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Name of actress Sidney Greenbush (born Sidney Robin Danae), Sidney is her on-screen name, she was always called Robin in real life. She later changed her name to Robyn, because it´s more feminine.
― Anonymous User  4/14/2005
In Europe, this name is more popular for boys than for girls.
― Anonymous User  4/14/2005
Famous bearer: Actress, Robin Mattson.
― Anonymous User  4/14/2005
I have always loved my name, Robin. I do not find a lot of women in my age group nor my ethic background with this name. I have read that it is from the French, Robert, and it means "Ye of little fame" and its modern translation is "almost famous" and that is me alright. I have a mug with a pair of really red lips and the name Robin and the words "almost famous" painted on it that I found in a mall one time years ago.
― Anonymous User  6/18/2005
To the Anonymous above who mentioned the name Robert: it does not many "ye of little fame". It's my dad's name and it means "shining fame".
Arowen Half-Elven  12/19/2005
The is a cartoon character called Robin in Teen Titans.
SeaShellClub  8/11/2005
Robin isn't just a character in Teen Titans; in Teen Titans he's a retooled, kiddy version of Robin from Batman. Robin's real name was Richard Grayson and he and his parents were in the circus as acrobats before his parents died and he was taken in by Batman. Robin is Batman's sidekick.
gin_rummy  9/1/2005
Famous bearer is comedian/actor Robin Williams.
Tbird  9/25/2005
Robin Lee Hatcher is a Christian author. I've read 2 of her books (Speak to Me of Love and Loving Libby). She's a good writer!
― Anonymous User  11/13/2005
In Sweden it USED to be for boys ONLY (it got trendy when tennis player Björn Borg named his son Robin) but then along came pop singer Robin and single handedly made it ok for girls. She changed her name to Robyn after a while, because it was more female and grown up.
Elphi  12/14/2005
Christopher Robin is Winnie-the-Pooh's human friend.
breakofday  12/16/2005
Robin Goodfellow in English folklore is a euphemistic personification of a half-tamed, troublesome elf or hob-goblin, a prankster who is the domesticated aspect of Puck. Shakespeare used him in A Midsummer Night's Dream.
― Anonymous User  1/4/2006
I find it hard to believe that no one has said this, but it is Robin Hood's name from the famous books.
― Anonymous User  1/8/2006
I like this name, but for boys only.
― Anonymous User  1/30/2006
Famous bearer is (female, for those of you may not know) author, Robin McKinley.
websurfer  3/14/2006
"Forest Gump" actress Robin Wright Penn. Robin has a daughter, Dylan Penn.
Pheadirean  6/2/2006
My name is Robin, and I wasn't named after Robin-Hood or the robin bird. My mom actually named me after a character named Robin Scorpio on the soap opera General Hospital.
robinashley2007  6/11/2006
I love this name. It's so sweet! I originally liked it for a girl but I would name my son Robin too. There is something very lighthearted and natural about the name. Makes my heart smile. =)
― Anonymous User  6/22/2006
I am also a female Robin. My mother got the name from a soap opera in 1968 called "The Doctors" so I am named after Dr. Robin. She loved the name, but I recently found out Dr. Robin was Male. I am very proud of my name.
RobinElaine  7/12/2006
Robin Mark is a Christian music artist.
― Anonymous User  11/11/2006
Beautiful name, I like the spelling. I prefer this name to girls, but I guess it could fit on boys too.
Yippal  11/11/2006
In Monty Python and the Holy Grail, my favorite movie, Sir Robin is a Knight of the Round Table.
murtagh  11/21/2006
Robin seems like more of a boys name to me. I would like it if it weren't for Batman, but when you hear a name and think "Holy____, Batman" (___ = random word) it simply isn't a good thing.
YMPvt  3/4/2007
Robin Thicke, the son of actor Alan Thicke ("Growing Pains"), is an R&B singer.
Jasmine  3/16/2007
I think this is a pretty name if it is used on a girl. I think the name should be popular once again.
CharlieRob  5/6/2007
Robin is a male name.
Karcoolka  6/4/2007
Ditto. It's better suited on a boy.
Lizdebiz  10/16/2007
This name is only for men. If it was meant to be a lady`s name it would be Robina or Robine.
