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I love this name. :-) I find that people can't pronounce it, though. I came across another meaning to Saphira (my spelling of the name): One that weaves or tells a tale.
Saphira  10/28/2005
In the book Eragon, the main character's blue dragon is named Sapphira.
Jinjo  12/7/2005
In Christopher Paolini's books "Eragon" and "Eldest" the dragon's name is Saphira and the name is meant to mean only "Saphire".
Arowen Half-Elven  12/19/2005
I love this name. I know a girl named Sapphira and we all call her Saph.
audreyhubley  9/22/2006
I got my daughter's name from this name. Hers is Saphara which is pronounced sa-fair-a.
jjsrule2  12/15/2006
There is a novel by Eudora Welty entitled "Sapphira and the Slave Girl".
lady murasaki  8/12/2007
I've always pronounced this name sa-FEAR-rah.
Lizdebiz  8/13/2007
I like this name, it really sounds terrific. Although, the one thing that keeps me from using it is the fact that it's the name of the dragon from Eragon (well, not exactly, but it's super-close).
Pippin  4/2/2008
The name has a really cool sound to it, whether you pronounce it as ''sa-FIE-ra'' or ''sa-FEE-ra''. Paradoxically enough, it also sounds like a stripper name, even if an exceptionally cool one. The name sounds so much like a pseudonym, and I have a hard time imagining a person with this as her real name. It's not very conventional, that's for sure.
slight night shiver  5/5/2008
I think this is a really pretty name. I don't know if I would name my daugher Sapphira, but I like it a lot.
― Anonymous User  7/9/2008
It's a beautiful name. I do like it. I agree completely with slight night shiver: The pronunciation of it is wonderful, but sadly it's a bit of a stripper name.
CutieCupcake  8/17/2008
It's quite a beautiful name. I'd like to use it myself, but Christian fundamentalists will freak out because the biblical Sapphira was killed for lying. I personally don't think it's anywhere near as bad as, say, Jezebel. And I don't worry about it being a "stripper name".
bananarama  12/5/2008
I love this name, it's so pretty and unique.
Hushpuppy  11/29/2010
Probably means beautiful or precious; comes from the Hebrew word sapir, meaning gem or jewel.
Related to the word "sapphire." Sapphires are highly prized gems, most famous for their beautiful vibrant blue variety but also sold in every other color under the name "rainbow sapphire" or "fancy sapphire." These come in all the basic colors: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, pink, brown, white, black, and grey, as well as many hues and shades such as peach, teal, and magenta. Some sapphires are identified as "star sapphires" because they display a starburst design within them, making them always look as if they were radiating or reflecting light.
user  10/28/2011
The vast majority of people will pronounce it Sa-FEER-uh.
user  10/28/2011
Sapphira Jane Sellheim-Moss, daughter of writer/fashion model Tara Moss
Safira de Wit, beauty pageant champion
Zafira Daima, professional dancer
As-Safirah, Syrian city
Sapphira, character in a Biblical legend
Sapphira, character in Henry Fielding's novel Joseph Andrews
Sapphira Colbert, character in Willa Cather's novel Sapphira and the Slave Girl
Saphira, character from Inheritance Cycle
user  10/28/2011
Very beautiful, soft but strong; nickname Saffy is cute and sassy.
user  10/28/2011
This is the only name I've ever seen on here with an approval rating of higher than 75 percent.
user  10/28/2011
Someone told me it sounds like the name of a kicka*s warrior princess haha :)
― Anonymous User  1/30/2012
I think this is such a pretty name!
Ryry1996  3/3/2012
So much better than Sapphire, at least with this spelling. Safira is good too. Saphira, however, reminds me of that horrible book Eragon.
Buneary  11/21/2012
I think, for the sake of euphony, this name has to be pronounced "suh-FEER-uh". "suh-FIE-ruh" just sounds like you're trying too hard, as well as giving the name a great big dose of "Ghetto queen".
