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Given Name RUBÉN
GENDER: Masculine
USAGE: Spanish
PRONOUNCED: roo-BEN   [key]
Meaning & History
Spanish form of REUBEN
Related Names
OTHER LANGUAGES: Rouben, Ruben (Armenian), Reuben (Biblical), Rouben (Biblical Greek), Reuven (Biblical Hebrew), Ruben (Biblical Latin), Ruben (Danish), Ruben (Dutch), Reuben, Rube (English), Ruuben (Finnish), Ruben (French), Reuben, Reuven (Hebrew), Ruben (Norwegian), Rúben, Rubinho (Portuguese), Rubem, Rubens (Portuguese (Brazilian)), Ruben (Swedish)
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Rúben, Ruben
United States  ranked #357 
England and Wales  ranked #158 
Belgium  ranked #72 
Catalonia  ranked #97 
France  ranked #107 
Galicia  ranked #38 
Netherlands  ranked #18 
Norway  - 
Portugal  ranked #44 
Spain  ranked #32 
Sweden  - 
Switzerland  ranked #94