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Sounds old fashioned to me. I can't see a teenager with this name.
kayisforkeen  12/20/2018
In 2018, 2 is the most common age for an American (U.S.) Solomon who is registered male with the Social Security Administration. It is the 1, 437th most common male first name for living U.S. citizens.
― Anonymous User  10/11/2018
I like this name, it's quite rare and has a good ring to it, one that is quiet but easily heard.
Hushpuppy  1/19/2018
Salomone Ovadia (Italian actor, musician, singer and theatrical author) uses Moni as a diminutive.
― Anonymous User  4/26/2017
Russian usage (Соломон).
heyyyyyyyyyyyy  12/28/2016
There is a nation of hundreds of islands in the south Pacific called the Solomon islands.
lilolaf  2/9/2016
Solomon is a nice, strong, handsome, classic name. :) It seems quite underused compared to other religious names. I've never met a Solomon so the name seems fresh to me.
― Anonymous User  5/26/2015
For some reason this name makes me think of a bald guy. It doesn't have a very pleasant sound to it, it's rather harsh.
― Anonymous User  6/28/2013
The name Solomon is also frequently used in Georgia.

In Georgian, Solomon is written as: სოლომონ.

This name was borne by two kings of Imereti. Imereti is located in what is now western Georgia.
Lucille  6/6/2013
"King Solomon's Mines", an adventure novel by H. Rider Haggard, 1885.
kodabear  6/4/2013
Solomon Jones is an American basketball player.
― Anonymous User  12/11/2011
The biblical Solomon turned away from God because he had hundreds of pagan wives and ending up worshipping their gods instead of Jehovah.

However, he did many other things (good things) with his life- so I still like this name. Sol is a good nickname.
JW41926  3/31/2011
Maybe it's okay on a Hasidic Jew.
Aureliano  2/28/2010
I find the name very handsome, but now that I think about it the only reason I think I really liked it for was, because of Solomon of blood+, I saw him as a very dashing, worthy man of his word. So if I had not seen it as a somewhat old time gentleman name I may not have ever liked it. But I like it now so I suppose I would most definitely recommend this name if you are into the civil war kind of gentleman name.
― Anonymous User  4/20/2009
I like it. It reminds me of the line from The Fiddler on the Roof song "If I Were a Rich Man":

"The most important men in town would come to fawn on me!
They would ask me to advise them,
Like a Solomon the Wise."
MoonAgeDaydreamer  11/8/2008
This is the name of the lead singer of the band Family Force 5 but he goes by Soul Glow Activatur professionally.
lollipopamp  9/22/2008
Solomon Perel wrote "Hitlerjunge Salomon," an autobiographical book about how he hid his Jewish heritage and pretended to be Aryan during the second world war in order to stay safe. The book was made into the movie "Europa, Europa."
gio2475  7/13/2008
I love this name! I think it is strong and handsome, and it sounds intelligent. My husband and I named our son, born in May '08, Solomon.
daisy_kay  7/2/2008
I hate this as a first name. It sounds very surname-y to me, and quite pompous as a first name.
slight night shiver  5/7/2008
Cute nickname is "Sol".
― Anonymous User  3/10/2008
Solomon is the lead singer's name for Family Force 5. I like this name, but I never hear of lots of people with this name. That's great. It's one of those names that's only good on a few people. I hope people keep it that way.
applemilk  11/14/2007
Solomon, King David's son in the Bible, wrote the famous book, "song of songs" or "song of Solomon." He was one of the most AWESOME guys ever!
― Anonymous User  8/29/2007
Solomon Olds, a.k.a. "Soul Glo Activatur," is a member of the band Family Force Five.
thefancyapple  8/29/2007
Steve Solomon was a locally famous vegetable garden writer in Washington and Oregon. He now lives in Tasmania.
earthnut  1/17/2007
Love the meaning, and since I found an ancestor named this, I'm now considering using it!
earthnut  1/17/2007
It's derived from the Hebrew name ùîòåï.
Yan  6/17/2006
Solomon was the wisest man (and the richest) to ever walk the earth.
Tbird  10/31/2005
'Solomon' can also be used as a surname. In fact, my great-grandmother's maiden name was Solomon.
echo_of_the_past  6/21/2005

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