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User comments for Salome

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My great grandmother's name was Salome and she pronounced it: salo-may.
-- stuckonstupid  8/15/2005
As a Hebrew name, it is usually pronouced similar to its roots in Shalom, but I've heard in English and French as Sa-Lo-May. I prefer the former.
-- Anonymous User  8/13/2007
According to American Heritage Dictionaries, Salome is pronounced sah-LO-mee and SA-lo-may. I prefer the latter, as sa-LO-mee is too similar to salami.
-- earthnut  9/6/2007
The French pronunciation is sah-lo-MAY. This was the pronuciation of the name of the play Salome written by Oscar Wilde in French.
-- earthnut  9/14/2007
The Greek and Hebrew pronunciation is sa-LO-may.
-- earthnut  9/14/2007
Salomé is pronounced: sah LO may/SAH lo may.
-- sarahlauren  9/19/2007
Pronounced sa-lo-MAY.
sa - rhymes with pa (father)
lo - rhymes with so
-- Anonymous User  9/22/2007
Pronounced as "SAH-law-mai".
-- Maggie_Simpson  9/29/2007
I've read about four or five different possible pronunciations of Salome in these comments here and everyone seems very sure that his/her given pronunciation is the right one. So I suppose it's not a name that a child would have fun with if you lived in an English-speaking country. I always thought, it would be pronounced SA-lo-may in English, but apparently, it's not that easy.

In Germany (and I claim to be certain here, as I am German), it is pronounced like ZAH-loh-meh, but not exactly as it's difficult to describe the pronunciation well.
-- LoQuiero  8/13/2008
-- jade11  9/6/2008
It *IS* Suh-LO-mee in English. Which is closer to the Hebrew original SHLOMIT or SHLOMITZION. The French, Spanish and Italian pronunciations tend to sound more like Sah-lo-MAY (which incidentally sounds horrific when pronounced by native English speakers).
-- Salome  1/20/2010

Is how I have heard it and would say it. Not sure if the vowel sounds are a corruption of original Hebrew or not. Most likely was a phonetic English reading of the name but I'm no expert!

If there is an accent mark over the last 'e' the syllable changes to 'may'.
-- S4acre  10/13/2014

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