― Anonymous User  11/7/2007
Pronounced Rob-in.
― Anonymous User  12/2/2007
I like this name, but only for girls.
jasmineenimsaj  2/6/2008
Robin Van Persie is a football (soccer) player for Arsenal and Holland! I love the name I think it's really masculine and not for girls, the girls I know named this spell it Robyn.
Gianna  3/4/2008
Robin was the name of the Miller in Chaucer's Millers Tale. He is described with having a bagpipe, an instrument apparently played by The Devil.
NDean  3/30/2008
Super cool as a nickname for Robert, but as a full name or girls name, UCK.
spaz123  4/5/2008
Robin Klein was a female author of children's books such as Junk Castle.
― Anonymous User  7/8/2008
I don't know why you would name a girl Robin. It sounds so masculine to me. I always think of Robin Hood. I think it's a lovely name for a boy and for a girl it's kind of trashy. Just my opinion.
Lily8  8/1/2008
I prefer it as a guys name because girls I think should spell it with a y and they can't steal Robin Hood's name!
yohevid  8/2/2008
Robin Fraser, footballer, born 17th December, 1966 in Kingston, Jamaica.
Emilie007  9/3/2008
Nico Robin is a fictional character in the anime and manga series One Piece created by Eiichiro Oda.
― Anonymous User  9/9/2008
I am a female with the name Robin. My parents chose it because it was the only name they could agree on. Boy or girl I would have been Robin. A Lot of people think the spelling with the 'y' is more suitable for females. I honestly don't think it matters. And I do like it and the fact that not everyone has it.
Robinlove  11/11/2008
Robin Finck, guitarist
Robin van Persie, footballer
Robin Gibb, singer, composer, producer
Robin Paulsson, ståuppkomiker, manusförfattare och programledare
Robin Söderling, tennis player
Emilie007  11/16/2008
The name Robin comes from the name Robert. In the US more girls are named Robin/Robyn than boys, but that wasn't so true in the early 1900s. I'm named for my uncle (I'm female) who died in WW2 so I'm honored to have his name (without the "y").
Robinfaye  12/28/2008
Pronounced "rhaw-BEN" in french, with a nasalized sound at the end (on the "ben"). Strictly used for boys in France!
Senko  2/22/2009
Robin Olds, former American fighter ace and former husband of Hollywood pin-up girl Ella Raines bore this name.
Tiger59  3/7/2009
Robin Tunney is a female American actor.
Charlie1977  5/24/2009
Robin Moulder, AKA Agent Moulder, bassist of the late band Jack Off Jill.
Kerules  7/6/2009
Those "debating" whether Robin is more masculine or feminine probably need to get their priorities straight. There are more important issues out there. However, as the authors of this website pointed out, many parents who used the name may have been influenced by the bird. Bird names are not as common as flower names or jewel names, but when they do occur they are often feminine (Lark being a trendier example). Even Jay is at least sometimes used for girls. The variant spellings of "Robyn" and "Jaye" may be used to signal that the bearer is a female--since variant spellings are often just that, signals that the bearer is a female. However some parents may find these spellings a little TOO fancy or artificial for their tastes. And it's hardly universal. As with other non-gender specific names (Lee/Leigh), spellings are scarcely 100% masculine OR feminine. Rock musician Robyn Hitchcock is male--and Jaye Davidson is, well, androgynous at least. Robin is in any event a diminutive, so while it could be interpreted as a nickname for Robert, it could just as well be for Roberta.
gbcallahan  7/27/2009
Pronounced RAW-bin.
MaggieSimpson  11/23/2009
I know a female Robin, and a male Robin who is twelve. I never knew it was a unisex name until I met him.
italiannames  12/1/2009
Pronounced ROB-in.
persephoneinflowers  7/2/2010
Also used in Sweden. [noted -ed]
Beautiful Victory  7/25/2010
I adore this as a boy's name! I think it's partially do to the Robin character on Teen Titans. It seems too choppy and masculine on a girl, but slightly lyrical on a boy. I'd love to name a son Robin Judas.
EchoSketcher  12/6/2010
A former male colleague of mine, is named Robbin. With two bs.
