Given Name STUART

GENDER: Masculine
PRONOUNCED: STOO-ərt (English), STYOO-ərt (English)  [details]

Meaning & History

From an occupational surname originally belonging to a person who was a steward. It is ultimately derived from Old English stig "house" and weard "guard". As a given name, it arose in 19th-century Scotland in honour of the Stuart royal family, which produced several kings and queens of Scotland and Britain between the 14th and 18th centuries.
DIMINUTIVE: Stu (English)


actors, athletes, authors, currently out of the US top 1000, directors, Gundam characters, kings, literature, mascots, occupations, philosophers, queens, Ratchet and Clank characters, royalty, scientists, South Park characters, Stephen King characters, surnames, Taboo characters, Will and Grace characters
Entry updated August 16, 2017