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Variant spellings of SERAPHINA are Serraphina, Sarafina, Serafina, Serrafina, and Saraphina.
― Anonymous User  5/14/2005
Yes, this is a another catchy name. Though I wouldn't name my child this it sounds neat for a movie character.
Tbird  6/24/2005
My name is Sarafina, I was always told it ment princess of angels.
Lokey__  11/17/2005
Well, I suppose that "princess of angels" is a somewhat valid translation of this name. The first part sounds like "Sarah", which means princess, and it is derived from Seraphim, which is a kind of angel. So I see how one would arrive at this meaning.
Pippin  10/14/2008
I always thought this would make a jewel of a middle name; as a first name I imagine it would invariably be shortened to Sera.
Xandaerin  4/27/2006
I love love LOVE this name! It's one of my favourites. It's beautiful and unique. I may use it for my daughter one day.
Akua Topaz  8/1/2006
The name sounds very gentle and feminine, though it reminds me of a fruitcake for some reason.
― Anonymous User  11/19/2006
Sarafina is the name of Nala's mother in "The Lion King."
Zinha  1/31/2007
It's a very old-lady name, in my opinion.
LilaMayaNeve  6/26/2007
I really like this name. For a character. To give a child this name almost seems pretentious or something.
Maro  10/14/2007
Something about this name doesn't sit right. I think it's the ph in the middle.
popular1  10/14/2007
I have never heard this name until now and I like it, though I probably wouldn't give one of my kids this name.
aja3  10/17/2007
Very pretty name. It fits all stages of life and also has very pretty nicknames.
jasmineenimsaj  2/15/2008
Oddly enough, my impression of this name is somewhat in opposition to LilaMayaNeve's - I find it fitting on one who's young AND mature for her age. On an old lady - it seems incongruent to me. To each her own, I suppose?
seraphine_eternal  3/22/2008
I do not think this name is too pretentious or 'character like' as some have stated. Seraphina is perfect if you want something different but not too far out there. In truth, I do not see why it isn't more popular. Seraphina is no more frilly or ostentatious than Josephine, Alexandra, Gabriella, or Cassandra in my opinion.
Ursa_Minor  4/16/2008
On the children's t.v. show Angelina Ballerina the queen of the featured mouse society is named Queen Seraphina.
Ursa_Minor  4/16/2008
This name sounds somewhat too poetic and artistic to me, if you get my drift. It's quite cool-sounding, and it is beautiful in a way, but it sounds so dramatic somehow. Plus, I don't like the Biblical background of it.
slight night shiver  5/5/2008
A famous bearer was the queen of the witches (Seraphina Pekkala) in "The Golden Compass" which is book one of His Dark Materials triology.
Dragon_Clarinet  5/15/2008
This is my name! I just am happy it never got popular. Although I am not very happy that there is a barbie doll named Seraphina. But I like my name.
Paris44  6/30/2008
I LOVE this name. It is so beautiful, and I love the pronunciation, spelling, history, everything about it. I will name my daughter this. It's got cute nicknames like Sera and Phina/Fina. Easy to spell and pronounce. This name is pretty much perfect.
lokie4811  8/30/2008
Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck named their second daughter Seraphina Rose Elizabeth.
lenaxo  1/13/2009
A beautiful name, but I couldn't handle people shortening it to "Sera". I hate the name "Sarah" and all of its variants. I hope this doesn't become too popular now that Jennifer Garner has chosen this name for her daughter.
Aesha  1/19/2009
I like this name, but I prefer the spelling Serafina. Unfortunately, it will probably be used more since Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner used it on their daughter, and most of them will probably end up being called Sara/Sera.
bananarama  3/17/2009
I like this name but I know it will be shortened to Sera with I find super boring.
italiannames  10/15/2009
Seraphina is a precious name for a child but not for an adult. I prefer Seraphina more than Saphira but it Saphira is more mature. The problem is that Saphira is associated with the Eragon series.
