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I love this name and the literary reference. Only thing is, it's a little hard to think of a nickname for it.
― Anonymous User  3/29/2008
I have to admit, considering what a clever woman and great storyteller Shahrazad was, her name's meaning disappoints me. "Person of the city"? Come on! There are a million other ways to spell it, though: Sheherezade, Sharazade, Shaherazad, and my personal favorite, Scheherezade.
authorgirl  7/28/2008
Pronounced Sha-RAA-zahd. Awesome name!
Dragon_Clarinet  11/15/2008
Sorry, I think it's pronounced still shah-HARE-ah-zahd. Even if it doesn't look it.
― Anonymous User  3/28/2009
I don't like it, it sounds too much like "Charazard" from Pokemon.
camilana646  3/28/2009
The Turkish variants of this name are Şehrazad and Şehrazat. [noted -ed]
Shibbeh  8/17/2011
It is not a correct way of writing this name, Shahrzad is a name, and it is pronounced Shahr 'zaad.
Shahrzad  12/22/2011
This name "Shahrzad" is a Persian name. The original word was "Chehreh Azaad" which is known today in other countries as Turkey, Germany, England and more as Cheherzadeh and Cheherazade. Chehreazad has many meanings: Pretty woman, wise woman, a woman with liberty of mind.
Chehreh means Face in Persian and Azad means freedom. Another meaning has a story behind it which is related to culture of those old days. Women usually did not show their face unless they were a powerful, educated and liberal; in this condition they did not need anyone's permission to do so. It is why they called her Shahrzad which today has all this meaning. Wisdom, Pretty and liberal.
Shahrzad  12/22/2011
Name of the day March 28, 2012. In the preview of the profile for the name on the homepage where it says it's the name of the day, it says Shahrazad means "person of the city" whereas once the link to the profile is clicked, it says the name means "free city."
Bazinga  3/28/2012
Name of the Day: March 28, 2013.
― Anonymous User  3/28/2013
I've known two women named Shahrazad, both from Pakistan. It's definitely one of my favorite Arabic / Persian names, though if I were to ever use it I'd probably go with Scheherazade, since I feel like it's less "foreign" in the Western World.
erb816  3/28/2013
My name
Scheherazade  11/19/2015
It's still pronounced Sche-HARE-zade. This spelling is a more actuate translation from Arabic, but the anglicized spelling, Scheherazade is more phonetic to help with pronunciation.
Qitiam  3/26/2018

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