know a girl named this, but the only problem is that she gets called the weirdest things by substitute teachers when they try to say it. I always thought you said it Ro-sheen. Very nice.
-- scarletquillraven  2/14/2007
I hate it when people mispronounce this beautiful name!
-- Luangi  4/8/2007
This looks really pretty, how it's spelled, but its pronunciation is awful. 'Rosh-een' sounds really tacky.
-- Surreal  6/13/2007
I just found this beautiful poem about a Roisin. It's very famous in Ireland, where I clearly should have been born : )
-- Katheros  6/13/2008
I love this name, odd but beautiful. I like 'Rose-een' better then 'rosh-een' so that how I would use it with my daughter.
-- abcolleenz79  8/4/2008
My name is Roisin, and people do find it really hard to say in England. Even after I have told them it's Row-sheen, they usually call me Ru-shin because of the accent differences. My mother's family in Northern Ireland call me ra-sheen, so I think it does depend where you're from.
-- RoisinMcLaughlinDowd  11/22/2008
It's a nice name, I like the way it is pronounced but it looks too much like the word raisin to me.
-- emmiix3  3/11/2009
My neighbor-of-Irish-descent bears this name, and we call her "Rosie" for short.
-- Anonymous User  8/7/2010
I first saw the name on this website and never looked at the way it is pronounced. I always said it as Roy-sin, but now I see it is said Row-sheen. Still, it's pretty either way.
-- knitastick  9/8/2010
This is a beautiful name! It's a lot nicer than Rosie, ugh.
-- BTM  8/24/2011
I know a Roisin but she goes by Ro.
-- emilymaryjane  1/24/2012
This name is pronounced Ro-jeen (soft j).
-- emilymaryjane  1/24/2012
Roisin McAuley is an Irish author.
-- Anonymous User  5/21/2012
My name is Roisin. How ever I live in Australia and the name is very very uncommon here. I only know 3 other Roisin's. At school and everywhere especially if it is at assembly or the teachers calling out the roll, they always say my name wrong. I correct them by saying 'Rosheen' but sometimes they just don't get it. But I love my name because it is so unique, and a lot of people love my name.
-- Roshi_Roisin  2/16/2013

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