Milena Scialfa  12/31/2009
I, personally, think that Seraphina is a beautiful name for a girl. The only problem I find with it is that there aren't much good nicknames for it. Besides that, I really don't see a problem for naming a child that.
Shattered Rainbows  12/31/2009
Over the top and a bit pretentious.
Aureliano  2/28/2010
So beautiful! I like both this and Saraphina. But the meaning is a bit scary.
Caprice  2/28/2010
You know, one nickname no one has mentioned is Fina, but that might work better if you spelled the name Serafina. The Italian Saint was called Santa (Saint) Fina, as a nickname for Santa (Saint) Serafina. And I also think Sera (Ser-ah) is prettier than Sara as a nickname.
Senrin_Sky  7/29/2010
Seraphims are angelic beings in heaven that surround the throne of God that have six wings each: two on their back to fly with, two covering their feet, and two covering their faces.
― Anonymous User  10/14/2010
I think this is a wonderful name for a girl! It's so sweet and soft-sounding, almost giving the impression of floating on a cloud :) But, I do think it's a name that could suit someone with a more rough personality as well. Though I do think it sounds very girly, I think it will grow with a person her whole life. I will probably use this some day.
Nina.Matau  1/12/2011
Gorgeous name. Serafina "Fia" is my favorite because it avoids the dull Sera nickname. I don't find this name any more elaborate than the popular Isabella. It fits many of the current trends right now. I could see it rising in popularity.
Leah_9  1/13/2011
This is a beautiful name, though it's slightly "out there" for a first name. It'd make a unique middle name, and I suggest it other than the more common and stale middle names such as Ann, Marie, Rose, Lyn, Grace, and the likes.
Black_X  10/8/2011
I'm glad it's getting more popular; every Seraphina I know is horrible. This name needs a new image!
ListenToAsuka  10/15/2011
This name is beautiful. There's really no other way to describe it. However, it's too elaborate and almost too beautiful to ever use as an actual name. It's a perfect name for a fictional character, though.
sunshinechild67  10/14/2012
The name Seraphina was given to 149 baby girls born in the US in 2012. I must be in the minority, I really don't like this name at all.
Oohvintage  7/17/2013
My name is Sarafina. Personally, I don't think it is a pretentious name at all. In truth, I myself think it sounds a bit plain :/ Though... as far as names go, I guess it's not too bad.
On the topic of nicknames (speaking from personal experience), I've never had one. Many times, I've met new people who have immediately decided they've wanted to call me 'Sara' or 'Sarah'. However, I haven't met a single person yet that has actually used it consistently. So yeah... just saying...
― Anonymous User  2/7/2014
What a beautiful name.
Ali Hassan  6/28/2014
Being quite into Angelic healing means I naturally appreciate this name, it has beauty, power and awesome meaning.
queen_vic  11/13/2014
It means 'burning ones' and is a Hebrew name for the highest ranking angels, who are known for having 6 wings and are often depicted on fire. Their devotion to God is infallible. The fiery aspect has led to them being linked to the Phoenix, an eternal immortal being born of fire.
queen_vic  11/13/2014
Sera (Serrah) as a nickname is ok, but I prefer Phi (Fee), Phin (Fin) or Phina (Feenah). You can also get the dimunitives Serina (Seh-ree-nah) and Rina (Reenah) out of it. Serafina is an alternative spelling but I think it cheapens it, like spelling Phoebe, Feebie, which is a less intelligent choice.
queen_vic  11/13/2014
This honestly is a beautiful name. I love the name Seraphina. It's classy, ages very well, plus it sounds very regal and elegant. Awesome name.
― Anonymous User  3/21/2015
I know a girl called Seraphina. She often shortens it to just "Phina".
henrobole  5/16/2015
My name is Seraphina but I shorten it to Fifi, Phina or Raphi. I'm also Jewish which was one of the reasons my parents named me this.
