Namesakes for Sancho

Fictional Characters from Books: 1 character
      Sancho Panza   1605   Don Quixote  
Portuguese Kings and Queens: 2 kings
      King Sancho I the Populator   1185-1212  
      King Sancho II the Pius   1223-1247  
Saints: 1 saint
      Saint Sanctius (a.k.a. Sancho)   ?-851  
Spanish Kings and Queens: 5 kings
      King Sancho III the Great (Navarre)   1000-1035  
      King Sancho Ramirez (Aragon)   1063-1094  
      King Sancho II the Strong (Castile)   1065-1072  
      King Sancho III the Desired (Castile)   1157-1158  
      King Sancho IV the Brave (Castile)   1284-1295  
Tolkien's Characters: 1 character
      Sancho Proudfoot   (m)