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Meaning & History

Short form of STEVEN. A notable bearer was American technology entrepreneur Steve Jobs (1955-2011).
VariantsSte, Steph, Stevie
Other Languages & CulturesStephanos Ancient Greek Stepan Armenian Estebe, Eztebe Basque Stephen Biblical Stephanos Biblical Greek Stephanus Biblical Latin Stefan Bulgarian Esteve Catalan Stjepan, Štefan, Stevan, Stevo, Stipan, Stipe, Stipo Croatian Štěpán Czech Stefan, Steffen Danish Stefan, Steffen, Stephan, Stef, Stefanus, Steven Dutch Tapani, Tahvo, Teppo Finnish Étienne, Stéphane French Estevo Galician Stepane Georgian Stefan, Stephan German Stefanos, Stephanos Greek István, Pista, Pisti Hungarian Stefán Icelandic Stiofán Irish Stefano Italian Stefans Latvian Steponas Lithuanian Steffen Low German Stefan Macedonian Tipene Maori Estienne Medieval French Stefan, Steffen Norwegian Estève Occitan Stefan, Szczepan, Stefek Polish Estevão Portuguese Ștefan, Fane Romanian Stepan Russian Steafan, Steaphan, Steenie Scottish Stefan, Stevan, Stevo, Stjepan Serbian Štefan Slovak Štefan Slovene Esteban, Estavan Spanish Staffan, Stefan Swedish Steffan Welsh


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