Kaat5  12/28/2010
Great for a girl! I'm in favor of tasteful bird names - Wren, Finch, and the like.

But it sounds too fictionalized for a boy; reminds me of Hood or Peter Pan. Someone in green tights- haha!
JW41926  4/6/2011
I think it's a nice girls name if a little 40 years ago but I really love it on boy, it seems much more timeless and whimsical because of Robin Hood, Robin the Boy Wonder & Christopher Robin - all male characters.
Vesey  4/6/2011
I adore this name! It is a sophisticated name for a strong woman. If I have another daughter, I will name her Robin.
― Anonymous User  7/30/2011
Robin Charles Scherbatsky Jr. is a (female) character on the TV show, "How I Met Your Mother." She was named after her father, who was disappointed to have a daughter, having always wanted and expected to have a son.
Emmasj  10/10/2011
I like this name. I find it more masculine than feminine, but as a first name, I think it would be better suited to girls. Other than that, it would make a great middle name for a boy!
Meapergirl  11/16/2011
Robin is a girls name. I don't care that it came from Robert. A robin is a bird. I think of birds as sweet and delicate creatures; boys should be named for big & strong animals, like Wolf.
foreverslowly  8/18/2012
Love this name but curses why does it have so popular anyway?! I want to share the name even though this makes no sense to me.
― Anonymous User  5/18/2013
The name Robin was given to 174 baby girls and 104 baby boys born in the US in 2012. I personally prefer it on a boy.
Oohvintage  7/17/2013
Robin Zander from Cheap Trick.
lightfromadeadstar  3/28/2014
Love this as a boy's name, but definitely wouldn't use as a girl's name. Know many great people named Robin, but I personally like it so much more as a boy's name.
kaceyjustine  4/21/2014
By far the best girls name ever. It is too cute.
rmariehan  5/4/2014
Robin Downes is an English voice actor.
― Anonymous User  7/19/2014
Robin Miriam Carlsson, better known by her stage name "Robyn", is a Swedish recording artist.
― Anonymous User  11/8/2014
I love the name Robin! It's a cute, friendly name! I adore the bird. ^_^ The name Robin makes me think of Batman's sidekick, who is the leader of Teen Titans.
― Anonymous User  11/9/2014
Pronounced RAW-bin in Dutch.
Quamalamalam  1/10/2015
Nice name and fairly uncommon. Glad it can be feminine too.
Hushpuppy  1/28/2015
Robin is the default name of the player character in Fire Emblem: Awakening. You can choose Robin's gender since the name is unisex.
Buneary  3/3/2015
In France, Robin is pretty much male-only. Every Robin I know is male.
Acajou  7/18/2015
Robin Hobb is the pen name of Margaret Astrid Lindholm Ogden under which she writes her 'Realm of the Elderlings' series of novels.
Feorsteorra  7/24/2015
I am a Robin. My parents chose the name well in advance of my birth and, though I am a female, my name would have been the same had I been male. I have personally known 3 others with my name, all my age and older (I am 63), two women and one man. Growing up my best friend was named Robin also. I find my name unique and seldom heard and I love being different in that way.
― Anonymous User  8/13/2015
Robin is the customizable avatar in 'Fire Emblem: Awakening'. He's also a playable character in 'Super Smash Bros.' for the Nintendo 3DS and Wii U.
― Anonymous User  8/28/2015
I love how this name is becoming more popular as a feminine name too, it suits as a girl's name.
scarswonteverfade  9/13/2015
Hate this name for a girl.
Luvbug86  4/16/2016
The name Robin was given to 260 girls born in the US in 2015.
HerculePoirot  6/15/2016
Robin Branaugh was the best friend of the main Character in season 1 and 2 of Young Dracula.
― Anonymous User  9/27/2016
My little (female) cousin bears this name, as her dad is a bird expert. The name seems feminine to me.
PurpleManners  10/5/2016
As far as I'm aware Robin spelt with an I has always been the usual male spelling. I have only ever met two or three other Robins. It's quite an unusual name and on a personal note; one of the few good things my parents ever did for me.