JJSkeete  3/18/2013
It's sad that Sapphira is a bad character in the Bible. Still, she's not as bad as Jezebel (and her name is much better) and not a lot of people I know have read the Bible. I would use this, with the middle name Domitilla or Domicela.
― Anonymous User  5/5/2014
Saphira is a very nice name and it is not so common, and I like uncommon things.
Sidd  8/9/2014
I named my daughter Sapphira 4 yrs ago. We were originally considering Sophia but changed it. I gave her middle names of Rayne Eversong, so she definitely has a unique name and it couldn't fit her personality better. I am so happy with our choice of name. We also pronounce it Sa-FEAR-Ah.
redbone7684  9/15/2014
I saw Eragon and since my birthstone is Sapphire, I decided to name my daughter Saphira (Sa-Fee-Ra).
fina922  12/18/2014
My birthstone is sapphire and so is my husband's. As soon as we met I knew our daughter had to be similar to sapphire. I thought I came up with the name myself then a year later heard and saw the Eragon movie. (I know it was from a book) It reaffirmed I needed to name my daughter Saphira (suh-fear-uh) She is now 15 months old and it fits her well. No one could imagine her with any other name!
sheilaelrod13  4/6/2015
Definitely sounds like the name of a black woman. Considering slave masters used to name their slaves after evil people in the Bible, I can see that.
TyrannosaurusRegina  12/7/2015
Having already named my first baby after seeing ERAGON, I was always going to name my next girl Sapphira. Just to be different, I decided to spell her name Cyhfearra!
― Anonymous User  5/2/2016
I think it's one of the most beautiful, yet unique names for a girl. I named my 2nd daughter Sapphira Rose Flowers and she's the sweetest happiest most well behaved little one I've ever seen! My other daughter and my sons are well behaved for their ages too, but not always. While she's not been ornery or bad at all..., yet. Lol.
StarFire8716  12/10/2016
Saphiria or Sapphiria is a Hebrew baby name which means Saphiria (gem): beautiful! It's kind of common since seeing as it does sound similar to sapphire!
doruandshelly  12/25/2016
My name is Sapphira and I used to hate it because nobody (including my parents) knows the correct pronunciation. This frustrated me for years. Plus I went to convent school my whole life so people (especially my classmates and teachers) frowned upon my name (Sapphira and her husband, Ananias, from the Bible, was struck by lightning for lying). Thankfully, I learnt to love my name and I'm happy with it now (my friends said that whenever they say my name they got chills down their spine, LOL). To those who are gonna have baby girls, please name them Sapphira :)

P. S : my parents pronounce it as Sa-Fee-Ra while my friends pronounce it as Suh-Fee-Ra.
buingbuing98  3/10/2017
I named my daughter Sapphira. We pronounce it "Safeera". My husband is Arab, and in Arabic "safeera" means ambassador. In Hebrew, it means multifaceted beauty. We chose to spell it like Sapphira because she was born during the year of Queen Elizabeth's Sapphire Jubilee, and because my mother and grandmother's birthstone is sapphire and because the diminutive for her name is "Sappho", the name of one of my favourite poets. (I studied Attic Greek and literature in university).
oumsapphira  9/16/2017
My granddaughter is named Sapphira. My youngest daughter's favorite movie is Eragon and she decided to name her daughter after her favorite character in the movie.
SapphirasNana  12/25/2017
I grew up in the church and know who Sapphira was in the bible. I only have one girl and wanted her name to be special because of a certain situation. I never knew Sapphira meant "Beautiful" so I named her Sapphira (Sa-Fear-Rah) Eve and they both mean beautiful life and she is gorgeous... lol plus my name came from the bible- Elisha- so it was only right to get hers from the bible... I love her name :)
― Anonymous User  2/26/2018
I love it! I prefer Zaphira though. Very rare and classy.
Kitandkat  3/26/2018

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