Seraphinalily  7/20/2015
My daughter and son in law just had a beautiful baby girl, and they named her Seraphina. We've been trying to come up with a shortened version, I like Fifi and Phina.
Peaches1124  11/29/2015
My youngest daughter(two years old) is called Seraphina. We use Saffy as the day-to-day name.
LordBeamish  12/27/2015
My daughter's name is Sarafina Sky. I love the flow. My husband had watched Sarafina the movie with Whoopie Goldberg when he was 18 and from that moment always wanted to name his daughter that. We have a few nicknames for her... Fina, finafina, cielo "sky in Spanish", but NEVER SARA! That is one thing I was adamant about. As for her... She's 3 and never calls herself by a nickname. She always says her full name Sarafina. Her name fits her personality. I also kept the spelling classy and simple, I know the name isn't common but I didn't want to be obnoxious and spell it all funky, just seemed a bit too much and would take away from the purity and classic sound of her name.
Also Fina in Spanish means "fine quality".
― Anonymous User  1/10/2016
My name is Serafina, this was my step grandmother's name. She raised my father, his mother passed when he was four years. That was 1923. I am 40 years of age and the second to last in a family of six kids. We are Italian and I have read all the angelic and biblical history. That is how I believe the highest arc angel derives from Serafim. My name has always given me some sort of honorary noticability. People never forgot me and I'm very different, unique as well as tomboyish. I love my name. My father would not allow me to go by Sera although I have used it as an adult. When I was little I called myself Nina.
Serafina76  2/25/2016
Charlie Watts, drummer for the Rolling Stones, named his only child, a daughter, Seraphina. It's lovely, similar to Serena and Sabrina. I think of a beautiful, quiet and artistic girl.
cammarquis  4/19/2016
The Ardent believer. One with a burning faith.
GML  5/5/2016
I named my daughter Seraphina Aurora. Her nickname is Suri. It fits her perfectly. I think it sounds elegant and princessy, which is perfect since she's our first girl after three boys!
ashlie1611  5/22/2016
The name Seraphina was given to 203 girls born in the US in 2015.
HerculePoirot  6/13/2016
Stunning. It's a name that is admired more than actually used, but I believe that it is increasing in popularity.
Paula Puddephatt  5/25/2017
This name just sounds very childlike.
Luvbug86  6/11/2017
While Seraphina is the more common spelling, I actually prefer it spelt with an A as in Saraphina or Sarafina. Seraphina comes from the word Seraphim which is Latin and originally stems from the Hebrew word Saraph. Seraph is plural while Saraph is singular. The root of Latin is Hebrew, the Romans created Latin from the Hebrew language. Also the name Sera is derived from the Hebrew name Sara. Seraphina could be considered "New" while Saraphina is closer to the Old Testament Biblical Hebrew spelling and pronunciation. Have you ever looked up the definition for Sera in the dictionary? It says it's the plural of serum- the clear, pale-yellow liquid that separates from the clot in the coagulation of blood; blood serum; any watery animal fluid; milk whey. Personally I don't think I'd want that kind of meaning inside my name. In all fairness however, for a white Caucasian girl with red hair and blue eyes like myself the word Sara doesn't ideally describe me in the dictionary either, apparently it's a term for a member of people from Central African Republic. While both Sara and Sera are used in English speaking countries like America Sara is more often used in Danish, Hindi, Persian and Spanish speaking countries with Sera is often found in Arabic, Turkish and Iranian speaking countries. Either spelling is beautiful and the meaning is special I think. I think it's a gem in terms of names, especially because it's still uncommon. It will probably become more popular in the future when people start looking for newer, more unique yet beautiful names. Right now it's kind of undiscovered, which surprises me a lot. This name, along with Annabelle and Rose are my favorites. Saraphina sounds like a prettier version of Sophia. It's not pretentious, it's elegant. I'm not a fan of unisex names like a Brooke or Alex, but I'm also a girly girl and have never been the tomboy type. I give this name 5 stars.
Saraphina63  7/27/2017

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