The only women I've ever met with the name spelt it with a y.
robinh  10/12/2016
My name is Robin and I am female. My parents named me this after the bird. I believe decades ago parents went with simple names. I have been the only Robin that I have known for the greater part of my life. I love my name. I think it is a very strong and independent name. It has character. I can't imagine being called anything else. When it comes down to it, it doesn't matter what your name is. It is not the name that makes the person but their character.
stormey  11/25/2016
My dad was named Robin, and I have a good friend named Robyn. I like the name for men better than women but I do see that the bird association is more feminine, although the brightest, most noticeable Turdus migratorius are, of course, male. Spelling the female name with a "y" seems preferable to me.
VMJH  12/3/2016
Robin Antin is an American dancer, choreographer, actress, and clothing designer entrepreneur. In 1995 she founded the modern burlesque troupe the Pussycat Dolls. By 2005, she diversified into various media including a pop recording group with international hits, a Las Vegas nightclub venue and floorshow, various merchandise, and a reality television series. Since then, she has gone on to create other girl groups, including Girlicious, the Paradiso Girls, and G.R.L. As a choreographer, Antin worked with entertainers such as Paris Hilton, and artists such as Anastacia, Pink, the Offspring and No Doubt. Additionally, she was responsible for the dance ensembles in various films. She is the sister of celebrity hair stylist Jonathan Antin, director Steve Antin and actor Neil Antin. She appeared in an episode of her brother Jonathan's show Blow Out. On January 2, 2010, Antin, Tony Selznick, and Paula Abdul presented choreography agent Julie McDonald with an award for being a pioneer of dance representation and a friend, helper, and agent to many choreographers for over 25 years. The award was presented at the The Carnival: Choreographer's Ball 11th Anniversary Show.
cutenose  2/14/2017
Robin Szolkowy is a German pair skater. With partner Aliona Savchenko, he is the 2010 and 2014 Olympic bronze medalist, a five-time World champion (2008, 2009, 2011, 2012, 2014), a four-time European champion (2007–2009, 2011), a four-time Grand Prix Final champion (2007, 2010, 2011, 2013), and an eight-time German national champion (2004–2009, 2011, 2014). Savchenko and Szolkowy scored the first 10.0 ever given by a judge under the ISU Judging System.
cutenose  2/15/2017
Robin Charles Thicke is an American singer, songwriter and record producer. Thicke has worked with several artists, such as Christina Aguilera, Nicki Minaj, K. Michelle, Pharrell Williams, Usher, Jennifer Hudson, Flo Rida, Kid Cudi and Mary J. Blige, among others. Thicke worked on albums such as Usher's Confessions and Lil Wayne's Tha Carter III, while releasing his own R&B singles in the US including "Lost Without U", "Magic", and "Sex Therapy". He rose to international fame in 2013 with his single "Blurred Lines", which reached number one on the US Billboard Hot 100.
cutenose  2/25/2017
Robin Bengtsson is a Swedish singer who took part in Swedish Idol 2008. He will represent Sweden in the Eurovision Song Contest 2017 in Kiev, Ukraine with the song "I Can't Go On".
cutenose  5/12/2017
Robin would make a great sister for Fawn.
Tatumarore  5/27/2017
Robin Givens is an American actress who played Darlene on the 80s sitcom "Head of the Class." She married boxer Mike Tyson in 1988, but divorced him a year later.
lichnost  6/10/2017
Robin McGraw was born on December 28, 1953 in Los Angeles, California, USA as Robin Jameson. She is an actress, known for Dr. Phil, Entertainment Tonight and Christmas in Washington. She has been married to Phil McGraw since August 14, 1976. They have two children.
cutenose  7/15/2017
Robin Frijns is a Dutch racing driver. He competed in the 2015-16 and 2016-17 Formula E seasons for MS Amlin Andretti.
― Anonymous User  8/8/2017
This is a bit personal, but there is a YouTuber named Robin Seplut (male) that helps stray kittens. I think of Robin as a name for generous people and heroes.
BehindAName9  10/29/2017
The name Robin was given to 129 boys born in the US in 2016.
― Anonymous User  3/1/2018
It's a really cute, nature inspired name. I like it more than Robert.
Kitandkat  3/27/2018

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